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I was eager and enthusiastic towards the moral values of volunteering and supporting individuals in need of help. I volunteered at the Trillium Health Center to assist coordinators in their events and interact with the patients. I devoted my time and effort to creating a cheerful environment for the seniors through personal visits to the rooms, games, and their events because seniors at the center were often downhearted due to the hospital-like environment. I may not have held a position with a lot of duties and responsibility, but the position I held was so meaningful, and I cherished the responsibility assigned to me.

Upon completion of my volunteering time at the centre, I joined Global Youth Leader (GYL) organization, founded by Councillor Raymond Cho in Ontario and was I voted the vice-president. The GYL was one the best non-funded volunteer groups that had a number activities. Moreover, the group had created a good reputation for itself through the numerous activities it engaged in. GYL engaged in activities like aiding low-income families, clearing and clearing the neighbourhood and schools. Volunteering at this level was an enlightening opportunity because I witnessed the challenges and problems of the society first hand. In addition to this, the group engaged in childhood and teenage education through its conference rooms. Through donations, we were able to provide recreation time and have robust bonding with people. As one of the executive members of GYL, I had the privilege to spread our good work and efforts to other people to increase the awareness of our voluntary activities to the public. Consequently, I was able to witness the GYL's seventh anniversary with members who founded the forum and set a strong foundation for the group. Through its voluntary and community services, GYL organization was selected to represent Canada in the inter-city intangible cultural cooperation Network (ICCN), which was held in Prague, Czech Republic. I was able to present the Canadian culture and diversity coupled with our voluntary activities results to the Prague minister at the forum. Ideally, I was in a position to inform the member of the importance of voluntary activities to the society and the people in need in the society. After the forum, I vowed to continue devoting my time to voluntary activities and interact with people to discuss the importance of voluntary actions. Consequently, I learned to work as a team and share responsibility with other people to achieve the common good for the people despite our cultural differences.

After volunteering at GYL, I took part-time jobs including baker, cashier, private math tutor, and fitness trainer in the course of my education. Each position I took had different responsibility but required a common and important skill, positive interaction. Through restaurant and retail store work experiences, I learned to take the initiative in interacting and effectively communicating with people I have seen for the first time to create a healthy, encouraging, and teamwork environment. I believe that the effective and interactive communication skill I have practiced during my work experiences can help me in flight operations where new flight and cabin crew require effective communication to foster good and comforting relations with the clients.

Seneca College provides an internship term for students to participate in aviation-related jobs throughout bachelor years. The purpose of the internship is to enable students to familiarize with flight activities and gain experience that can be used in the job market and seek for potential employers. I was able to get an internship with Airline Pilot Association of Korea (ALPA-K) through a college funding program. At this station, I was tasked with translating Federal Aviation Administration regulations to Korean version, which was sent to Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs. I had a responsibility to complete the given task so that Korean pilots and others can access and understand the factual meaning of the regulations. Furthermore, I visited seminars and voluntary event as a representative of ALPA-K. For instance, I assisted Korean Air B777 captain in high schools to exhibit visions as a pilot, benefits and share various methods of becoming airline pilot to attract more of potential aviators in the industry.

Seneca College requires students to take turns in responsible roles at the airport; receptionist, flight follower, dispatcher, and ramp attendants. I have gained extensive experience in specified roles and have great knowledge of how flight operations work. As a receptionist, I was responsible for welcoming visitors and presenting NOTAMs in weather briefings for students and instructors. As flight follower and dispatcher, I made certain of on-time departures as to make certain of the maximizing number of completed flights according to the flight schedule as well as to assist any matters of airborne aircraft. As a ramp attendant, I ensured the safety of guiding aircraft in and out of the hangar on time along with completion of on-time fuel request. These responsible tasks enabled me to look from different perspectives to flight operations and sense of teamwork.

Please state the details of any other aviation experience below. (e.g. cadets, gliding, micro light, introductory flights, etc.)

I do not have any other aviation experience other than commercial pilot license with group 1 instrument rating. However, I am currently undergoing instructor training to extend my flight experiences. The expected period of obtaining Class 4 instructor rating in Canada is approximately two months, which in turn include factors such as weather, instructor, and aircraft availability at the airport or company. Nevertheless, I do wish to start my first aviation career and end as a Cathay Pacific Airline Pilot as explained in the following section.

