How Does the Air Conditioner Work

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The air conditioner is considered to be a technologically sophisticated office appliance; therefore, one has to know a lot about it from its safety measures to how it is used. For a remote controlled air conditioner, one has to know every detail about how the remote is used to control it.

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On the remote control, the on/off buttons and too hot and too cold buttons are visible. The on/ off button is for turning the air conditioner on or off where the too hot / too cold buttons are for controlling the hot or cold level of the air conditioner. On the remote control is also a screen which is referred to as the operation display section.This screen of the remote is used for functionality display. More functionality buttons are found when you slide open the flip covering the bottom part of the remote control device.

In this section, you will find the fan speed button where you can set the speed you want for the fan. The timer button is also found there which will allow you to control the duration you want the air conditioner to remain on. The mode option button is also found in this section which gives you the option of choosing between the dry or cool fan. Lastly, the reset button is located in this section which comes in handy while you want to set a new timer for the air conditioner. On the other hand, one will have to press the reset button before operating the remote control in order for it to function correctly. The signal range for the signal can only reach a 6-meter distance. Therefore, you will need to be a bit closer to the air conditioner for it to operate efficiently. The remote control used AAA alkaline batteries, therefore, ensure you fit in the batteries correctly with the positive terminal facing the negative one. Usage of Manganese batteries or any leakage of the battery fluid could cause malfunction to the remote control device. For safety precaution, it is advisable to insert the remote to the remote control holder downwards after use to ensure that it is safely kept.

The air conditioner has an inbuilt emergency operational mode control; these are buttons which are conveniently fitted within the device that can be used for its various operational activities. These buttons include the cool emergency mode, heat mode and stop mode buttons. They can used to start or stop either the cooling or heating functionality of the air conditioner. On pressing the emergency operation switch, it will first operate in test run mode for the first thirty minutes then later automatically go to cool operational mode. However, you will need to use the remote control in case you want to control the actual degree of hotness or coldness you want from the device. In order to stop the emergency operation, you will have to press the emergency operation switch once in case the device is in heat mode or twice if it on cool mode. The air conditioner has an inbuilt indicator lamp which reveals the device's current mode of operation this lap is located near the indoor unit.

The cool/dry/ heat fan can be manually operated through the operational buttons on the remote control. One can select the operation mode for the device by simply pressing the on button. On pressing this particular button the mode of the air condition device changes in sequence from cool, dry to heat mode. However in case too much heat is absorbed from there air, chances for the appliance overloading are high the fan therefore automatically stops in order to protect the air conditioner from overheating. It is impossible to control the temperature setting when the device is in dry operation mode. It also notable the room temperature is slightly lower in this particular operation mode.

Adjustments on the devices air flow, velocity and direction can be made by use of the remote control. In order to adjust the velocity you will have to press the fan button, each press of this particular button causes the fans speed to change in the sequence which includes Low / Medium / High or Normal sequences. However with these changes in sequences there is an increment in the sound produced by the device, the low sequence is reasonably convenient since the sound is not too much. The Air flow in the air conditioner is automatically set to horizontal when the horizontal panes are set on either level 4 or 5. This ensures that the condensed water is prevented from dropping. It is advisable that the adjustment to the air flow direction is done using the remote control since when done manually it often causes trouble. On the other hand, when defrosting and the temperatures are too low it is advisable to set the horizontal vane position to 1. In Auto mode, it is easy since the air condition device automatically sets the position of the blades which corresponds to the operation mode of the appliance.

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