Top 60 History Dissertation Topics for College with Examples

Top 60 History Dissertation Topics for College with Examples

History remains one of the most popular subjects for thousands of bright minds for many years. Although it is exciting and inspiring, history is also a complex and versatile field of learning. When choosing the most brilliant history dissertation topics, many students often feel overwhelmed by the whopping number of niches they can write about. But how to determine the most winning solution to get top grades for your academic assignment? Are there any easy-to-write and sapid ideas you can use for your dissertation? Sure! In this post, you will find dozens of modern and comprehensive topics for your assignment. 

Top Tips on Choosing an Excellent Topic 

Before you dive into exploring history dissertation examples, it is always good to discover the most effective rules for choosing the topic for your assignment. It is necessary to pick up a topic wisely since composing this type of academic paper might have a significant impact on your future learning and building a career. So, here is a list of prompts that are worth the attention of any diligent student. 

Your Topic Goes With Your Field of Study 

The number of topic ideas you can find online or in your college library is usually impressive. However, it is vital to stick to solutions, where you have deep knowledge and practical skills. In other words, your topic should have a strong correlation with your major field of studies, be up-to-date, and easy-tow-write. Avoid picking up solutions that are not tightly connected with your subject or those you are not really good at. Although they might look good, these topics often appear to be failing. Remember that writing a dissertation is not a good time to do experiments or take risks. 

Determine the Most Interesting Topic

Another parameter that should be taken into account when searching for the most creative idea for your dissertation is your field of interest. For example, if you are keen on Japanese emperors, it is better to choose a topic in a related field. This simple trick will allow you to enjoy your writing process, boost your productivity, and come up with a perfectly polished paper within the shortest terms. Avoid picking up boring solutions that will make you yawn when doing the research. Although they might seem easy, you will likely spend tons of time completing your academic assignment. 

Look For Unique and Specific Solutions 

Keep in mind that covering your idea will require detailed and fruitful research of the chosen topic. Therefore, it is better to give preference to ideas with excellent potential. It is better not to look for simple and common topics but focus on interesting things to research. What will be your benefit if you meet this rule? You will get many relevant and reliable resources to analyze during the research stage. If you definitely know the best sources you will use, you’ve got half of your dissertation done. 

Research Beforehand 

Many learners are too assertive and self-confident when it comes to choosing a topic for a dissertation paper; they pick up the idea for an assignment right from the start without doing any research beforehand. This is a common mistake of crowds of students you should avoid at all cost. The truth is that exploring the topic in advance allows learners to understand its essentials, discover some fitting sources, and decide whether it suits their needs and expectations. By the way, you can also take notes during this primary stage that will help you with composing your paper. 

Ask for Help 

Many young dissertation writers fail to determine the most interesting history topics without assistance. If you are one of them, don’t hesitate to ask the professor or mentor for help. It is completely normal to feel lost in such a wide choice, so academic assistance is a common thing for this assignment. 

Choose Your Topic 

One of your classmates has chosen the topic that is your major subject of interest. What should you do this way? Of course, you can grab the same idea and share your vision with the professor. However, it is much better to pick up another solution for creating a superior dissertation with no risk of plagiarism. 

The Best Structure for Your Paper 

Before you start looking for the most fitting topic, it will be great to find out the core concepts of writing a dissertation. This way, you will have a clear understanding of what you will need to reflect in your academic paper. Below is a traditional writing schema for your dissertation. 

  1. Introduction. This is a part, where you are expected to represent your topic’s background and point out the reasons for choosing it. As for the dissertations in history, they also need to contain research questions along with a striking thesis/hypothesis.
  2. Literature review. This is the right place to describe your sources (both primary and secondary ones.) Feel free to represent the solutions you’ve come through during the research. You will need to synthesize the collected data, briefly describe each source and the core concepts developed in each solution. 
  3. Methodology. This part of your assignment might seem easy at first glance. However, it often turns out to be tricky. In the methodology section, you need to demonstrate the ways and methods you’ve put into practice during the research. Try to be objective and show off only true facts and data. 
  4. Results. If you are wondering where you will be writing about your findings, this is the right place to develop your ideas. Make sure to provide the basic info about the right and refuted facts and examples. 
  5. Discussion. This is one of the most complicated parts of your assignment. The students are required to describe their findings in detail, represent the challenges and issues of the chosen topic, impress the readers with powerful facts, and suggest some topics for future investigations.
  6. Conclusion. Here comes an intense and potent summary of your findings. Be brief, concise, and perfectly structure the paragraphs. 
  7. Bibliography. Don’t forget to cite all the sources you have put forth in your academic paper.

Best Topic Ideas for a Successful Dissertation 

To make your job easier, we’ve collected some history topics you can grab and start using right now. Moreover, all the topic ideas were split into different categories for your convenience. Feel free to choose any solution from the lists below to create a sharp and comprehensive paper at lightning speed. 

