Role of CSR Micro Credit Initiative in Local Economic Development

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The CSR micro credit initiative is a project that provides financial assistance to the needy entrepreneurs to help them achieve their financial dreams. The CSR has led to the development of the local economies within many areas where it has been used (Kramer 2011). For instance, an economy with activities such as fishing, agricultural activities, catering, hairdressing and mini-marts, these people would develop their businesses in various ways using the funds gained from the CSR. The following are the set of questionnaire that would be used in examining the scope of the effects of the funds from CSR to various business activities within an area. These questions would be asked directly to the clients of CSR and the people within the given area.

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How old are you?

18-24 years old

25-34 years old

35-54 years old

and over

To which ethnicity do you belong?





What is your level of education?

I did not go to school at all

I attended Primary School only

Attended Some high school and dropped out

A Secondary school graduate, owns a diploma or the equivalent CXC

A University Graduate

Have a Trade/technical/vocational training


Are you married? If yes what is your status of marriage?

I am not married

I am married

I am married with kids

I divorced/separated

I have never married

What is your current employment status?

I am employed

I am unemployed

I am self employed

I am out of job

I am a homemaker

How much do you understand micro-credit?

I fully understand micro-credit

I partially know about it

I am unsure of how much but I have heard about it

I am not familiar with it at all

I would like to know about it

If you have knowledge about micro-credit, do you accept that it can be influential in eradicating poverty among the people?

I completely agree

I mostly agree

I slightly agree

I slightly disagree

I mostly disagree

I completely disagree

Are you conversant with BPTT MIPED Program?

Have you ever taken a loan from this program?

Do you know anybody who has ever taken micro credit? If yes, how many?



not many

very few


How best do you think micro-credit can benefit the poor people?

It would be very good

It would just be good

It would be fair enough

Its influence would be poor

Its effect would be very poor

How does micro-credit compare to other sources of financing?

It would be excellent

It would be above average

It would be average

It would be below average

It would be very poor

How effectual do you think micro credit is in helping broke people raise their children and give them education?

Excellently effective

Effectively above average

Effectively average

Effectively below average

Effectively very poor

Do you think that micro-credit should be easily available to other communities?

I strongly disagree

I disagree

I agree

I strongly agree

I am not sure/not applicable

Do you agree that micro-credit will influence the local economy positively?

I strongly disagree

I disagree

I agree

I strongly agree

I am not sure/not applicable

Is it a good idea to start small businesses by micro credit?

I strongly disagree

I disagree

- I agree - I strongly agree

- I am not sure/not applicable

15. Do you agree that micro-credit can help in raising peoples standards of living?

- I strongly disagree

- I disagree

- I agree

- I strongly agree

- I am not sure/not applicable


Frynas, J. G. (2012). Corporate social responsibility and international development: Critical assessment. Corporate Governance: An International Review, 16(4), 274-281.

Kramer, M. R. (2011). Creating shared value. Harvard business review, 89(1/2), 62-77.

Warhurst, A. (2014). Corporate citizenship and corporate social investment. Journal of corporate citizenship, 2014 (1), 57-73.

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