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- Research on new business opportunities and exceed annual sales targets by presenting new test information to the organization. This will also include seeking new sources of revenues from the client.

- Establishing a sustainable positive relation through the schedule and conducting calls with prospective customers

- He or she will develop and manage a business pipeline of all the prospective customers and at the same time assume territorial management responsibility in the assigned area.

- Provide to the top management timely and accurate reports detailing account plans and territory sales management activities for a given period.

- Corporate and coordinate with the regional managers to help develop the assigned territory and help achieve the objectives.

- Understand and maintain the competitors knowledge to give them a competitive advantage.

Minimum Qualification:

- BS in science or related courses.

- Ability to multi-task, organizational skills and detail oriented to success.

- Energetic, highly motivated, enthusiastic and high integrity.

- Good communication and oral skills.

- Must demonstrate sound judgment decision-making skills.

- Proficient in basic computation skills such as MS Office, e-mail, Excel and internet functions.

- Ability to travel long distance within the allocated territory.

- No sales experience needed.

MDL is a great fit for the type of opportunity I am interested in. The career is challenging since the health care sales industry is unique and involves meeting people with different needs. Furthermore, it is challenging to achieve the territorial sales targets with the dynamic nature of the market.

Acquiring a placement as a sales executive in the health care fraternity is not an easy job and is very involving. One has to pull many strings to be able to get a place. Even after getting a link, and get the work placement, the application process follows which is vigorous and involve periodic interviews before the job is offered. Some of the processes are done online and, therefore, requires proficiency in computation and online knowledge.

My professional work experiences illustrate that I have had extensive opportunity to develop successful working relationships with physicians, medical professionals and clients. I also have a positive track record with customer service resolution. My academic track record also illustrates my ambition, reliability, and dedication to success. Combined, my professional and academic track record show that I am well prepared to develop and establish a strong market presence for MDL within my assigned territory. This new opportunity will continue along a path of professional growth and presents an opportunity for me to once again, be professionally challenged.


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