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I seek opportunity and possibility of starting my marketing company. Having trained my mind to remain active through classroom learning and interaction with the experts in the field, I see unending opportunity to bring this vision into reality. I really would love to be independent and break the perspective of young minds who always seek to be employees and not employers. I want to be something great in the future. I will apply the cost focus strategies anchored on low-cost base methods and processes to provide sufficient satisfaction to a particular market niche. My company will pursue cost focus strategy by employing niche marketing approaches to service and provide marketing services to the isolated geographic areas. I intend to create a positive culture in the company by providing adequate support to achieve business strategy and applying traditional ways for managers to interact with the other stakeholders including government, customers, and shareholders. My workflow strategy for the firm would involve capturing, clarifying, organizing reflecting and engaging with their clients to gain access to the market and gain a significant share in the market.

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To Create Visibility and Operational Excellence to Young Marketers

Promoting my purpose and having excellence as a habit will help me chart the course together by building a course of a plan that will act as a blueprint for my strategies going into the future. I will draw on the diversity of my experiences, expertise, and perspective to build accuracy and robustness in the industry. Besides engaging with the field experts and the aggressive team would help foster commitment to the purpose and plan. Building momentum requires creating constant communication of meaning which is about being part of the vibrant and continuous conversation with the team members. I love the vision of the future keeping an eye on the prize to blend and integrated multi-facet dimensions of marketing and other fields I venture to look. I imagine the future envision with sufficient integration of value propositions and market segments in which I seek to see improvements and reliability as a way of work and method. I intend to deploy systematic approaches by finding the right target audience to accomplish my set objectives in marketing, construction and catering industries.

SWOT Analysis


I am focused and flexible to embrace the dynamic changes in the environment to keep pace with the current events

I have charisma attribute to draw and create a social position that creates vast range of opportunities for many people

I am consistent at presenting long-term prospects and pricing the future by fostering commitment to purpose and plan

I possess excellent leadership and interpersonal skills to guide my team and innovative strategies

I am a team player, and I always seek to find the best in other people by providing viable opportunities to explore together

I am trustworthy and transparent in my activities to build an effective cohesion with my team.


I place emphasis on the quantity of work at the expense of quality hence affecting my performance.

I have difficulties staying and paying concentration doing one thing for an extended period of time

I have the skill but less will to undertake projects especially the ones with a little research in the field.

I am a victim of maverick spending adverse effect on the operational performance

I have poor prioritizing strategies on my working plans


There are vast opportunities for marketing in the current market since everyone is looking to improve sales.

I have an extensive portfolio of friends and relatives who run marketing companies, therefore, creating a cycle of connections would be easy

My school offers a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities with guidance from the field experts to explore marketing possibilities in the market


Harmful competition in a saturated market leading to high chances of unemployment

The rapid changing technology may result in marketers quickly falling out of the industry due to lack of training and reviewing of the course content

Poor understanding and attitude would lead to a bad visualization of dreams

Target Market and Positioning

Exploring into three market segments including marketing, catering, and construction would make life meaningful. The market segments would offer a continuous process of agility that requires enhanced capabilities to produce quantitative values and values to streamline to what life offers. Creativity and innovation are widely held concepts and real instances for the plan of action strategies to execute activities necessary to develop an art of productivity with ease in different sectors (Weinstein 62). I absolutely would love to work at Bouchon Bistro, Yountville since the management has the employees' best interest at heart. They are always willing to listen and put more effort to maintain its employees by showing gratitude for their determinations. Bouchon Bistro is renown in the industry for its impeccable services in the industry. I would love to build my competence in the firm through the practical trainings they offer which helps one be at the competitive edge in the market.

Value Position

To explore new opportunities in the market, I intend to search for the right jobs using the search engines to identify the right job that matches my competency level. I plan to customize my curriculum vitae and cover letter which increases my chances of being spotted by the hiring managers. I would precisely link my qualifications to match the hiring criteria outlined by the hiring managers and potential employers which upturn my probabilities of being invited for an interview. I plot to use my network through the Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Google + and LinkedIn to connect with the experts and other professionals in the industry to get more updates on the available job opportunities. Pursuing quest for the best I would attend different career fairs in various learning institutions to learn more strategies on how to remain competitive in a saturated market.

