Appeal for Re-Admission Into the Nursing Program

2021-05-14 01:14:18
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I at this moment write this letter to request for a review of my admission status as a nursing student in your institution. Due to unavoidable circumstances, I dropped out of college and was unable to complete my nursing program. Problems do occur and as a person, I take great responsibility for my actions. However, the key reason behind my failure in college was that my family going through financial constraints and our economy was in deep recession. Hence, I could not raise the required amount of college fees to take me through the past semesters. My father lost his job, and he was unable to access his bank accounts. This meant that he was not in a position to cater for both my accommodation and tuition altogether. Out of sheer desperation, I decided to request my boyfriend for financial assistance to continue with my nursing program. Being a good boyfriend he was, then, he decided he would pay my fees and offer accommodation at his parents' place since it is just a stone through away from the college. I strongly believe that am a person with high moral standards and my relationship with my boyfriend was based on love, and trust since I considered him a potential husband. However, this is where all hell broke loose. Immediately after my first admission and relocation, he started accusing me of focusing more on my nursing program than to him. With the support of his family, they managed to humiliate me; each time threatening to stop paying my college fees and kick me out. After a few months and towards the end of the semester, I decided enough was enough and sneaked out of the house. Since I had not paid my college fees in full and had nowhere to go, I decided to drop out of school and move back to my home. This was in fear of being homeless. Those were the main reasons why I dropped out of college. In spite of all these challenges, I must say God has been on my side. I am ready to be readmitted since I have saved my tuition fees from the proceeds of a part time job I got while at home. In addition to that, I have rented a one bedroom apartment next to the school in spite of the fact that my boyfriend and his family claim they are sorry. Together with a friend, we have a business plan for setting up a laundry agency next to the college. We are in the process of soliciting for a potential investor to make this dream a reality. If all goes as planned, I would be able to raise enough money to cater for my current and further studies. Similarly, I would be in a position to help others who might, in one way or another, is or may have experienced an ordeal similar to mine. All said and done; I request the college to re-admit me because I believe I am rejuvenated and able to sustain myself together with my education henceforth. Thank you for the unwavering support.


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