Literary Analysis Essay on Emerging Perspectives on Anti-Oppressive Practice by Wes Shera

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There have been various research works on the same topic, however, Shera has done intensive research and the choice of language makes the book easy to understand among people of different social classes in the society (Sue at al., 2015). The choice of language and the flow of thought creates systematic channels through which aboriginals can understand factors that affect them in the society which gives them the opportunity to tackle such effects with the view of improving their living standards. Although examination of the impacts of decolonization process in improving living conditions of the society is of great importance, it is needful to understand that such is a factor of minute effects because the social frameworks of effects are those that were laid after colonization (Shera, 2003). Moreover, it is also needful to acknowledge that the aboriginals were in dire need of dispensing with the cultures of the colonialists, therefore, the effects of decolonization are of least effect considering the fact that it has taken years since decolonization.

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Shera needs to focus more on the role of the indigenous population in effecting social rules that affect their daily lives and desist from extending blames to the external factors in Canada. Moreover, decolonization dies not entail only the challenges to the economy as there are factors such as education that has had positive impacts on the population (Campbell, 2003). It is therefore needful to appreciate the role of the author in the highlighting both the challenges and benefits of the same. In this manner, the author plays a critical part in advising on how to improve on the benefits and minimize challenges on the same. Finally, it is needful to appreciate the efforts that the author made in telling of the history of aboriginals in Canada as it helps in appreciating understanding livelihoods of the population and social ills affecting their daily lives (Kovach, 2015).

It is a matter of great importance to appreciate the authors efforts to discuss the indigenous and contemporary models in social work and how the two affect living conditions of the population. It is a matter of great importance to appreciate skills thereof in the process of articulating thoughts on social models. The author has made sure that people of different social classes and academic standards understand the impact of social models in their everyday activities (Sue et al., 2015). Employing suggestions of the author would help in improving living standards of aboriginals of Canada, help in addressing the social challenges and devise ways of limiting challenges and specifically the social ills such as patriarchy, capitalism, inequality among others.


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