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The video by Anna Post Business Etiquette for the Digital Age (2009) clearly outlines the importance of generally practicing good behavior and observing simple, yet sensitive codes of conduct in business premises. It explains how a myriad of simple goodwill practices is influential in changing the way of life in the current generation. This video, through and through; preaches energetically, the significance of changing the corrupt system of behavior among the individuals of our current generation. She uses actual day-to-day examples of bad behavior and how such doings influence our interactions and the jobs we do for a living.

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Anna Post denotes that a lot of changes in the current system of life have been experienced. Individuals have gotten more careless and rude with technology being the driving pillar towards such change. In America, particularly, as she quotes; people are crueler today than 20 or 30years ago. The anarchy of cell phones has even influenced to a greater deal the way of interaction of individuals. People are really rude when conversing over the phone than when they do face to face. Technology and society according to her have evolved. With such an impact and even worse, the need to educate individuals of this society on the importance of practicing good behavior arose; something Anna has done immaculately well.

Several key aspects of practicing etiquette in work premises have been highlighted. These, she says, are fundamental ethics that would result in good working relations and conditions between individuals at work. Among the most important things is thinking before acting. She denotes that a worker or any individual should think carefully before doing something or saying anything to another person since the result of that action would determine how the parties would relate. This act becomes the central component of etiquette. Choices of building a relationship are also important. Anna says that how we interact really matters to us and also to the business since both we and the businesses need good relationships to thrive.

What Then Is the Meaning of Etiquette?

While most people would think etiquette simply means codes of conduct or common courtesy, the video by Anna gives a totally different approach to this subject matter. It says that etiquette is all about respect. To others, to one's self, and to nature. It is how people's lives touch one another or how someone's behavior affects another person's life.

Etiquette according to Post is to make people successful. Businesses as well require good codes of conduct and relational skills in order to grow. These codes of professionalism include handshake. It is realized from the video that just greeting a workmate and saying hello increases productivity by a reasonable percentage. It is perceived that such a warm handshake boosts morale among workers thus increasing teamwork.

From the subject matter of the video, it is quite evident that technology has had a detrimental impact on human relations in this era both at the personal and interpersonal levels. Businesses also face such challenges due to deteriorating interrelations. As a result, Post advises that the form of communication in businesses has got to change. Businesses ought to have a formal type of communication regardless of the form of communication in accordance to generation. Multitasking such as Skyping or Facebooking while attending to a client should be avoided since it results in reduced productivity. In other opinions, multitasking in offices is as well considerable since a lot can be achieved through it.

Noticing the challenges we face in this generation as long as communication skills are concerned, I deduce that a lot has been put forth and light has been shed through Anna Post's video. It is a challenge to everyone that much has to be done so as to make better our living conditions by making better our way of interacting with one another both inside and outside working premises. We have to lend ears or give full attention to our fellows and share their concerns, we have to be more gender-neutral in all forms of our social behavior, we have to avoid using inappropriate language forms and be respectful whenever we are interacting with others and in work premises, we must observe courtesy when handling our clients and avoid harassing them.


All in all, I realize that Post has challenged us to put into practice the tips she has wonderfully elaborated in a one-hour presentation. This video is a lure way towards success in the field of business.

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