Customer Loyalty and Brand Image

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There is an expectation that a new model of the iPhone will be launched based on the level of consumer loyalty. New modeling and brand improvement help in increasing customer loyalty. CITATION Nor14 \l 1033 (Norman, 2014). The paper also was banking on the fact that studies have shown that by maintaining the image of the brand the consumer will always be loyal since they will have nothing to complain about. The paper also expected to find out by the launch of a new model an organization might be able to still retain the loyalty of its customer or will they lose them. The paper also sought to find out if the whole concept of customer loyalty is related to the image of the brand or product.

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The contents of this section of the paper will evaluate the impacts of brand image to the loyalty of customers. The image of brand will have a major impact on the level of customer loyalty that an organization receives. CITATION Nor14 \l 1033 (Norman, 2014). The organization or product in question is the iPhone brands of phones. The research used the launch of a new product or model in the market to determine the effect of the brand image to the consumer. It has been found out on marketing strategy reports and studies that the image of the brand will affect the loyalty of the consumer. The iPhone company was launching a new product and direct questionnaires as well as interviews were used to find how the image of the brand kept the customer loyal event to the new product.


The study found out that there is a great correlation between the loyalty of the customers to how an organization rolls out new models or new products CITATION Bryds \l 1033 (Bryman, 2015). From an interview done on some staff of the iPhone company many of them suggested that the organizations asses the levels of clients loyalty and choose when to launch a new product. From an analysis of the feedback the organization at time boosted customer loyalty by launching a new product. This is so because after a while on not seeing a new product in the telecommunication industry some clients need to be in touch with the latest tech. through this is was found out that by rolling out new versions of the iPhone customer retention rates went even higher CITATION Nor14 \l 1033 (Norman, 2014). The paper has found out on its second objective that an organization will have more loyal clients if the image of the organization is not tarnished and the organization observes quality production and practices. Most of the clients and loyalist to the iPhone said that they stick to the brand since it has maintained a constant brand image over the years. The paper found out that if an organization maintains the same image even when launching new products, the loyalty of the customer s will be unshaken from the organization.

Contributions of the study

The study has had a lot to contribute to the world of business. The study will also contribute to the success of organization since it has proven some concepts to be true and if implemented organizations will be successful CITATION Bryds \l 1033 (Bryman, 2015). The comprehensive methodological measures will help other studies have a basis for reference and will also act as a secondary source for scholars. The paper has also helped show the importance of a good brand or product image to organizations.


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Norman, D. A. (2014). Incremental and radical innovation: Design research vs. technology and meaning change. Design Issues. 30(1), 78-96.

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