The Importance of Online Car Locator Services

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What is the most important recommendation from your study to the society? Explain in detail.

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The research is to communicate to the society about the existence of car locator services. This is a business that is online where different people with different needs meet and enable to satisfy their necessities. It is a venture that allows buyers meet with the sellers of automotive. It is important as it eases the work of finding a car to purchase on the side of the customer and it enables sellers meet their consumers without much wastage of time. This is because the clients can meet more vendors in a short period of time compared to manual search of the salespersons.

The recommendation to the society is that online car locators are the best when searching for automotive. It is advisable that consumers visit the website and find what suits their preference. Despite different challenges that the online business face, it is also important to note that there are websites that are genuine. These website concentrate on improving the satisfaction levels of both buyers and sellers. Hence, increasing the level of confidence in the users and eliminating the aspect of corn artistes in business.

Why the research objectives are considered important for your research? Explain in detail.

The research of objectives includes identifying and analyzing the importance of online car locator services, analyzing the number of users of online car locator service. In addition, the research is done to identify and analyze the challenges faced by the users of online car locator services. This is important because it helps in explaining what the online car locator service is where it provides the user with the opportunity of accessing particular product online. The locator is usually a website whose primary purpose is to link individuals who might be in different positions. The user of the service can be either a seller or a buyer. Furthermore, the car locator service can be used by the middleman to obtain information which ensures that the car buyer and seller obtain information regarding each others details. This in turn will facilitate the agreement between the two parties. The users of online car locator should therefore be connected to the internet since the service depends majorly on the internet to connect two individuals. The online service locator has also been used in payment services which include the Escrow and the PayPal and these services have provided the individuals with an easy way of exchanging money through online means. Online locator service is important since it provides an effective way of doing business between two individuals who might be in different regions. Finally, the locator service is characterized with some challenges. In learning of these barriers it allows one to be able to avoid them and achieve satisfaction through the services.

Section 1- Topic/General

(CLO 1- Discuss contemporary issues affecting businesses in the region).

Explain the parts of the research project & course which you learnt the most from?

There is existence of three users and that is the buyers, sellers and the middle men. The middle man is known as the broker. This is where the broker becomes a major link between the buyer and the seller. In addition, he provides a connection to the consumers with the products they need. This reduces the time wastage as the customers try to locate the automotive that suit their desires. Moreover, the research brings out the fact that there are different needs between the users of car locater websites. These needs have been found to revolve around efficiency, financial needs, and truthfulness. The different needs of the different users have been found to be a variation of these basic needs. For instance, the need of all uses to obtain real personal details of owners of the cars or buyers has been associated with the essential need of truthfulness. In addition, truthfulness is the basis on which the locator businesses are able to implement a business that fosters trust. The need of the user to have a system that provides them with the ability to make online payments with ease. Online financial transactions have eased the way in which the users interact with one another with the intent of purchasing products. Therefore, having an online locator service that allows one to make these purchases fairly easily makes it easy for the individuals involved to complete the said transactions. In conclusion, provision of adequate information by the users is equally important. This is because it will aid in achieving honest transaction. This will in turn lead to customer satisfaction and confidence in the car locator services. Sequentially, it will contribute to increased subscription of users in the internet venture that is specialized in automotive products.

Why is your research subject important for management students to investigate?

The research is important for the management students as it allows them to know the basic importance of the car locator services. In addition, the knowledge on the challenges that face the website will be able to enable them manages the website. This will be possible as the users will be directed on how to evade the challenges such as corn artistes. This technique will ensure that the users of the website have satisfaction hence guaranteeing a wide market share. In addition, the management students will be able to come up with skills that would ensure competence of the website.

Section 2- Literature Review

(CLO 2- Evaluate current literature and information on a contemporary business issue).

What were the similarities and differences in findings in the academic databases that you discovered?


Online businesses reduce time wastage in the event of finding vendors and products. This is where the internet business provides a platform that enables customers meet suppliers. In addition, it offers different types of products depending on the quality needed and pricing. More so, it involves different forms of payment and this includes money transfers through PayPal and others.