Dissertation Topics: Modern History 

  1. The History of Coronavirus.
  2. Impact of World History on Global Cultural Development.
  3. History of Nationalism and Its Influence on the Political System of Different Countries.
  4. Fascism in Italy and the Reasons for Mussolini Coming to Power. 
  5. The Main Tendencies and Trends in the Culture of Renaissance.
  6. The History of the Spanish Flu and Its Impact on the Lives of People. 
  7. Visual Art in the 21st Century.
  8. History of Different Global Pandemics. 
  9. The Impact of Terrorism on People’s Lives in the Developed Countries. 
  10. Main Principles of Liberalism and Its Impact on Society.
  11. Conservatism: One of the Tendencies in the Modern Political Environment. 
  12. Topography of Modern Wales.
  13. The History of the Treatment of Mental Conditions: The World Practice. 
  14. Cuban Revolution: History and the Most Impactful Events. 
  15. French Revolution: Reasons and Results.
  16. Origins of the Former Yugoslavia Breakup
  17. The Impacts of Feminism Trends on World History.

Second World War and Nazi Topic Ideas for Your Paper 

This time is a tragic period in the history of humanity. One should never forget the reasons and the main events of the Second World War. If you would like to be an expert in this field, consider choosing one of the topics below.

  1. The Mistakes Made by Both Sides in Second WW.
  2. The Role of the Soviet Union in the Second WW.
  3. Hitler: The Most Powerful Political Figure in the 20th Century.
  4. The Countries That Were the Most Damaged During the War. 
  5. The Role of Japan in the Second WW.
  6. Top Events That Changed the Course of the Second World War. 
  7. Black People During the Second WW.
  8. The Strengths of the Soviet Army and Its Impact on the Course of the War. 
  9. The Impact of Nazi Experiments on Modern Medicine.
  10. History of Nazi Ideas and Propaganda.
  11. The Most Dangerous Nazi Criminals.
  12. Life of Common Citizens in Nazi Germany.

Top Dissertation Ideas: Ancient Times 

The fact is that Ancient times are considered one of the most unique and outstanding periods in world history. If you are fond of this historical period, it’s time to grab one of the most effective paper ideas for your dissertation. 

  1. Secrets and Unique Features of the Maya Empire.
  2. Most Common Professions in Ancient Greece. 
  3. Top Facts About the Inca Empire and Its Role in World History.
  4. Impact of the Ancient Civilizations.
  5. The Development of Architecture in Ancient Rome.
  6. Ancient Culture: Most Common Tendencies.
  7. Ancient Warriors and World-Known Governors. 
  8. Olympics in Ancient Greece.
  9. Most Impactful Events During Ancient Wars. 
  10. Alexander the Great: The Powerful Political Figure and Effective Warrior. 
  11. Ancient Society: Problems and Routine Life. 
  12. Anciene Egypt and Its Role in the History of Culture. 

Winning Dissertation Ideas for a Flawless Paper 

Many students don’t have any specific preferences for composing their papers. If you don’t know which niche to choose, here is a list of diverse topics from various fields you might be interested in. 

  1. Racism in History.
  2. Middle-Ages: Wars, Political Figures, and Events.
  3. Industrialization in the United States.
  4. The Proven Benefits and Drawbacks of Democratic Societies.
  5. Globalization: The Trend in the Modern World and the Future.
  6. History of Vaccination.
  7. Most Powerful Economic Recessions in World History. 
  8. The Age of Digitalization.
  9. The History of the British Educational System.
  10. History of Space Exploration.
  11. Humanity Survival During Ice Ages. 
  12. History of Using Antibiotics.
  13. Human Migration During Medieval Times.
  14. History of Korean Cinematography.
  15. Was Antarctica Uninhabited in Its Entire History?
  16. History of Coffee.
  17. History of Cinema in the United States.
  18. The Development of Theater in the 19th Century.
  19. Fall of Mussolini and His Regimen.

Dissertation Topic Examples 

Many learners would like to look at the dissertation examples to understand the requirements and the core concepts of this type of paper better. Below are a couple of samples you can explore in a matter of seconds.

Topic 1. Nazi Representatives Who Successfully Escaped After Soviet Victory.

Many Nazi representatives tried to escape justice after Germany was defeated. Josef Mengele was one of those people who got away from prosecution. He lived a life of a common person and even continued medical practice. This dissertation is about the life and career of Josef Mengele and those people who helped him escape. 

Suggested reading material:

Editors of Encyclopedia Britannica. "Josef Mengele. German Physician." Encyclopedia Britannica, 2019,

Topic 2. The Role of Migration in the Development of Urban Centers in the 18th Century. 

The urban population of the United Kingdom grew from 5% to 17% in the 18th century. This process was also accompanied by the rapid growth of productivity in the agricultural sector. The amount of non-agrarian work significantly went up, while industrial production reached its maximum level. This dissertation addresses the industrialization and urbanization tendencies in the 18th century. 

Suggested initial topic reading:

Everitt, A. (1979) ‘Country, county, and town: Patterns of regional evolution in England’, Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, Vol. 29, pp. 79-93.

Top Solution to Writing a History Dissertation 

Composing a perfectly written history dissertation rich in facts and examples is not an easy task. Therefore, many students face serious difficulties when it comes to demonstrating fantastic writing and analytical skills. 

The reason is that learners need to do advanced research, collect the most striking arguments for the chosen topic, select the fitting sources, and develop top-notch conclusions. Of course, writing such a complex academic paper turns out to be a true challenge for thousands of students. If you are one of those learners, you are not alone. Our professional writers are always ready to give you a helping hand in writing a perfect dissertation on any topic. Premium quality, on-time delivery, and reasonable prices are offered to all our customers.