Refugee Crisis in Syria

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Syrian refugee crisis has brought security fears in South Carolina and has become a current event issue as the government of the United States promised to increase its refugee numbers in the country. The Obama administration had hinted that at least 10,000 refugees from Syria would be accommodated in the country even though this might be hard in other parts due to high levels of anxiety and anger. Some refugees have been absorbed in the region by the World Relief and the Christian nonprofit group, most of them being Christians who were running away from the troubled country of Syria. The paper focuses on the refugee crisis in Syria and its impacts on other countries or states such as South Carolina.

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The Syrian refugee crisis has divided the upstate region of South Carolina despite the fact of being known as the conservative corner of the Northwest in terms of those who question the central government over its ability to eradicate extremist Muslims and those who welcome new huddled masses waves. Critics echoed across the country, around towns raising concerns over the newcomers fear of altering community character and burden the agencies of the local government. Such criticism encompassed both questions of rational minds on global conspiracies warning and funding of locals. In a group that pushed back a mother of stay-at-home, Lynn Isler was amongst and she created a page of Facebook, which warned the upbringing of the perfect storm by the Syrian refugee. She further warned over some elements of the movement of Christian infiltrated by communists to support resettlement of the refugees, and this is the major reason as to why refugee crisis in Syria has become a current issue.

Lee Bright the state senator, the representative of Spartanburg and Greenville Counties called for hearings that are open on the effort resettlement, raising concerns of fellow Republicans who always say; given that chaos has engulfed the Syrian country it is hard to perform on the Syrian refugee the background checks. In such terms, the assistant counterterrorism director Michael Steinbach mentioned out to the house committee that refugee evaluation in Syria was difficult to handle because it does not have systems that are adequate for providing the information. Greenville County Republican, Mike Burns, who is a state representative spoke on immigration policies that threaten American traditional culture. This refugee crisis being a current event generated a session of a question-and-answer. For instance, the question of whether refugees could be sent to South Arabia on a plane and it mounted to his frustration when he found that it is not possible. Additionally, there are suggestions of whether the use of ships should do that. In such case, the resettlement of the refugees in another country has become an alarming issue, which made people ask what to do about them to avoid any inconveniences that may be caused in their countries.

Migration, refugees, and state for assistant population Secretary Anne C. Richard traveled to the Spartanburg region as the situation was troubling enough, to meet with skeptics in late August 2015 to correct the local program misinformation. Ms. Richard focused on the charge imposed upon the two Iraqi refugees case who settled in bowling green when they were trying to send to Iraq Qaeda affiliate money and weapons. However, she said that there is an improvement in screening procedures from that time. She added by saying that the refugees have integrated peacefully including the Iraqis who resettled in the fiscal year of 2014. The United States since the conflict started four years ago it has taken 1,500 Syrian refugees and indeed the South Carolina fears raised by Syrian refugee crisis has become a current issue.

Refugee support programs of resettlement being an American tradition Ms. Richard said that many American get that and have done so. The crisis of the Syrian has elicited calls for offers of help and compassion in many country parts including South Carolina. For example on American-Islamic Relations according to the chapter of the Council St. Louis said, that in the University City gathered the hundreds of people asking the central government if they can accept the Syrian refugees in large numbers in the area. In that matter the world, relief gave a proposal to the State Department to resettle next year the upstate region with 116 refugees said, Mr. Lee. Mr. Lee did not support the rule out of the Syrians possibility of being resettled in the near future in the area. He said that his group for the moment had resettled four members of one Iraq Muslim family and a former Iraq United States company of security translator whose religion was renounced. The former translator beseeched his name not to be used when he met with a reporter for fear of attracting activists of anti refugees attention. He said that in the United States his reception has been warm, but he was keen not to mention that he was from Iraq because a person from Iraq among Americans was stereotyped as Suicide, killer. The refugee crisis can be termed as a current issue because it has consequences in many countries across the world and this necessitates the need for it to be classified as a current issue.

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