30 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics And Ideas

30 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics And Ideas

The education process is continuously connected with papers and assignments. That is why you should prepare yourself for a regular load and not worry about looking for a source of information. The point is that many students will have to look for good argument topics for research papers. This process can be quite tricky, especially if this is your first time encountering this problem. But what should a beginner do? First, let's understand the terminology so that you don't have basic questions.

What Is an Argumentative Research Paper: The Main Definition

So let's take a closer look at this type of assignment. As a rule, you are faced with a classic research paper, but all your claims, statements, and arguments must accompany cases. Imagine that you are the person who must provide evidence in court to change the conviction.

Each point must be supported by facts, a reference to a trusted source, or the results of your research. In general, this is the basic information you need to know. An argumentative research paper needs to support your stand on an issue. But that's not all. An argumentative research paper can be analytical, but it uses information as evidence to support its point, much as a lawyer uses evidence to make their case.

Top-Rated Argumentative Research Paper Topics You Can Find Online

Now it's time to focus on specific examples and ideas that you can easily use. However, you can always change any points or add another object or subject for your research. Feel free to experiment. As a general rule, any professor doesn't mind seeing students' zeal when it comes to such assignments.

Technology Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Let's start with the brightest area at the moment. Technology is at the forefront of modern society. Algorithms can replace real people, and robots can already perform some surgical operations. This is why you can choose one of the topics to make a statement and support your viewpoint with facts.

  1. Is society dependent on digital technology?
  2. How easy can all teens give up on video games?
  3. Can paper books be popularized again?
  4. The technological superiority of machine learning.
  5. The primary globalization and digitalization strategy.
  6. Analyzing data on smartphones: advantages and disadvantages.
  7. The digital footprint and de-anonymization.
  8. How to hide IP and avoid government surveillance?
  9. The tech giants and their quest for digital hegemony.
  10. Technologically advanced homes: a future that won't come.

These topics for argumentative essays and research papers are quite original. However, you can make a few changes if you add some regional aspects or turn the vector of your searches in a different direction. For example, you can interpret any terms or use of technology from the perspective of an outside observer.

Morality Argumentative Research Paper Topics

Morality is a very subjective aspect when it comes to modern society. The older generation imposes established dogmas, while the young people try to arrange a demarche and ignore the rules. These topics can be of great interest to you. By discovering opposing points of view through research and surveys, you can create an argument for your position.

  1. Is video filming in supermarkets a violation of personal space?
  2. Should you monitor children and their online activities?
  3. Generational conflicts: inadmissibility of using outside experience.
  4. Should you test vaccines in rodents?
  5. Can torture and violence be justified in terms of obtaining important data?
  6. The influence of the older generation on the actions of adolescents.
  7. Should a child be prohibited from watching action films?
  8. The influence of the media space on the behavior of children.
  9. Can the paparazzi be called violators of public moral standards?
  10. Modern Instagram trends: Psychic deformation and false beauty standards.

These topics are a reflection of contemporary realities. That is why it will be very interesting for you to learn public opinion and conduct several studies. Combine some aspects or reformat your topic to focus your view on something critical (in your opinion). By the way, you can use this list when looking for free argumentative essay topics. The only difference is that there is no need to look for many trusted sources for research. You will be able to reduce the halo of your internet habit.

Education Argumentative Research Paper Topics

And here is the most popular topics list. Of course, you can choose other options as well. However, you still need to focus on stating the underlying problem and start researching. Pay attention to what educational aspects you can rely on when choosing your topic. Here is a list.

  1. Does the US government need to improve the education system?
  2.  Informal communication: an element of support for students at any time.
  3. The social distancing and problems of self-education.
  4. Does Education Affect People's Social Behavior?
  5. Finding the optimal amount of homework.
  6. The system of motivating children in schools: basic patterns.
  7. The tests and the choice of the correct methodology for assessing knowledge.
  8. Digitalization of the educational process: possible pitfalls.
  9. Should the student have the choice to choose each subject for themselves?
  10. How to keep students' attention without authoritarian behavior?

As you can see, the aspects involved are quite interesting. Plus, you can easily find reliable data if you spend at least 30 minutes. It is worth noting that this list will allow you to count on the best argumentative essay topics since the general concept of the assignments will be very similar. The only difference is that you don't need to do detailed research. Instead, take a reliable source and refer to specific parts of the text if necessary.

How Long Does It Take to Analyze and Research Each Topic?

Let's be honest. Usually, you can do such a task in a week if you stick to the deadline and consider all the requirements of your professor. Certainly, some students can complete the assignment even faster. First, however, you need to dive into the specifics of your topic and understand which patterns are most important to you. Then you will have a clear understanding of the action plan and the approximate time for completing the assignment. Try to think over a clear sequence of actions and eliminate all pitfalls. This means that you can adjust your topic according to your vision.