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Performance issues have been a cause of concern for many organizations. As such, many organizations have had to implement different forms of organizational culture to ensure that the organization has better overall performance. This article is a review of the methods that Lululemon Athleticos CEO Christina Day has used to ensure that the company has continued on an upward trend in profitability and expansion during the course of her tenure.

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According to Christina Day, the collaboration between the management and the employees has become a key precipitating factor in the success of the organization. For example, a majority of the discretion on store operations are left to the employees of the store. Budgetary allocations are set aside for community engagement exercises such as charities and events. The management has noted that the employees of a particular store are more likely to be aware of their community needs as opposed to top management. As such, employee satisfaction methods have been extended to their self-determined participation in giving back to the community.

There is also a recruitment approach that the company is using, namely the in-house promotion set up. As such, 70% of all leaders in the various fields within the organization have been promoted internally. This is a human resource practice that boosts employee confidence in the management, while ensuring that there is loyalty among employees. Team approaches to the workplace makes sure that there is proper communication channels between the management and the employees as members of the management were once the employees.

Furthermore, the company has created a culture of owning up to mistakes that the employees make. As such, negative actions that cause negative public views concerning the company are adequately dealt with and cleaned up after. There is no room for complacency in the company as employees have cultivated a culture of ensuring that there is efficiency and maintenance of the workplace ethic as required. The employees and management are responsible for ensuring that the reputation of individual branches is maintained. Lastly, the leadership is responsible for managing crises within the company. Taking charge during the times of crises is important because how the leadership handles emergency situations determines the attitude that they have towards the company they are working for.

In the course of this article, I learned the important place of organizational culture for performance of the institution. Research has shown that the culture of an organization has a bearing on the performance of the organization (Davoren, 2011; Byles & Aupperle, 1990). There is therefore great need to change the organizational culture of ones company to ensure that there is better performance of duties. Take, for example, the approach of employees as stakeholders to the company. When employees are free to take charge of changes in their organizations, including choosing the paint color, this makes them better owners of the business and will be more comfortable to perform better.

Furthermore, leadership and management skills are also highlighted in this paper. The CEOs intervention as well as distribution of duties in the course of crisis shows an action of active leadership and disaster management by the CEO. Different lessons are thus learned from this. The article shows different methods of leadership that are effective in management of an organization. In my opinion, this paper only fails to give the difference with the previous leadership to determine if different leadership practices in the company caused the changes that are evidenced.


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