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Costa Rica is found within Central America. This country experiences a tropical nature of climate and hence the climate and weather are very unpredictable. The country is very prone to earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions, and several other natural disasters. The accidents cause displacement of many people from their homes and massive destruction of houses and shelter. Schools and offices are also not left out. Many citizens are, therefore, left homeless and sought refuge in the neighboring countries. The cost of constructing new houses is high, and thus, people cannot keep on building new ones every time a natural disaster strikes. The frequency of natural disasters continues to increase the demand for container homes in the country. The container houses are easy to construct, cheap and are movable. It is, therefore, advisable and profitable to enter the market of selling the container homes to the Costa Rica nation.

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Target customers

Costa Rica acts as a refuge to many European and American expatriates. The economy of the country is also small, and hence, most of the citizens are poor. Therefore, many international organizations take care of the citizens and refugees in the country. The government also provides aid to the citizens. We will, therefore, target the government and the international organizations as the market for the container homes and houses. The humanitarian organizations that are mainly funded by foreign governments and volunteers can afford them. The organizations in conjunction with the government will after that, allocate the houses to the refugees and citizens. The country is an important tourist destination, and hence, the government can also lend out some of the homes to the tourists. The country can also be a significant source of revenue.

Mode of delivery

The cheapest method of transporting the containers is by sea transport. The company will liaise with Orbit International Moving Logistics Company, which is the best in Canada to oversee the sea transportation of the containers. The containers will be delivered through the port of Puerto Caldera in Costa Rica from where they will move to various destinations in the country.

Activities timeline

The market entry program will take place in a period of six months starting from July to December 2016. Several events will happen in the six months and each month will have its activity. The activities will be a market study in July, business partner search in August, virtual office search in September, and trade show support in October. The month of November will involve a site selection process where the containers can be kept after departure from the port. December will comprise a summary and recap of all the activities so as to assess the progress made.

The market study will provide essential information about competitors, market size, sales structures, and distribution structures in the new country. It will also provide necessary product requirements unique to the Costa Rica nation. It is also essential to have a business partner who will help facilitate faster entry into the new market. The partner will aid in the faster marketing of the containers with his knowledge of the market.

The virtual office will act as an interface between Costa Rica and the companys headquarters in Canada. The position will also help establish and prove our presence in the country. The agency will also be responsible for conducting exhibitions and shows throughout the country so as to exhibit our products in the market. The move will attract more customers. There will be faster and easier communication between the clients in Costa Rica and the head offices in Canada in any case of further information regarding the containers.

Summary and Conclusion

Costa Rica is fast becoming a favorite country and tourist destination. It is now a refuge too many Europeans and American refugees hence the population continues to increase on a daily basis. As the population increase, there is more demand for housing to cater for the population. The demand continues to push the prices of houses up, and there is a need to provide alternative cheaper housing. The natural disasters, on the other hand, continue to strike causing massive destruction of houses and property. The country is, therefore, becoming an attractive investment opportunity for container housing since they are cheaper and affordable compared to the other forms of permanent housing.

Shipping container homes are very environmentally friendly. They contain recyclable materials and hence minimal pollution of the environment. Eighty-five percent of the materials used in the construction of the shipping containers are recyclable. The foundation is faster to install, uses a lesser material, and is less expensive. The containers are of different varieties and sizes to satisfy the needs of each customer. Venturing into container housing project in Costa Rica is a very attractive business idea and will add more profits to the company. The market competition is still very low and hence its the perfect time to enter the market before competition arises.

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