The Rise of Mobile Computing

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The ease of access of mobile devices has revolutionized the technology industry. The majority of the people nowadays use their mobile phones to browse as opposed to the use of desktops or personal computers as it used to be the norm in the recent past. 55 percent of consumers now do their browsing using their mobile devices. With mobile computing now reaching the late majority of the consumer segment, there is bound to be profound implications on how digital marketers and advertisers conduct their businesses. Businesses need to ensure that they are visible at all times to these many smart phone users so as to maximize their revenues. This means that the businesses should have user-friendly and easy to navigate mobile pages to be easily seen by the consumers.

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Introducing Google Glass

In 2007, the average wholesale price for a mobile phone was retailing at $120, and market analysts were talking of market saturation as nearly everyone was using the device. Since then, the prices of mobile devices have shot up by 50 percent and revenue from the sale of mobile devices has doubled. Though apps and services rake in the least revenue stream from mobile computing, therein lies the greatest opportunity in the form of mobile advertising. Facebook attracts the largest audience, the majority of who use their mobile devices. With mobile advertising revenues hitting the $9 billion mark and rising, companies are aligning themselves so as to reap the most from these new trends. Sales of smart phones now fat outnumber those of personal computers. Touch screens are now more popular compared to keyboards. Mobile internet traffic now far exceeds desktop traffic, as is the case in India. Nowadays even an ordinary search-which used to be Googles cash cow- is now being conducted on the mobile platform. In this regard, Google introduced Google Glass, a computer installed in a pair of glasses. This was one of the bold moves undertaken by the company to generate revenues from the booming business presented in the online platform. The company had to come up with ingenious ways to attract customers to its brand, a plan that attracted a lot of consumers though the fad slowly diminished until it ran out of fashion.

Up and Running with Office Mobile for Windows 10

Microsoft also got on the craze to benefit from smart phone use by integrating Windows into the mobile platforms through the introduction of Word Mobile and Excel Mobile which are compatible with Windows 10. Windows 10 Mobile experience is consistent whether one is using a personal computer, a tablet or a mobile device. In-built apps on the Windows 10 Mobile also work on any device, automatically adjusting to fit the size of the screen. Moreover, it comes with a pre-installed Office 365 that enable the mobile device user to perform an array of functions using Office apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This new development by Microsoft is aimed at bringing its products close to its clientele, majority of who are now using mobile devices as opposed to desktops and PCs as it used to be the norm.

Mobile Marketing

The technological landscape has always been dynamic, with new inventions and products churned at a very high rate. With the pervasive use and easy access to mobile devices, companies are now shifting their focus to reach this new crop of customers. It is for this reason that businesses are developing apps and advertisements that are user-friendly and can be viewed by the vast majority of mobile users.

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