Evidence Based Culturally Appropriate Interventions to Improve Health

2021-05-19 21:54:25
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Diseases and illness are unavoidable but can be prevented if the major factors affecting health are put into consideration.

Health care services

As viewed earlier, inefficiency in health care services is one of the contributors to the worsening of health in Philadelphia. This is majorly caused by the fact that there are few well trained Nurses and medics who can handle this immensely populated community of mixed ethnicity. Since the population consists of immigrants (some of whom are unregistered), they lack the opportunity of seeking proper medical care from hospitals and medical centers out fear and denial of that chance by the Government and authorities.

Lifestyle behaviorsLifestyle behaviors contribute most in the health issues in our community. Some illnesses and health disorders that are largely impacted by the way of living include: obesity, HIV/AIDS, cancer and diabetes.Obesity has been a health disorder mostly in children who are likely to end up as obese adults.

Prevention Strategies:

For infants and children

In the case of obesity among children, healthy eating habits should be initiated by the parents and guardians. The diverse ethnicity contributes to the mixed cuisine and meals taken by settlers. Outdoor games should also be encouraged amongst children to keep them fit and healthy. This will help prevent the development of chronic diseases in children.

Women and Expectant mothersWomen in many cultures and communities have been considered the most inferior gender of all. This in more than one way has contributed to poor health amongst women. One major area is in the maternal care. The rate of mortality in women and children during maternal care is very high. Women should be given accessibility to more affordable and efficient maternal care to avoid unnecessary deaths. The old aged men and womenThe continuous use of illicit substances have majorly been the cause of poor health in the aged, smoking in particular has contributed to the increase of chronic illness like cancer and lung problems. Education on the disadvantages of drug abuse can be a better way of dealing with this issue.

Some of the appropriate ways to improve health in the population at risk include:

Formation of new and better policies that will assist in meeting the health needs of the immigrants in our community, which will therefore help in the reduction of poor health amongst community members.

Increasing the number of well-trained medics and interpreters in the health centers will help in attending to more people efficiently without overwhelming the medics on duty.

The improvement in economy and income per capita will definitely reach out to many households and would help in reduction of poverty which will in turn help in facilitating better ways of living in the community. Some of the cases that will be dealt with if this is considered include: teenage motherhood and complications that comes with it, both obesity and malnutrition in children, and use of abusive substances in the aged can be handled in a better way.


Culture plays a big role in the health conditions of different communities, both positively and negatively. It is the duty of every community member to take charge of their practices to help in the improvement of health in the society. With the diverse ethnicity in our community, practices that contribute to poor health should be shunned.


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