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This letter expresses my interest in the position of Entry Level Sales Executive at Medical Diagnostic Laboratories (LLC) as was advertised in a post on 9/11/2015. From the post, I realized that you are in need of someone with proven success, ambition, and healthcare expertise to fill the position of territory sales executive. As my work history illustrates, I was a very high performer for MSU Radiology, Portnoy & Tu Family Dentistry, and Sabis International Preparatory Academies throughout Mid-Michigan.

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My professional work experiences illustrate that I have had extensive opportunity to develop successful working relationships with physicians, medical professionals and clients. As my attached resume indicates, I have been an office manager in all the four major institutions where I have worked. During the previous position at Mid-Michigan Leadership Academy, I was the overall business manager developing and maintaining full business as your organization requires. The experience from this organization has prepared me professionally and psychologically to handle all the territory management within the assigned geographical region as MDL requires.

I also have a successful track record with customer service resolution. While working as an office manager at International Academy of Lansing, International Preparatory Academy and Portnoy & Tu Family Dentistry, one of my primary roles was to supervise the clients business relations. As I noted from the post, you are also looking to establish long-term client relations that will lead to the establishment of new business and beat the annual territory sales budget. The six years experience through which I have worked as an office manager has given me new working techniques that can help your organization to achieve these goals with a lot of ease.

My academic track record illustrates my ambition, reliability, and dedication to success. My professional and academic track record show that I am well prepared to develop and establish a strong market presence for MDL within my assigned territory. I have the ability, knowledge, and experience to bring market growth and product penetration to MDL within the Mid-Michigan healthcare market. I am confident that my professional and academic success and my experience in healthcare make me a resource in your institution necessary for the establishment of the new business and expanding the existing business.

I am looking for a new and exciting opportunity that will allow me to continue along a path of professional growth. I believe that MDL presents an opportunity for me to once again, be professionally challenged. I am also confident that an opportunity at MDL will take my professional career to the next level. I am energized to enter the healthcare sales industry. I enjoy meeting new people and developing healthy personal relationships. I am comfortable presenting to an audience of Healthcare Professionals, and I love the challenge of exceeding my best year after year. I am welcoming an opportunity at MDL with a lot of excitement. You may contact me through phone number: 00000000000 or my [email protected].

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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