Having a clear purpose and a fixed set of standing agenda remains a favourite tool in the service industry to keep thing civil and productive. I plan to register for certification programs to improve my current skills. The training certifications programs would help me help me reduce the gap between the desired and available skills critical for a job opportunity in a marketing and catering firms. I would create a Facebook group to connect with the alumni and college graduates are already established in the job industry to get updates on the available employment opportunities at their firms. I also intend to join the professional association of marketers which would be of great help to connect with the potential employers and hiring managers.


I believe in the dignity of leading individuals, and I take abundant, the inordinate conceit that people especially my peers are enthusiastic to offer me two to three hours of their demanding lives to listen to my ideas and life experiences. I have been able to turn creativity, cohesion, and conflict required to produce innovative projects into a way of life that makes success much more likely. I am an open and trustworthy person. Nearly all great leaders have recovered from a dramatic career setback, and this is relevant to my job seeking to conceptualize the ideas I have gained to discover what the best looks like in myself. I intend to simulate and embrace the advanced technology in a dynamic environment as a process to illustrate the benefits of career development and stand out as the best candidate. I need to have precise learning objectives explicit goals, immediate feedback, evaluation measures and regular practices of opportunities to obtain necessary training. To find the right process for employment in the industry will involve engaging in a various training workshop to find the right conceptual learning framework. I will tap into the correct set of conditions and practices to have a stable and efficient supervisory support and platforms to apply the skills learned and motivate others to sustain training development (Khedher 125).

Having worked as an employee and volunteer in different places, it helped me set up sufficient learning signals to create a model that will lead to increased core competency among individuals. The creation of the mental model will improve my marketability in the industry to secure high paying jobs. The learning initiatives will increase motivation to work and improve operational performance. I will redefine my career path to allow fewer fixed jobs and more temporary teams to create flexibility in the project based organizations to reform the existing structures in the organizations. My effective communication coupled with interaction skills are allied with other departments including marketing and sales team to incorporate an excellent culture building forum and organizational development. I will utilize the skills to create the scalability of the business operations by initiating events to motivate and improve the employee career progression. Being optimistic and taking a robust view of my current reality is necessary to assess what it is working and what isn't. Taking the pain timely to do something about the issue is far much better than the alternative of trying to improve from a let-down in my career when time has already passed (Lair 320).

As an employee of Spartanburg Parks and Recreation, I initiated an innovative culture by engaging in active roles to form and nurture great talent with the entire service team. It is prevalent to capture essential information since training cannot exclusively solve external factors such as culture and talent pool. Service profession needs building up realistic situations in a stressful environment to identify the active process to finding a stable career. The selection and analysis criteria are to understand organizational needs and strike a balance between the diverse perspective and ability to collaborate with the field experts to form active leadership groups


Social platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn offer a vast range of opportunities to join groups focused and aligned to specific topics and industries. I intend to find a group that is consistent with my area of expertise to share my experiences and builds a stable image around my personal brand (Wilson et al. 14). Finding other groups would be ideal to seek audience and build a good reputation with the people I will engage. Marketing yourself always need an innovative strategy which involves collaborating with the field experts, building and maintaining relationships to create an effective personal brand. Keeping the image consistent is a necessary measure, and this includes maintaining an absolute consistency across all social platforms. The strategy is vital since it would help other people search and have a look at my profile. Consistent presentation plays a significant role in building a personal brand since it helps one control the perception of the public (Lair 323). One can easily damage a perfect reputation if one of the profile in the social platform indicates content that does not represent one well.

Content marketing is one of the effective ways to build a personal brand online especially in a saturated market. Content creates an excellent way to reach and interact with the target audience by driving traffic to my website, encouraging engagement, building brand awareness and ultimately selling out my skills to the public (Wilson et al. 15). Content is a popular way to show my experience and expertise to the public. I would place more emphasis on diversifying my content to create a new c...

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