Essay on Legal Aspects of the Training Process and Purpose of Management and Employee Development Programs

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Describe at least one legal aspect of the training process. And the importance of consistent practice in providing training to all employees.

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One of the most vital legal aspects of training is discrimination of any nature during the training. It unlawful to discriminate an employee during all the procedures of the training process, in most instance companies do set conditions for a training process. However, the requirement set must always be in line with the set standards by the regulating bodies in place. Therefore, all the employees regardless of gender, age or state of health are qualified the companys planned training except when there are exceptions.

Consistent training in an organization significantly contributes to the success of an institution. To start with, regular training enhances confidence in employees hence they tend to do their jobs more efficiently. Training thus boosts the capability of employees to do their job better since they are made to believe that they can be competent with the gained skills. Competence and confidence at workplace create a positive working environment that is not only good for company's growth but also for the employees well being. Secondly with the enhanced confidence productivity increase due to improvement in performance, this can be measured and confirmed through the ROI (return on investment) statistics. An increase in productive is possible with training because training equips individuals with knowledge of what the organization needs from him/her. Finally, trained employees are always satisfied with company hence their performance will save the company finances and also earns the company more money.

Therefore consistent training is a practice that works to improve the status and profitability of an organization that practices it; Human resource department should always strive to make compatible training part of their companies' traditions.

Discuss the purpose of management and employee development programs

Management and staff development programs are meant to equip individuals with the required skills for the jobs that they are assigned to an organization on a daily basis. Most companies do employ the employee's development programs after noting a dire need due to poor performance by either the company or the employees. However, such programs should always be running to ensure that growth of the employees and the company is nurtured. In an institution, most job functions are complex hence employees need to be constantly nurtured to enable them to grasp the concepts that are vitals for their roles.

Training programs are placed in the company to enhance competence in the organization. For productivity to improve, employees skills and knowledge should continuously be improved so as to enables the individual to learn and adapt to changes and trends in their job specifications. Additionally, management programs enable the managers to identify future leaders and hence shape their skills and knowledge to enable them to take the organization to another level. Development programs also ensure that the company spends less money on other activities like employees supervision since most of the employees are trained to do their work with utmost excellent. Management and employees development programs are meant to increase efficacy in human resource management. Humans unlike object have the capacity to improve the ability to enhance their skills and acquire new skills. Such capabilities are advantageous to the human resource manager since he/she can harness them to improve not only performance at work but also the profitability of the organization.

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