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The relationship between the health of the population, on the one hand and economic growth on the other, is recognized by both medical and economic sciences. In the face of an aging population in recent decades, the mutual health and economic growth comes to the fore as a compensatory mechanism to maintain economic growth while reducing labor flows. Improving health of the population through health extension leads to an increase in labor supply, labor productivity growth and, consequently, the growth of economic indicators of development of individual regions and the country as a whole.

At all times, health was considered the greatest good and natural, absolute and eternal value, so the health of the population is of paramount importance in the planning and implementation of economic policy.

Health economics are inextricably linked to the economic prosperity of the country. There is a close relationship with all the health sectors of the economy, which determines:

- The impact of population health and health care on the national economy as a whole and its separate branches;

- The impact of individual branches of the economy on people's health.

What steps can we take to reduce this impact?

a) the prevention of chronic diseases and diseases of an infectious nature;

b) strengthening of health education among the population;

c) improving the financial security of medical institutions and increase salaries of health workers, as their profession is one of the most important at the present stage of development of Russian health care;

g) funding exploratory research in the biomedical field, and introduction in the healing process of advanced medical technologies;

e) the development of mass culture of physical activity with the initiation of her all age groups.

The implementation of the above measures will significantly improve the health and raise the quality of life of people, which in turn will boost the country's economic potential in accordance with the principles of institutional economics theory.

For the citizens of the United States government of the country provides two special programs - Medicaid and Medicare.

The Medicaid program, expected for help to the people with the low level of profits, is financed by both federal government and at the level of the states. On this program 5 services are given: stationary and ambulatory treatment, consultations of different specialists, stay in aged houses, laboratory diagnostics and roentgen logic methods of research. Medicaid plays an enormous role from the point of view of lining up starting possibilities for the different categories of population and redistribution of profits in a country.

Medicare is aimed for help to the persons older than 65, and also to the citizens of pre-pension age, having problems with a health. As sources, financing come forward: tax on a wage-fund, progressive taxation and income tax corporations. Among the services embraced by the program, is stationary treatment, some prophylactic services, domestic service, diagnostic procedures and short residence in houses aged.


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