There are different challenges that face a website. These barriers vary in terms of money transactions or trustworthy of the website. Examples include problems in the genuine properties or information provided about the products another one could be in a problem in transactions and delivery of commodities. Therefore, altered online ventures have different type of barriers and tackling these obstacles requires diverse techniques.

What 5 process/steps/system did you follow to complete the literature review?

The steps that the research was based on so as to complete review of the literature review is described below

What is the specific thesis, problem, or research question that my literature review helps to define?

What type of literature review am I conducting? Am I looking at issues of theory? Methodology? Policy? Quantitative research? Qualitative research?

What is the scope of my literature review? What types of publications am I using (e.g., journals, books, government documents, popular media)?

What discipline(s) am I working in (e.g., nursing, psychology, sociology, medicine)?

In answering these questions it enabled full review of the literature articles.

Section 3- Sampling /Data Collection/Methodology

(CLO 3- Propose methods and techniques associated with practitioner research on a business issue)

What is a pilot questionnaire? Why is it useful?

This is the process of planning the questionnaire question and the respondents who will participate. It allows one to get the actual scope of data collection. This permits the measures of reducing the time wastage in the research process.

What was the main weakness of your methodology? Why?

The open ended questionnaire is the methodology used in the research to collect data. However, it poses some major challenges including; Rigidity where the questionnaire have limited space and that the respondents had more information but there was no space to fill it. In addition, the data collection process was time consuming and labour intensive. This is because it requires having to spend time with an individual and this will mean more time is required. More so, movement from one respondent to the next requires intensive energy and it would be preferable to use telephone interviews.

Sampling method used was that of convenience that involves judgment without including probability factors. Conversely, it is faced with some challenges such as it is prone to bias as there is under-representation or over representation of the respondents. More so, it should be treated with caution as it undermines generalization due to the poor sampling criteria which could not be a clear representation.

Section 4-Analysis/ Results

(CLO 4- Analyze the impact and root causes of a business issue using research findings)

How did you approach the analysis of your secondary research? Why did you select this approach?

Descriptive statistics will be used to analyze the data to come up with frequencies. Furthermore, it will be important to use the Excel to analyze the data and come up with frequency tables, graphs, and charts. The data will then be subjected to the profit regression analysis. The method will suit the study since it will test the suitability of the online locator services. The economic and social factors influencing the online users will be addressed through the use of the model. The model also analyzes whether the online users face challenges while using the online to address the individual needs.

How did you analyze the primary research? Why did you select this technique?

Quantitative analysis

This refers to the data analysis methods that emphasizes on the objective measurements and mathematical, statistical and numerical analysis of data that has been collected through such methods as surveys, questionnaire or even through polls. Quantitative methods can also manipulate existing data through the computational techniques. It involves sampling of the responses realized in the questionnaires. I chose this method because it enables the researcher to conduct a broader study on the online car locator service and thus encourage the result generalization. In addition, it allows researcher come up with accurate and objective results. Finally it permits summarization of the vast sources that have been used to obtain the information regarding the study.

Section 5- Implications/Recommendations

(CLO 5 - Recommend feasible solutions to a business issue based on the application of business principles)

From your research suggestions, which 2 do you think may be adopted first?


Almost 80% of the Americans own cars. Statistics have proven that purchase of automotive is a business that has been able to flourish in the market. The car locater website owners should be able to communicate to the public on the importance of enrollment to the website. This should be done through advertisement and word of mouth. Word of mouth is achieved through testimonies given by satisfied customers who have already interacted with the website. In addition, the public should understand that there is no business that does not face challenges. This makes the business more competitive as it tries to improve their skills. This expertise should be able to eradicate existence of corn artiste in the business. This should reflect honest and genuine operations.

Explain one short term goal you suggested at the end of your study.

The goal is to ensure that people are aware of the existence of the car locator website. This is to be achieves through creating advertisements in the automotive companies to join and the customers to enroll. This can be achieved through billboards, television ads and online advertisements.

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