What Does Military Service Means To Me?

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Rendering services to the military is one of the aspirations I treasured since childhood. During this period we were narrated inspiring accounts of the services and activities the United States Army had to done to humanity around the world. In particular, the accounts of gallant American soldiers who perished during the foiled rescue mission in the US embassy in Tehran provided an inspiration on how American soldiers were dedicated to the save their fellow citizens from the vagaries of fundamentalist groups in the Middle East. Also, growing up near a military base gave me the feel of how fulfilling it was to dedicate ones life to alleviating the suffering of humanity. These exposures groomed me to the decision of joining the military to give an input in not only in securing the safety of American citizens but also the entire world.

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Honorary conferment is not the motivator for to offer security services to the people of the United States. The sacrifice that hundreds of American soldiers make to secure the borders of the country is the driver of serving the military with unwavering heart. To be honored in life or death serves the purpose of inspiring millions of Americans on the need to stand up and defend their country for a better life of the future generations .The once who will come after the currents generation will rejoice with pride while counting the numerous sacrifices their forefathers made to make America safer and prosperous. Our forefather in the name of Abraham Lincoln sacrificed the lives of thousands of young men to ensure that the Union remained intact. For this, he has been honored in life and death and will also be honored by future generations of the United States.

Courage in the military is the ability to convince ones conscious that all would be well in the midst of fear. On a daily basis service to the forces requires courage to overcome the several limitations that are associated with fear. It is from courage that I derive the belief that I would accomplish the mission of joining the forces. Around the world, tens of thousands of men and women have succumbed to death while serving the military in different capacities. The fall of these heroes offers the chance me the encouragement that serving the military sometimes requires one to pay the ultimate price for the sake of his/her country. This way, cowardice is dispelled, increasing the determination to conquer in spite of the glaring difficulties.

Success in achieving a certain objective in life requires total commitment. A committed person must be able to recollect himself/herself again after suffering several setbacks. It is the desire to succeed in offering services to the forces until the ultimate goal is attained. To achieve this objective, commitment is critical for me to learn so as to prepare myself for more responsibilities as one advances the military ladder. Also, advanced knowledge enables us to understand changing environments of combat for the commanders to plan appropriately for military expeditions. For me, commitment is essential for the forces to defeat the enemy and ensure that Americans citizens are safe and secure. Commitment offers the motivation in the sense that in spite of the losses that may be experienced in battles, the ultimate goal of winning the war can be achieved.

Offering services to the military matters greatly to my life as it does to other members of the disciplined forces. To be allowed to serve the country is a great honor and requires the members of the forces to muster enough courage to defend the nation regardless of the challenges associated with military service. Also, it critical to embrace commitment since military jobs require a lot of commitment to successfully carry out assignments

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