American Halthcare System: Financial Issues

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The history of the american halthcare system has experienced some form of distray. Despite the introduction of the managed care (sought to bring the cost of healthcare down), Americans have expressed fear that the costs of healthcare have continued to rise. The 2010s Obamacare was introduced to reform various aspects of the American health insurance industry, and to also improve the quality and access of healthcare services. The research paper aims at exploring Obama healthcare service and how the new requirements have transformed that nature of the health of the U.S. citizenry. The concern of the paper lies in examing how the quality and value of the American health care service has changed since the intruducton of the Obama healthcare service.

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This research uses qualitative research method; qualitative method enables the researcher to dig deeper into getting finer details about the non-quantitative aspects of the topic being studied. Through qualitative research, the paper will unearth how managed care, as an an initiative, addresses the escalating costs of medical care. The research is interested to investigate how managed care can lead to effective funding and offering referals. The researcher will unmask how this healthcare tool covers services that are experimental in nature (Babbie, 2016).

Some of the benefits the research will seek to investigate is the shared benefit with which Obamacare service allows Americans to access it from any part of America. Since this service requires all health insurance plans to cover crucial health benefits and rights. This healthcare plan favors millions of American patients together with the uninsured citizens by ensuring that they can access free and low healthcare costs. It consequently allows parents to cover their childrens health up to to the age of 26, a factor that gives more benefits and returns to insurance companies and providers.

Obamacare will detrimentally lead to low costs, since it will outnumber the insurance companies that have been having a good number of clients who take all sorts of insurance covers. This is because the service aims at offering high quality healthcare at relatively lower costs. It negatively affect Americans who may be unwilling to buy the insurance through Obamacare tax penalties.

By setting research questions, the research will be centered on sourcing the answers to these questions. The three questions to be considered include:

RQ1: How has Obama healthcare service and the new requirements changed the nature of health of the US citizens?

RQ2. How can Healthcare services improve quality and value in the U.S. Health Care System?

RQ3. How can adequate healthcare coverage ensure all people have access to quality health services without facing financial hardship?

Some of the considerations involved in carrying out this research include the capability to seal the gaps in knowledge needed to be derived from the research. The research will be carried out in a natural setting and would involve a process of building a holistic and complex picture of the phenomenon of interest. There are many ways through which the researcher can collaborate and enrich their work while conducting a study on a certain topic, like the Obamacare, in this case. The capability to have several iterations of the study in different settings will provide a means of validating findings. Collaboration requires many forms, including crossing discipliness (Babbie, 2016).

The practitioner research addresses the investigator, the purpose, and the setting. In this case, the research seeks rightful information from the practitioner who have insight regarding the Obamacare.


Babbie, E. R. (2016). The practice of social research. Belmont: Wadsworth Pub. Co.

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