15 TOP Gun Control Essay Topics and Ideas

15 TOP Gun Control Essay Topics and Ideas

So, you’ve got an academic assignment touching gun control issues. It’s a delicate topic requiring a lot of attention and effort to write it thoroughly and get the best grade. However, it is not as difficult to complete well as it may seem.

In this article, you’ll find tips and recommendations on writing gun control essays and research papers from professional writers. Additionally, there is a list of 15 great topics to consider. Feel free to use them as they are, or simply perceive those themes and ideas as references to come up with your original topics. It’s your call.

Now, let’s review some basic info first.

Gun Control Essay: What Is It

Obviously, before you check gun control essay examples available online, you should take your time and find out more about what that gun control essay is at all. Actually, the definition is simple – it is a regular academic paper touching the topics of firearms and their control on the territory of the US and other countries across the planet. Gun control essays and research papers can be of different kinds, including argumentative, persuasive, comparative, informative, etc.

However, the main point of the previous paragraph should help you relax. Seriously, refuse to keep that inner tension if you still feel the pressure. The assignment you are going to complete is just another essay. Most probably, you completed essay papers more than once during your studies at high school, college, or university levels.  If so, you are an experienced veteran who surely can make it.

Gun Control Essay Outline & Structure Short Guide

As you most probably know already, it is essential to keep up with the commonly accepted academic structure of essays and research papers if you want to get the best possible grade as a result. Key elements of any essay are:

  • introduction;
  • main body;
  • conclusion.

These should be your core elements when coming up with an outline. Yes, an outline is a must-have element for any student crafting a paper because it helps to plan your writing and pick the right words, arguments, evidence, and conclusions. The complex approach towards an essay, though, means considering two more things even before you start thinking over the structure.

First, it would be impossible to come up with arguments and proofs without knowing a topic. Second, you need to have a basic pillar, a point to prove, and to ground in an essay, which is your thesis statement. Let’s take a look at every element of an essay and its outline in detail.


The best topic for a gun control essay, regardless of what the required paper type might be, is the relevant one. It is great for your potential grade if you pay attention to a common issue that impacts the lives of people and societies in your neighborhood, city, district, state, country, or even the whole world. That decision will play for you with argumentative, persuasive, informative, and any other kind of essay.

Another important feature that you might want to use when picking a topic for your gun control essay is the level of your interest and expertise in it. You know what we mean here, don’t you? When a topic of your future paper is connected to something you know and find exciting, you feel it much easier to complete that essay with the required quality level.

Think about that. The themes of gun control essays can be connected to your favorite subjects and even hobbies. For example, if you like psychology, you can try to discuss the particular psychological tests that you think should be mandatory for future weapon owners. If you are fond of gaming, it will be great to review the influence of shooter games on the attitude of gamers towards weapons and to explain why laws should take that attitude into account, and so on. A bit of creativity can help you generate a great topic here. Don’t forget to use that opportunity to your advantage in case your professor gave you freedom of choice.

Thesis Statement

A gun control thesis statement for a research paper or any essay kind is the very basic pillar you set up at the center of your work. It is the focal point that all the other paper elements will be revolving around. So, you should take your time to think it over and write it down as clearly as possible. A thesis statement should let your professor understand your position entirely. And, while you are crafting your outline, it will be your starting ground.


A gun control essay intro is not different from the entry parts of other papers of any kind. A worthy introduction contains a short topic description, a hook to attract your professor’s attention, and a thesis statement. Make sure you don’t add too much info here. That’s how you avoid revealing everything you want to say at the very beginning of the paper and keep your reader interested in checking the entire essay through.


The main body of an academic paper is the place to hit your professor with topical arguments, proofs, quotes, citations, and other information that you would find suitable to support your thesis statement. Regardless of the writing type, the principle of “one argument - one paragraph” applies.

That means you come up with an argument called to support your thesis statement, then add the evidence to prove it right, and finally, you carefully transit to another argument.  Of course, it is important to keep the logical connection between different parts of the essay but to let the reader know for sure when you switch from one point to the other. That is why the division of arguments by paragraphs is commonly accepted and widely used.


The first and most critical thing for you to know here is simple: the concluding part of an academic paper is not a place to come up with new proofs or arguments. Many students make that mistake and fail to get the grade they expected.

A conclusion is to wrap your essay up and tie its elements together once again. Here, you can restate your thesis statement and show once more how your arguments prove their relevance using the info you provided in the main body.

Gun Control Essay Topics: 15 Ideas to Consider

Okay, here we go! Let’s try to come up with ideas for you to consider when picking your gun control paper topics. Those are relevant, controversial, and requiring a lot of research from you to conduct, but they are able to bring you the highest possible grade.

Topics for a Research Paper on Gun Control

Research papers are data-driven. Additionally, you might find it easier to perceive them as extended essays. So, here are five examples of suitable gun control topics to use:

  1. How to Prevent Guns from Getting into Wrong Hands
  2. Difference between the Use of Weapons for Self-Defense and Crime
  3. The Use of Mass Media to Control Guns
  4. Video Game Violence and Gun Owning
  5. Weapon Cultures in Different States and Countries

Persuasive Essay for Gun Control Topics

A persuasive essay wants you to convince your professor that your viewpoint on the chosen problem is right. To do that, you can use literary devices of all kinds: logos, ethos, and pathos. Combine them to show your persuasion skills and abilities perfectly. And yes, here are some topics:

  1. How Gun Control Impacts Crime and Law Enforcement
  2. How to Improve Public Safety through Gun Control Solutions
  3. Will Severe Gun Control Protect People?
  4. Gun Control Can Reduce Mass Shooting Risks
  5. Effects of Gun Control Laws on Gun Culture in the US

Topics for an Argumentative Essay on Gun Control

An argumentative paper may seem to be similar to the persuasive one. However, here you should use a more academic approach relying on facts, statistical data, and logical arguments. Emotional and moral proofs are not for argumentative essays. Topics to consider are next:

  1. Gun Control Will Solve Violence Problems in the US
  2. The Gun Purchasing Procedure Needs More Restrictions
  3. Psychiatric Testing is a Must for People Buying Assault Rifles
  4. Gun Control Boosts One’s Self-Defense and Reduces Crime Probabilities
  5. Stronger Gun Control is Not Required to Reduce Mass Shooting Threats


It is easy to complete a gun control essay when you know its structure, have a relevant and suitable topic and come up with a strong and clearly visible thesis statement. You’ll also benefit a lot from devoting enough time to craft an outline before you start writing your first paper draft.

By the way, if you feel that you won’t be able to complete your gun control paper on time on your own for some reason, don’t panic. Professional writers available online are always here to help. Using expert assistance in emergency situations does not make you a bad student. That only shows that you care about your academic performance, your grades, and your future.