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The government has just released Ai from prison after approximately 80 days of solitary detention. After his release by the government, he is under strict order not to say a word to the press and snubs the members of the media who are gathered at his door requesting him to comment (Lemire 1). He slams the front door ordering the journalists to live their lives. The documentary demonstrates Ai as vividly expressing himself and organizes people through art and media to speak out against strict censorship and a legal system that is unresponsive in the Chinese government. Ai takes advantage of the digital age to inspire audiences globally and blurs the boundaries of politics and art. The documentary is based on real facts in the contemporary world that most members of the media go through. It is likely to elicit a strong sense of emotional or intellectual reaction in the society just as Corrigan highlights (Corrigan 9).

Strengths and Weaknesses

About an article by Corrigan, the documentary largely pays attention of how extensive use of social media such as Twitter is significant in addressing the pleas that frail people in the society go through on a daily basis. Ai is using media and art as a platform to air grievances of innocent individuals in the community (Corrigan 9).

The weakness comes in when his attempts to fight for the right of people in the society are always silenced by the government to the extent of bringing him down and almost killing him.

The film highlights performance and art through highlighting the work of Ai who is both an artist and political activist. Ai is using his artwork to reflect on the real happening in China (Corrigan 9).

Analysis of Never Sorry

According to an article by Lemire Christy, the film is based on the real time happenings with an intimate portrait of the artist who is a snapshot of the country in which he lives (Lemire 1). The documentary is stuffed with archival materials and quick heads who take media platform to convey their message to the world. The title of the film is a bit ambiguous starting from the name of the company of Ai. The company is called Fake Ltd, and at the same time, the government accuses Ai of evading approximately $2.5 million dollars of tax (Lemire 1). However, it might not be the case because it is clear that he has for a long time been a target by the government due to his outspoken nature. It is demonstrated in a manner in which he blogs and posts photos daily on the injustices that he saw (Lemire 1).

The government thinks that arresting Ai is going to silence him (Lemire 1). Rather, the opposite effect is seen as the act of locking him up galvanized his supporters globally. In that effect, his message if freedom rings loudly than ever before as he holds on the power of the Twitter to inspire various people on a global scale. The case that is fake follows Ai in the midst of trying to establish him as a conceptual artist besides acknowledging that he also has an influence on the side of politics of his country (Lemire 1). He breaks his barrier of restrictions from the government and starts conversing with the press a move that lives his mother worried. His mother fears for him thinking that the same fate that befalls his father some decades ago is waiting for him if he continues ignoring the restrictions from the government (Lemire 1).

However, as much as Ai is deeply in what he does; he faces some challenges (Lemire 1). He is seen suffering from nightmares and terrible sleep always nodding in broad daylight while in a middle of the discussion. He seems that he has an internal fire that is burning within even in the midst of doing what he enjoys doing. Perhaps he is struggling with the reality of what is facing the people of his fellow compatriots (Lemire 1). It is highlighted in footage in the documentary when the police invade the hotel room of Ai in the middle of the night and beat him seriously that he has to undergo surgery overseas. When he tries to file a complaint to the police, he is mocked and told that he must have hit himself. It captures the state of Chinese that is rigid and arbitrary in the manner that government officials handle Ai. The government is disregarding the international human rights to which they are signatories (Lemire 1).

In conclusion, the piece puts Ai at a level that is untouchable by the government to some extent. It is clear that the works of Ai the main character has a different perception in his country and the world (Lemire 1). Chinese people are viewing the work as political in the manner in which some of them comment on the facet of Chinese society. However, this perception does not implicate the unusual approach and view in which the contemporary governments are portrayed in their efforts to silence individuals who are out to express their opinions candidly (Lemire 1).

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