Apart from good pilot flying skills, what attributes do you believe are required of a pilot in a successful airline?* (2000)

An airline pilot requires many attributes other than strong established flying skills. Its work environment and naturally exposure to risks require one to multi-function and interact with different people under numerous factors inside and outside the cockpit. Attributes that I strongly believe in are professionalism, positive attitude, judgments, balancing work, and personal life. An airline pilot requires undoubtedly other attributes, as a low-hour pilot cannot think from lack of real-life experiences. Regardless, a pilot must continuously attempt to practice good attributes to set a good fit for an airline.

The first impression always comes from others' appearance. Thus, it may not be debatable to say that professionalism as a pilot start from the general appearance to flight operations. Pilots will undoubtedly have many peers in public places. It is imperative to represent the company with clean shaving and clothing for an excellent impression. Furthermore, I believe that appropriate gestures and speech skills are required as an airline pilot. Expression of pilots' clean uniform and appropriate gestures and communication skills may have a great impact on how customers look up to a company as it is the first thing that they will see and conclude their experiences about the company.

The flight-working environment exposes pilots to potential threats and situations where pilots become complacent to make errors. Thus, pilots need to be well prepared and planned for every flight despite the fact that they may have used the routes numerously. Complacency can result in loss of situational awareness and the lack of situation awareness and unpreparedness. However, complacency may not prevent a possibly handled situation in time. Therefore, this is extremely dangerous as everyone on board is exposed to catastrophic situations. I surely believe efforts to avoid complacency as an airline pilot must be practiced and keep it professional until the end of a career.

Undoubtedly, aviation safety has improved with technology development that originally was created from accidents and incidents. Multi-crew flight operation can be said to be one of many and ensuring safety features in the cockpit. Both Captain and First Officer have different roles of pilot monitoring and pilot flying. However, an operation often involves interactions between the flight crews and with cabin crew. Thus, it is important to have and to express a positive attitude towards every flight operation as the flight is composed of new crews. Expressing positive attitude through initiative greeting and welcoming all crews including cabin crew creates a positive environment where it brings everyone together. This is essential as everyone needs to be willingly supportive and are dependent on each other for ensuring the safety of passengers and themselves in unlikely abnormal situations. Having doubts in other crews from their negative behaviour may obstruct active interaction for the best outcome. The positive work environment will allow both crews to bring respect and to value others opinions and thoughts for the best result in time critical situation or assessment. This can further ensure the safety of flight operation. I believe a positive attitude is one of many important attributes that makes good airline pilot.

Another attributes that a pilot must have to be a successful airline is judgments. Judgments of their performance in flight operation will allow them to evaluate and possibly fix their habits that are against or not part of operating procedures. A pilot must be a constant reminder if they judged themselves to be lacking in areas regarding flights. Being a constant reminder allow one to put much more efforts to strive for perfection. Regardless of seniority and thousands of experience flight hours, a reminder and judgments to their proficiency and safety are required and important attributes to correspondingly manage. Along with self-evaluation, a pilot must also be self-confident of their limits and knowledge. There are not mistakes or even narrow escapes that they have not yet experienced as Captain. Thus, First Officer may have different tolerances compared to Captain. There may be a situation where decisions or commands from captain may have been pushed to the limits. A good pilot must be able to recognize if those limits are affecting at which degree of safety and carry courage to disagree with supporting factors that contain safer alternatives. Effective communication is further required to bring disagreements to the agreements. A good pilot will use all available or possible resources to finalize the decisions. To do so, one must be able to judge their knowledge and proficiency.

Aside flying skills, a pilot to be a successful airline needs to learn to balance work and personal life. The pilot cannot hold any personal matters when flight operation comes. Indispensable mind-set is to separate personal matters and focus on matters regarding flight operation. Aside from feelings, being able to focus and to use Crew Resource Management is one of many attributes a pilot must perform. Being able to manage workload effectively for flights and in the cockpit can reduce fatigue and latent errors.

I firmly believe these attributes as an airline pilot are essential and are to be mindful of it. However, many efforts from a pilot are required to become fit in a successful airline. Furthermore, as experience is gained, the pilot must be mindful of other attributes to sharpen their skills and never forget what it means to be a successful airline pilot.

Why do you wish to join Cathay Pacific Airways?* (2000)

My dream of becoming an airline pilot has started with my father's dream. My father frequently told me about his childhood dream, which was to become an airline pil...

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