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Pursuing an engineering course is one of my dreams. Technology and ethics are two conflicting aspects that encouraged me to think for an engineering course once I join the University. When I think about ethics, technology is frequently mentioned as the key source of problems. However, when I think about technology, ethics is frequently mentioned as the constraint on the development of my moral dilemmas. I am a High School student with hopes of pursuing an engineering course once I join university. However, I am frequently confronted with moral dilemmas in my simple design works since the simple design works are presented with confronting requirements. There are various dilemmas that I have faced, and some of the dilemmas were solved through the adoption of essential steps for ethical problem solving. The below is a depicted example of a solved ethical dilemmas I faced in my High School life.

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During my holiday, I took an interest to work as a personal assistance to the Surveillance Technology Company (STC), developing Behavior Recognition System (BRS) from any threat of terrorism, and I accepted the project because I believe I was assigned a light duty of recording the number of surveillance manufactured per day. I was also assigned a duty of recording the number of surveillance systems that are faulty and present the information to the surveillance department within the company. I believed that the assigned duties were easy as my High School skills could not manage complicated engineering duties. I believed that once I join the university, I could work on the complicated duties just like engineers. However, I had misgivings about the companys novel venture into developing hidden from view cameras for the personal use, although I recognize that the company is legally entitled to develop the surveillance products (The Royal Academy of Engineering, P. 26). The action in solving the issue became a dilemma in getting out of the trouble. I had to come up with a possible solution so as to benefit the community rather than the technology benefiting the company.


I understood that I was working on a worthwhile job, and it was not my role to address issues about the misuse of products and public policy. I was interested in the project since it was my gateway to understanding engineering aspects once I join the university, and I could not leave the project. I had to continue working on the project, speaking out publicly about my concerns concerning the inadequate regulations in the company.

Steps Taken in Coming Up with the Solution

At first, I had to persuade the company to work with me while considering the ethical issues. Lastly, I had to work with the professional bodies so as to explore the ethical issues and campaigned for adequate regulations, telling the public that the technology is available and can be improved as soon as possible (The Royal Academy of Engineering, P. 26).

From the steps take in solving an engineering problem, I believe that once I join in the University, I will use my technology and ethics concepts to solve different engineering problems. I believe that the university will appreciate my engineering skills and develop my skills so as I can be equipped with essential engineering skills that will not only benefit the university, but also the society at large. I, therefore, have hopes that the university will not only accept my current skills, but also my application and equip me with additional engineering skills that will help in solving various engineering problems in our society.


The Royal Academy of Engineering. (2001). Engineering Ethics in the Practice: A Guide for Engineers. London SW1Y 5DG.

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