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Organizing a successful event makes the organizers and the participants feel fulfilled about their efforts and attainment of the intended objectives. The group report reflects on the patisserie graduation dinner that was held celebrate the achievements of colleagues. Although the event registered several positives, there were notable failings that require attention so as to avoid disappointment in the future. The report will provide recommendations on how to improve operations in the future. Also, financial, social and environmental sustainability of such activities will be discussed.

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Operational aspects of the subsequent graduation dinner can be improved through teamwork and consultation. Involvement of teammates would provide varied ideas and opinions on the best ways to manage the operational aspects of the event. It would a broad base for analysis of the previous event and make sound corrective decisions. Platforms such as Facebook may be used to let more get involved and also promote the event to a wider audience. Also, designing of operational strategies is critical for the team to achieve its objective of delivering a quality graduation dinner ("6 Steps to Build and Bond Your Team Behind a Cause"). The strategies would not only spell out the specific tasks that the team would undertake to achieve its goal but also devise alternative and corrective measures that would be applied when operations do not proceed according to plan.

Financial sustainability is integral for the sustainability for the event. In this regard, setting long-term financial goals is critical to operating a sustainable graduation dinner events. The teammates need to come up with long-term goals that outline the desired financial position of the event in the future. Aspects such as expected profits, the level of debt, and cash flows should be carefully analyzed. Also, it entails carrying out a dinner event by preparing quality and affordable food products to market and generate a continuing profit. The disposable income of the clients is an important consideration in this respect. For the previous event, a reduction of the size of savory, tasting plate, Gateaux and Gift Box to half would reduce considerably reduce the financial cost. The team should focus on less but strive to achieve quality. Letting the dinner participants create their foods such as popcorn and ice-cream would cut down the cost from $3500 to approximately $1350("Graduation Party Basics Helpful Information").These operational frameworks would make the event financially sustaining reasonable amount would be generated as well as the provision of quality foods.

Social sustainability focuses on maintaining the valuable relationship with the front of the house (FOH) and back of the house (BOH), customer and the community. It is important to build bonding FOH and BOH to enhance performance and quality of graduation dinners ("6 Steps to Build and Bond Your Team Behind a Cause"). For environmental sustainability, individuals are expected to perform activities that add value to the physical environment. The practice targets resource use, management of hazardous wastes, and reduction of detrimental emissions into the environment. The team intends to use solar energy in place of electric power so as to reduce emissions into the physical environment. Use of nature foods also can be beneficial to the physical environment. Moreover, the use of recycled materials promotes the circular economy thereby reducing waste materials discharged into the physical environment (Sutton 2004, p. 6-14)

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