Best 120 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Best 120 Unique Argumentative Essay Topics

Composing an argumentative academic paper is one of the most common assignments any student will face sooner or later. Being one of the inevitable steps in improving your writing skills, this type of paper is a must for middle and high school learners, as well as college students. 

However, it is often difficult to find unique argumentative essay topics you can use for this type of assignment. Many solutions you can find online are outdated, while the others might appear too wearisome. The good news is that we are here to help you complete this challenging mission. Discover the list of original and creative argumentative essay topics right in this post. 

How to Choose Good Argument Topics? 

Most students don’t want to pick up a topic everyone else is writing about. If you are one of them, it is necessary to brainstorm the ideas and choose a solution with these easy tips. 

Stick to Debatable Alternatives 

When choosing a topic for your academic assignment, don’t forget about its purpose and main features. If you need to compose an argumentative paper, always choose controversial solutions that can be described from different sides. The best topic is that you can discuss for hours. If you choose a solution everyone agrees with, your essay can’t be considered argumentative. 

Avoid Diving Into Unknown Waters

It is always a good idea to compose a paper in the niche you are truly good at. This simple trick will allow you to collect all the arguments and examples much easier. You will not need to do advanced research and spend tons of time picking up the strongest facts to support your ideas. The truth is that you already know which ones to choose! In other words, always write about the things you have a deep understanding of. 

Keep the Reader’s Interests in Mind 

Not only should your topic reflect your preferences, but it also needs to be understandable and interesting to the audience. For example, writing about an issue of choosing the character in your favorite computer game might not be a good fit for your assignment. It is much better to look for more universal argumentative essay ideas. 

Try to Be Comprehensive

Picking up topics for an argumentative essay requires demonstrating a deep understanding of the subject. However, avoid choosing solutions that contain too complex terms and concepts that might appear to be unclear to the readers. 

Top Argumentative Research Paper Topics on Education 

There is nothing new that education is the easiest and the clearest field you can write about. This niche contains tons of excellent topics to write about. We’ve collected the most controversial argumentative essay topics below for your convenience. 

  1. Is Homeschooling an Effective Form of Learning?
  2. Should All School Children Wear Uniforms?
  3. Is the Traditional British School System Good?
  4. Should Education Become Free for Every Student?
  5. Why Shouldn’t Learners Take Student Loans? 
  6. Should Lessons at High School Start Later? 
  7. Do Elementary School Students Need to Have More Academic Assignments?
  8. Smartphones Can Be Used in the Classroom 
  9. Parents Should Help Their Kids Complete Academic Assignments
  10. Tests and Exams Are Not the Best Ways to Determine the Students’ Knowledge
  11. All Students Should Learn at Least One Foreign Language at Middle School
  12. Schools Should Have More Classes Related to Sex Education 
  13. Can Colleges Obtain a Right to Test Students for Drugs?
  14. Having a Part-Time Job Can Harm a Student’s Academic Performance 
  15. Japanese Educational System Is One of the Most Effective in the World
  16. Should Every College Freshman Have a Personal Mentor?
  17. Do All Students Need to Have Lessons on Religion?
  18. Are Single-Sex Schools Are Good? 
  19. Should All Students Have a Part-Time Job?
  20. All Learners Should Choose Modern Disciplines
  21. Should Schoolchildren Learn to Housekeep?
  22. Do Colleges Need to Offer Culinary Lessons?
  23. Should Students Pay More Attention to Socialization Rather Than Studies? 
  24. Is Receiving Education in the Modern World More Difficult Than a Century Ago? 
  25. Should All Subjects at College Become Optional? 

Argumentative Essay Topics: History

History is one of the compulsory subjects at most schools and colleges. Therefore, many students need to compose academic papers in this area. If you are one of them, feel free to grab any handy ideas from the list below. 

  1. Who Are the Most Well-Known Revolutionaries of All Time?
  2. Was Abraham Lincoln the Best President of the United States?
  3. Globalization Can Blur Out the Cultural Peculiarities of Different Nations 
  4. Can World War 3 Be Prevented?
  5. Is Socialism the Most Effective Form of Government?
  6. Should the Policies of Most Countries Become More Liberal?
  7. Is It Possible to Stop Wars on Our Planet?
  8. Should the Developed Countries Help the Developing Ones?
  9. How to Improve the Quality of Life of Most Americans?
  10. How Did Germany Grow After World War II?
  11. The Role of the United States in the Vietnam War 
  12. The Most Effective Measure to Control Terrorism
  13. Racism Issues in European Countries
  14. The Results of the George Floyd Movement 
  15. How Has the Criminal Level Decreased in the United States in the 20th Century?
  16. Issues in the Current Political Course of the European Union
  17. Is Margaret Thatcher the Most Well-Known Female Leader in World History? 
  18. Should Puerto Rico Become a New US State? 
  19. Is It Possible to Stop the COVID-19 Pandemic in a Particular Country?
  20. Should All the Countries Stop Using the Death Penalty?

Gender Issues and Relationship: Best Topics for Your Assignment 

There are many good argumentative research paper topics related to gender issues, relationships, and dating. If you are interested in psychology, sociology, and other humanities, this list of argumentative topics might become a perfect fit for your needs. 

