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1. When and where was Beethoven born?

Ludwig van Beethoven was born on December 16th, 1770. He was born in Bonn located on the banks of the Rhine. Bonn is a central city and in Germany and it is found in the North Rhine-Westphalia state.

2. What major events shaped his childhood years?

Beethoven displayed great talent and skills at an early age and had support from his family especially his father. In his team was a composer who was also a conductor at the same time called Christian Neefe. Beethovens dad also helped him grow in his music career although his teachings were violent and often ended up beating his son in the process of instruction. The major event that shaped his early years was his decision to move to Vienna to pursue composition of music with the help of Joseph Haydn. This event shaped his childhood years a great deal because it helped him gain the status of a renowned pianist and greatest composer of his time who was a peoples favorite.

3. How was he influenced by the political system of his day?

Beethoven was born at a time when there was political turmoil in Germany. However, the Federal city of Bonn was quiet and remained unaffected by these issues, and this allowed Beethoven to concentrate on his music career without many disruptions.

4. Describe his romantic relationships.

Just like many artists and people in general, Beethoven had a very complicated love life. It was not all smooth sailing when it came to matters of the heart. One, for instance, it was punctuated with class issues. He fell in love with a young lady by the name Julie Guicciardi who she met in connection to a particular Brunswick family that he was offering regular piano lessons. Although Beethovens profound love for Julie was unquestionable, the class difference could not allow their marriage, and as a result, he was forced to give up his conquest for her.

5. Name at least three major works mentioned in the documentary

1. The Fifth Symphony

2. The Ninth Symphony

3. Moonlight Sonata

6. How deafness affected his life?

The struggle that Beethoven went through did not discourage him; instead, it motivated him more to pursue his passion. His deafness led him to be a loner who worked best on his own. His deafness made him lose touch with people and the world in general. It is after he became deaf that he isolated himself from the people and moved to a small town in Austria on the outskirts of Vienna. Although his loss of hearing did not prevent him from composing music, it made it difficult to play and perform in concerts.

7. Describe his relationship with his patrons.

Beethovens relationship with his patrons was compelling. He greatly appreciated the generosity of the sponsors and would do anything to show it. For example, he would give private performances to them at no charge. He treated his patrons as personal friends who he would connect with at a deeper level outside music. To show his love for his patrons, he would even compose songs dedicated to them

8. When did he die and what was the cause of death?

Beethoven died on March 26th, 1827, and the cause of his death was liver damage as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

9. Summarize his musical legacy.

Beethoven was a passionate artist, and his legacy lives on. He showed the world that with passion and determination, you could achieve anything you set your heart on. His musical legacy lives on, and contemporary artists can borrow a thing or two from him ("Beethoven Biography - Life of Ludwig Van Beethoven - Discovery History Documentary").

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