40 Funny Entertaining Speech Topics for College Students

40 Funny Entertaining Speech Topics for College Students

Humor can do everything better. It helps with your life, issues, work, and speech writing! So why not approach your task with a little bit more creativity and humor? Making a fun, entertaining speech can be the best decision you can only go with when it comes to such assignments. You get to feel more liberated when thinking outside the box. Hence, you get to feel more like yourself while still producing a great text that is guaranteed to impress everyone in the audience. Besides, working on such a text will be so much more interesting to you personally.

There are many ways and approaches that you can take when working on an entertaining speech. You need to develop some good writing skills and begin this assignment with an open mind. However, the number one thing you have to do here is choosing some of the most interesting and exciting entertainment topics to talk about. Find several of them and then decide among them. Let’s see what topics you can choose and how to do it. 

What Is an Entertaining Speech?

First and foremost, let’s draw a definition of an entertaining speech. So, to put it simply, it is the text that strives to amuse the audience. It must have some humor to it as well as unusual angles and maybe even a few punchlines. Yet, it doesn't mean that such a speech can’t be serious. Of course, it can! However, it’s been long proven that humor can help us deliver really complicated or sensitive topics with more ease. Hence, sometimes, humor is our best chance to tell exactly what we want and not fear the backlash.  

However, the fact that it is entertaining doesn’t mean that it is much different from all other speech types. As always, it must have a clear message that it should deliver to the audience. The only difference here is that humor becomes the main tool in doing so. Also, you still have to provide enough arguments and evidence to support your ideas. It’s just that the manner of delivering it can be outside the traditional (formal) one.  

In addition, this speech type is not for every occasion. Hence, if you are planning to write and read it to the public, you have to take into account the event you will be presenting it. For instance, it is not the best choice for the political debates in a class since such an approach can show disrespect to the opponent’s side. However, you can try to give it a go on graduation, before a theater play, in rhetoric or English class, among other places. 

Tips for Choosing Entertainment Speech Topics

Once you decide on the nature of your text, it’s time to think about what exactly you will speak about. There can be numerous entertainment speech examples. However, they all have a unique, original topic at their core. So this is what you need to do. You have to pick an amusing and original theme for you to discuss and turn it into a great topic. Here are a few tips you can use in your decision-making process.

Humor vs. Drama

Often, entertainment does not only mean humor. It can also mean drama. We can appreciate laughing so much more when it comes after some drama. So you can do exactly that. Build your text in a consecutive manner where the humor follows the sad bits. Sometimes, it’s just the best combo you can think of. For example, a personal story full of complications and challenges can serve you as a great topic as long as you mix it with humor and positivity. 

Tell a Personal Funny Story

Maybe you don’t have to go with a humoristic approach throughout the whole text. Instead, you can add some funny elements, like a personal story, in your opening. By doing so, you get to maintain a more serious and formal tone for the rest of your speech while also having a smooth transition into the core message. Humor will help your listeners to relax and sympathize with them. Hence, it will put them in a better mood.

Research the Fun Parts

You can also seek some unusual, ridiculous, fun theories and ideas and elaborate on them. Like, pick one of the latest weird science discoveries that is oblivious to real-life human issues and discuss it. Use this element as the main punch line in every paragraph. Your speech can be completely serious and formal, except for the part where you return to the discovered odd theory that you use as a comparison or example. 

What Is Interesting to You?

The world is full of wonder. Most of this “wonder” is so odd, though. Do you see it too? Like, there are so many things in life that puzzle and confuse us. So why not talk about that? Pick some of the issues that you can’t wrap your mind around and speak about them in a fun, entertaining manner. Then, think of the ways to present your interests in a way that will amuse your audience. 

Choose Your Message First

Think of what you want to talk about first. Perhaps, there is a subject that you wanted to vocalize or a message that you feel is important to send to your audience. Try to think of a message first. Later, you’ll be able to find the right angle to deliver it. Humor, as always, can help you deliver a message with a unique and interesting approach. However, pick a message where humor is appropriate. 

