50 Good Exemplification Essay Topics Ideas

50 Good Exemplification Essay Topics Ideas

The educational process is closely related to the writing of various assignments. Regardless of the type of educational institution, you will have to face papers such as exemplification essays. These assignments are very similar to argumentative essays because you have to study a specific topic, shape your thesis, and provide specific examples to support your point of view. For instance, let's say you have to explain why being overweight is bad for people. Here are a couple of good arguments.

  1. Being overweight puts additional stress on your joints and increases the risk of injury.
  2. Fat coats most organs and makes it difficult for blood to circulate.
  3. Overweight people are at increased risk of heart attacks and blood clots.

As you can see, this task is quite simple if you know what papers are assigned to you. Now you won't have any questions like, "What is an exemplification essay?" However, understanding the principles of writing this assignment does not exclude your need to find good topics to start your research.

Top 50 Topics for an Example Essay You Should Know About

Let's say you need to finish your essay in a week or two, and your professor has given you complete creative freedom. On the one hand, this is a great chance to realize your creativity and show that you can choose great exemplification essay ideas. But what if you don't know where to start? Here are 40 great ideas to save your time and motivate you to start looking for information today.

10 Funny Topics for Exemplification Essays

If your professor doesn't mind, you can choose funny topics that don't conflict with your subject. For example, you can describe the process of choosing a pet and give examples of why cats are better than dogs and vice versa. Or, you can describe the body's reaction to weightlessness and the potential consequences. Either way, here's a great list to get you started.

  1. Why Is the Internet the Best Place to Find Information?
  2. Can Cats Identify the Mood of the Owner?
  3. Why Has Humanity Not Yet Come Into Contact With Alien Civilizations?
  4. How Do Pets Influence Their Owners?
  5. Why Is Global Warming Not Dependent on Human Factors?
  6. Why Is Vaccination the Most Reliable Way to Avoid a Pandemic?
  7. Why Are There No Fountains in Every American City?
  8. Why Are Dolphins One of the Smartest Mammals?
  9. Can Humanity Build a Base on Mars by 2050?
  10. Do Astronauts Need to Make a Will Before Flying to the ISS?

As you can see, some of the topics are quite simple and fun but still involve researching in-depth and providing arguments to support your position. For example, you cannot simply state that a person can hold out in a vacuum for more than 5 minutes and not provide examples or conditions for how and why this is possible.

Exemplification Essay Topics on History

These topics are popular with most students as past events are well covered, and no one will have a problem finding facts and examples to support or refute a particular point of view. For example, you can focus on states' foreign policy, military campaigns of the past, or political intrigues that have become part of history.

  1. What Are the Causes and Prerequisites of the Second World War?
  2. Why Did Napoleon Decide to Start a Military Campaign in Europe?
  3. Why Was Martin Luther King an Outstanding Human Rights Activist?
  4. Was Roosevelt’s Foreign Policy Strategy in 1941 Expedient?
  5. Why Did the Fall of the Roman Empire Prove the Ineffectiveness of the Political Elite?
  6. Why Was Great Britain Able to Become One of the Strongest Maritime Powers in the 18th Century?
  7. What Are the Causes and Consequences of the Angora Battle for the Muslim World?
  8. Can the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact Be Considered the Beginning of the Partition of Poland Between Germany and the USSR?
  9. How Has Political Bias Affected the Us Military Campaign in Iraq?
  10. Why Are Modern Wars Ineffective for Achieving Their Goals?

One of the main advantages of such historical topics is the absence of any restrictions. This means that you can choose any country, continent, and period to write your essay. However, sometimes your professor may have several requirements associated with a certain historical stage, and you will have to take this into account.

Government and Politics Exemplification Topics

Let's say you need to find exemplification paragraph topics, and you are thinking about how to address the political aspects. This is not a bad idea since government and politics are the most relevant topics of America today. For example, you can compare actions taken by different presidents to improve the welfare of citizens or focus on political decisions and their consequences.

  1. Why Is Modern Democracy Turning Into Crowd Power?
  2. Is Immigration Affecting the Political Crisis in the United States?
  3. Why Are Politicians Silent About Domestic Terrorism?
  4. Why Should Presidential Powers Be Limited?
  5. Why Do Exit Poll Data Usually Differ From Actual Election Results?
  6. Why Is a Budget Surplus Impossible in Modern Political Realities?
  7. How to Avoid a Political Crisis During Riots?
  8. Does America Need Young Politicians?
  9. How Does the Political Climate Affect the US Economy?
  10. What Is the Most Important Political Goal for All American Presidents?

Note that you can find good free exemplification essay samples on the Internet to understand which aspects you should pay attention to first. Typically, you won't have difficulty finding direct quotes from politicians or specific government bills to back up your paper with facts.

Exemplification Essay Topics on Education

Education is a never-ending source of good exemplification essay topics. It only depends on you what you want to write about. For example, you can assess the quality of education in America and use the experience of other countries as an example. Or would you like to describe the principles of higher education and student loan repayment problems? The final topic is entirely up to you.

  1. Does Parental Income Affect the Quality of Their Children’s Education?
  2. Is Bullying a Common Problem in Schools?
  3. Does Higher Education Affect a Person’s Success?
  4. How Does Music Help Students Remember Information Better?
  5. Do You Need an Assessment System for Professors?
  6. Should Parents Help Their Children With Paperwork?
  7. What Is the Main Advantage of High Grades in College?
  8. Is There a Difference Between American Colleges and Overseas Colleges?
  9. How Does Sport Affect the Quality of Education in America?
  10. Is There a Clear Line Between the Quality of Education and the Geographical Location?

These ten options are just a few of the topics you can take as examples. However, no one forbids you to combine several points from the list and emphasize the most important aspects. Then it will be easier for you to find important data and concentrate on what interests you.

Business and Economics Exemplification Essay Topics

Business and economics topics are an opportunity to stand out from the crowd and find an area that no one has written about before. For example, you can write about why fiat money still accounts for the lion's share of the international shadow market. Why do companies decide to merge or reorganize? How does this affect the business? All this you can easily find out if you spend at least a couple of evenings on research.

  1. To What Extent Is the American Economy Dependent on Foreign Policy Factors?
  2. How Important Is the Online Segment for the Growth of the Local Economy?
  3. How Do Military Conflicts Affect the Economies of World States?
  4. How Appropriate Is National Support for Small Companies?
  5. How Have Global Brands Changed the Approach to Online Commerce?
  6. Why Can’t the Tax Rate Be Raised for the Poor?
  7. Should Companies Offer Remote Jobs?
  8. How Has Free Trade Changed the Approach to International Treaties?
  9. How Beneficial Is a Merger of Companies in the Context of Globalization?
  10. Why Does a Change in the Political System Have a Detrimental Effect on the Economy of Any Country?

Try to choose a relevant topic that will help you show your data mining skills. How about explaining the inexpediency of using gold and foreign exchange reserves or the prospect of digital money? Do not be afraid to choose those directions that seem difficult. Sometimes this is nothing more than your fear. Try to pay maximum attention to those aspects that will help confirm the integrity of your judgments.