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2021-06-17 11:57:20
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The most important thing in my work as a nurse is commitment and dedication to my patients. The job of a nurse entails good care of patients. Taking care of patients requires a lot of time and patience which is useful in overcoming any challenge that may come along. Additionally, ensuring that my patients receive the best care that I can offer is most paramount to me. The motivation behind my commitment and dedication is that I do understand that I am doing so for the best interest of my patients.

There are certain things that I must have at my job without which, I may not be motivated to go on. Blending my family and career is vital for me to be able to perform efficiently at work. When I am not given enough time to take care of my family as well, I might not end up being productive in my services at work. For this reason, I must have a flexible schedule so that I can monitor my children as they grow up at least until they graduate.

Opportunity for advancement is a must have for me. In my job, I must be able to see that the organization I am working for can provide a window for me to develop my career. It is such opportunities that I will be able to grow myself to the point of even getting a promotion in my department. Additionally, I must be in an environment with a healthy working competition. The competition will challenge me to take up necessary steps for me to realize my goals.

Understanding of the Organization

My organization is driven by its core values which are safety, caring, integrity and excellence towards improving patient's lives of the community as a whole. My organization is sensitive in managing patients information while at the same time attentive to all their customers needs. My organization is accountable for the lives of its patients and for this reason it carries out all its activities with diligence and proper safety measures.

A lot of changes have been witnessed in my organization. For instance, it has developed integrated information networks that will help improve its performance. This kind of development will require new skills in the field of informatics, and therefore new expertise will be necessary.

There are unlimited opportunities for growth in my organization. For example, it has a long-term goal for extensions in foreign countries. The employees who will be taken to these foreign countries will be required to learn their language. Those employees are an opportunity as interpreters and language translators will also be required.

The tremendous growth in my organization is presenting new opportunities, and my role might change in the future. Since my organization is expanding in different countries, I may apply for a position of a public health worker in underdeveloped countries. Such a position will help me achieve my dream of educating people on the use of the available scarce resources. My organization may require me to acquire computer skills, written and verbal communication skills as well as leadership competencies.

Gaps in the Organization

There are some values I consider important for a health organization. The most important value is that the Health agencies should not be profit oriented. For example, in my organization, they do not admit any patients without an initial deposit of half the amount of the hospital bill. It is due to such reasons that many end up losing their lives as not everyone can raise the initial amount.

There are a few gaps between the organization and myself. Such gaps are due to the values that may differ between me as an individual and the organization. The organization does no offer any scholarships that support employees to further their education. The scarcity of scholarships is a factor that might hinder me from achieving my professional goal. Therefore, it may take a longer time for me to complete my studies without any sponsorship. Moreover, there are colleagues at work who give conflicting opinions about the further development of my career and this is a discouragement.

I plan to complete a public health course and complete in two years so that I can be able to offer my services and guidelines on how to make maximum use of the limited health resources that are either underutilized or mutualized. In ten years I would like to return my services back to my community through offering free lectures to college students. In ten years I will have formed an organization that will help educate the community about their health rights and creates awareness of the services that are provided freely by the government.

How to Bridge the Gaps in the Organization

For the organization to close the gap, we will form an association where we will create policies that will be presented to the Management of the hospital. The Policies will focus on how the hospital will change their much priority for money to concentrate on providing good health care. When the hospital Management refuses to change their priorities, then the issue might be a barrier to my success since my future goals majorly focuses on helping the needy rather than prioritizing on getting the money. The lack of time to continue with my education will also be a barrier for me since my career goal goes hand in hand with my school level.

The availability of supportive programs in the organization is an excellent resource that will enable me to be successful in my future goals. In my two years, I will focus so much on ensuring that I will get the necessary skills and experience. Within the five years, I will aim at strengthening my management and leadership skills with the hope that I will be promoted to be one of the key people in the hospital Management. In ten years, I will aim to start campaigns that will educate people on healthy ways of living.



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