You Can Laugh but Don’t Offend

Last but not least, you should set a personal goal of not offending anyone. Yes, in this modern culture, it can be a challenge, though you can do it. Consider it a personal challenge to test your writing and creative skills. There is a difference between laughing at something and being disrespectful. Keep that line uncrossed. Also, your audience may not react well if you will turn from being funny to being blatantly mean. That’s not amusing anymore. 

How to Write an Entertaining Speech?

Writing a speech is not much different from writing essays. However, of course, there will be some distinctions. For instance, here, you should always remember who you are writing it for. Your audience is that last invisible component you should always keep in mind during your work. Hence, when writing, you should consider their reactions, timing, and more. Hence, you need to know how to stress the ideas that you find important, how to draw their attention to certain parts. Know where to pause so they can have time to think and react. Engaging your audience and holding their attention is the key to a successful speech. 

As for the rest of it, do it like any other paper. Have an introduction, main body, and conclusion. It’s best to introduce yourself at the beginning of your speech and explain what you are going to speak about in the next ten minutes or so. Also, thank everyone for their attention when you are done. It’s just a polite way to go. 

Funny Entertainment Speech Topics

If you are having some trouble with picking the best topic for yourself, we can help. Here are four lists of great entertainment topics divided by different themes. You can use them as examples, inspiration or take them as your personal topics. Just don’t forget to approach them with humor and kindness! Let’s see them all.

Unusual Entertainment Speech Topics for College Students

  1. We All Mourn Those Missed Naps From Our Childhood 
  2. Why Can’t We Hold Laughter When It’s Needed
  3. How to Autocorrect Can Ruin Your Life
  4. How to Get Dumped by Your Girlfriend
  5. Why Do Dogs Bark or What Do They Have to Say to Us?
  6. How to Never Lose a Sock
  7. How a Pair of the Right Shoes Can Change Your Life (Cinderella Example)
  8. Have You Ever Danced in Front of an Audience? Here’s What I Learned
  9. Here Is Why Children Are the Smartest People on Earth
  10. How Do People Start Believing in Horoscopes?

Motivational Entertaining Speech Topics for College Students

  1. Let’s All Start Loving Mondays
  2. We Double Down on Our Mistakes Just to Make Sure
  3. Every Successful Man Needs a Woman. What’s Left for Successful Women, Then?
  4. How to Keep On Smiling
  5. Fail as Many Times as You Need to Write a Book
  6. Why Being Weird Is Okay and How to Embrace the Weirdness Within
  7. How to Get Ready for a Test Called Life
  8. How to Learn to Fail With a Smile
  9. What I Tell Myself When I Don’t Want to Go to School
  10. Being Your Best Self (But a Little Better)

Entertaining Informative Speech Topics

  1. Do You Know How We All Got Here?
  2. We Can Buy Happiness. That’s Why We Pursue Higher Education
  3. We Need a Balance Between Work and Life. Do We Live When We Work?
  4. How to Make the Perfect Guacamole
  5. How to Deliver the Funniest Speech Among All Others
  6. How to Always Get Away With Being Constantly Late
  7. How to Successfully Pretend That You Are Smarter Than You Are?
  8. Who Are the Real Word Superheroes?
  9. How to Win an Argument in the Most Chill Way Possible
  10.  When Is the Right Time to Get Married?

Not-So-Serious Entertaining Speech Topics

  1. Why We Should All Watch Reality-TV
  2. How to Survive on Six Cups of Coffee per Day
  3. Do You Know Who My Neighbor Is?
  4. How Can We Even Trust Ourselves or Have You Seen My Mess?
  5. Nothing Seems Real Anymore
  6. How to Eat Ice Cream Without Gender Stereotypes
  7. I Am My Mom’s Retirement Plan
  8. Life Is Harder When You Complain
  9. We Should All Stop Celebrating Valentine’s Day
  10. Who I Choose to Have Dinner With if I Can Choose Anyone I Want