  1. Should Parents Raise Their Sons and Daughters Differently?
  2. Do Girls Pay More Attention to Their Appearances Than Boys?
  3. What Should a True Lady Look Like?
  4. Can Women Make Wedding Proposals to Their Partners?
  5. Is It Possible to Stop Cyberbullying?
  6. How to Fight Violence Among Teens?
  7. Should Men Become More Emotional? 
  8. Do Men and Women Have Equal Rights to Get a Promotion in Their Jobs?
  9. Why Are Females Less Career-Oriented Than Males?
  10. Should Women Have a Right to Become Soldiers of the US Army?
  11. Is It More Difficult to Be a Girl?
  12. Should Parents Allow Boys to Play With Dolls?
  13. Can Boys Wear Skirts to School?
  14. What Is the Best Age to Change Your Sex?
  15. Should Same-Sex Couples Have the Same Rights as Traditional Ones?
  16. Are Girls Better at Writing Essays?
  17. Can a Female Become a Successful Expert in Any Technical Field? 
  18. Most Common Jobs for Ladies
  19. Should All Girls Take Care of Their Bodies?
  20. Do Men Need to Take Beauty Procedures?
  21. Is Online Dating a Relationship of the Future?
  22. Should Women Get Married Before They Are 35?
  23. Is Sexting an Issue of Modern Communication?
  24. Should Girls Try Martial Arts?
  25. Do You Need to See a Person With Your Own Eyes Before Falling in Love?
  26. Should Youngsters Listen to Parents’ Advice When Choosing a Partner?

Best Argumentative Essay Topics Related to Health 

Health is one of the most important aspects of people’s lives. Therefore, the topics for an argumentative paper connected with this field never lose their relevance. If you search for a win-win solution for your essay, it’s time to start writing on any of these topics.

  1. Are Diets Effective Ways to Lose Weight Fast?
  2. Should People Start Fighting Obesity?
  3. Is It Necessary to Do Health Screenings Each Year?
  4. Why Should E-Cigarettes Be Banned?
  5. Is It Necessary to Show More Anti-Smoking Ads?
  6. Should You Consult Your Physician Before You Start Taking Vitamins? 
  7. Why Should Students Consume Fewer Energetic Drinks?
  8. Should Fashion Models Become Less Skinny?
  9. Is It Possible to Stop Promoting Junk Food?
  10. Should All Students Consume Artificial Vitamins?
  11. Do Students Need to Learn More About Proper Nutrition at School?
  12. Should All Learners Spend Less Time Using Smartphones?
  13. Is It Effective to Learn at Night?
  14. Do All People Consume Less Sugar?
  15. Is Salt Bad for Your Health? 
  16. Is Cosmetic Surgery Good?
  17. Can Online Doctors Be Helpful?
  18. Should Cloning Become the Next Step in Evolution?
  19. Can You Take Light Antidepressants Without Consulting a Doctor?
  20. Is It Possible to Remain Healthy Without Eating Meat?
  21. Should School Lunches Contain Only Organic Products?
  22. Can You Become Healthier if You Stop Drinking Coke Every Day?
  23. Should Unhealthy Products Have Higher Prices?
  24. Is It Necessary to Legalize Medical Cannabis All Over the World?

Best Topic Solutions Related to Nature and Climate 

Many learners prefer picking up argumentative essay topics for college that are related to climate, nature, and animal life. The reason is that you can find many relevant sources to support your ideas in these fields. Want to compose a paper on an easy topic? Feel free to put any of these ideas into practice. 

  1. Should Humanity Focus on Organic Farming?
  2. Why Do Rare Species of Animals Should Be Kept in Zoos?
  3. Should Circuses With Animals Be Banned in All Countries Globally?
  4. Do Students Need to Take Part in Social Movements to Protect Nature?
  5. Can Animals Help Lonely People Feel Happier?
  6. Why People Shouldn’t Kill Spiders and Bugs?
  7. Should Animals Have More Legal Rights?
  8. Is It Possible to Slow Down Climate Change?
  9. Is Animal Testing Acceptable in Modern Society?
  10. Should All Aggressive Dogs Be Killed?
  11. Why Do All Students Need to Become More Eco-Friendly?
  12. Should You Reduce Using Plastic?
  13. Are GMO Plants and Animals Good for Biodiversity?
  14. Why Shouldn’t Families With Newborn Children Keep Pets?
  15. Should Cloning Become a Part of the Future Society?
  16. Will It Become Possible to Colonize Other Planets?
  17. Should People Stop Using Fur and Leather Products?
  18. Will Space Tourism Become Common in the Near Future?
  19. Why Shouldn’t You Keep Exotic Animals as Pets? 
  20. Is It Necessary to Enforce Laws Against Animal Cruelty?
  21. The Benefits of Microchipping Your Pets
  22. Should People Treat Different Animals as Equals?
  23. Can Pets Help You Fight Depression?
  24. Should Hunting Be Banned?
  25. Do Aliens Really Exist?

Most Effective Way to Writing a Powerful Argumentative Paper

Picking up a top-notch solution among hundreds of great argumentative essay topics is only the first step of composing an excellent paper. After you’ve decided what to write about, it is important to make sure the chosen topic is modern, exciting, and fits your interests. It is also necessary to explore the writing rules provided by the professor, do advanced research, and find the most impressive arguments to support your thesis. In other words, composing this type of assignment usually requires plenty of time and effort. Moreover, not all the students are good writers with outstanding research skills.

Is there any chance to get the highest grade if you still find academic writing exceptionally difficult? Sure! Moreover, there is nothing to worry about. Our professional writers can complete the entire assignment for you within the shortest terms! If you order essays on our service, you will always receive a top-notch paper right before the deadline. Moreover, we offer numerous guarantees to all our customers. It’s time to make your learning process easier!