How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline with Examples

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline with Examples

Working on this type of academic task, students are free to share their personal opinion on a particular topic. Even if their point of view does not match the most popular one in society, they can state it in their writing. Nevertheless, the point of view has to be supported with solid evidence. A learner needs to assure readers that their opinion deserves to be heard by other people.

This type of academic task is usually assigned to college and high-school students. It helps tutors evaluate the ability of learners to state their point of view with convincing arguments. Also, they examine the writing skills of students. Trying to get the highest grade, undergraduates always do their best to create top-notch writings. However, only a low number of students know that the key to creating an exceptional paper is a professionally created argumentative essay outline for college. In case you want to create a top-grade assignment, you need to compose a detailed structure. Having a lack of skills for creating papers' structure, look no further. Scroll down and discover how to create a stunning outline.

Importance of Argumentative Essay Outline

The question, "Why don't I merely start writing an essay from scratch?" always appears in the minds of freshmen. Students who don't have vast experience composing academic papers don't understand why they need to waste their time creating a plan for their writings. They consider this step useless and time-consuming. Consequently, they create well-structured assignments that don't deliver thoughts concisely.

It's very important to spend a lot of time and effort on creating an APA argumentative essay outline. For starters, it will help create a well-thought-out paper that delivers all your claims professionally. You won't miss any crucial points, having all of them noted in your blueprint for writers. Furthermore, it will increase your efficiency because you won't be required to waste your time trying to figure out what exactly you need to write. In simple words, it will almost erase the chance of getting yourself into a corner. Also, it will help you follow all the provided requirements and maintain consistency over a document.

How to Write an Argumentative Essay Outline

Even though a structure is one of the parts of the paper composing process, it implies many stages. Having zero paper creation experience, you may experience a lot of issues with creating a top-grade structure. If you don't know how to start a paper's structure and what it has to imply, keep reading the post and check out the comprehensive instruction on argumentative essay outline creation.


It is the main part of an argumentative paper. It's recommended to write it after composing all the paragraphs. This hint will help you to pay close attention to every point that is:

  • opening sentence;
  • background information;
  • thesis statement.

Does the question, "Which of the following parts of an argumentative essay belongs in the introduction?" bother you? If so, you need to understand that all of them have to be included. Moreover, every one of these points is crucial for creating an outstanding beginning of your article. It should be used to draw readers' attention and force them to check your paper. Usually, it's a quotation, interesting facts, or a joke. Following, you need to provide background data. There is no need to provide any claims. Next, you have to write what your topic is about to narrow the focus. Lastly, you should specify your main argument. If you experience any issues forming it, feel free to use an online generator that helps compose an effective thesis statement with no hassle. Check out a sample below.

  1. Introduction
    1. Essay hook: specify the larger difference in the minimum hourly pay in various countries.
    2. Background information: tell about the problems of unfair money distribution around the world.
    3. Thesis statement: Rich countries need to support poor ones by investing in their economies and providing aid.

Body Paragraphs

It is the central part, where you have to present all the facts that support your point of view. On average, it consists of three paragraphs. Every idea, along with evidence, has to be presented in separate indents. There are no solid instructions on what types of supporting information should be used. Nevertheless, it needs to be relevant, actual, and credible. Statistics, studies, and quotations are the best. Note all claims and confirming facts, writing an argumentative essay outline for college. 

Each of the paragraphs needs to imply a claim along with confirming facts. In addition, you will be required to state an opposite side. Unlike persuasive paper writing, you should review the flip side of a reviewed problem from an opponent's perspective. It should include at least two well-supported opposing views. Finally, you have to arrange all the ideas in a particular order to keep a logical flow of your essay. Note, you will be required to write transition phrases that will connect all the paragraphs. The example below will help you understand how the structure of the body should look like.

  1. Body paragraphs
    1. #1 Supporting paragraph: Rich nations use developing countries for getting cheap raw materials and labor.
    2. #2 Supporting paragraph: Unfair money distribution can lead to a social crisis.
    3. #3 Supporting paragraph: Rich countries should support globalization by helping developing countries.
    4. Counter-argument paragraph: External aid and help from rich countries eliminates the need to compete, which can slow development.


If you don't know how to conclude an argumentative essay properly, you need to reiterate your thesis statement to bring a logical ending. Feel free to highlight the main idea of your article. Also, you need to share some facts that state the importance of your topic. In the end, you should rewrite your claims and supporting facts briefly to make sure that any significant part of your essay won't be missed.

Argumentative Essay Outline Sample

It's always easier to understand how to outline an argumentative essay by checking out a paper’s structure sample. Therefore, you'll be able to find a sample below. Check out a generic paper's structure that can be easily adjusted to any topic.

  1. Introduction
    1. Opening sentence
    2. Background information
    3. Thesis statement
  2. Body paragraphs
    1. #1 Claim that supports the main idea
    2. #2 Claim that supports the main idea
    3. #3 Claim that supports the main idea
    4. Opposing side paragraph
  3. Conclusion

This plan will help you compose a well-thought-out argumentative paper. However, you ought to check the instructions provided by your tutor first. They may need you to include additional paragraphs in your paper. Note, if your essay doesn't match the provided requirements, it may be refused by an instructor.