Gun Control Argumentative Essay: Ideas, Outline and Writing Tips

Gun Control Argumentative Essay: Ideas, Outline and Writing Tips

Everyone might have noticed that the education process has changed dramatically for the last time. Modern teachers try to provide their students with assignments that can somehow influence their life perception. Thus, they arise acute themes and discuss them in classes. Besides, many young people work on papers that require full immersion into the question to deepen their knowledge and prove their position. Sometimes, people change their point of view when they look at the issue from unusual perspectives, examine various sources, and face the statistical data. Hence, an argumentative essay on gun control is quite common in college since it is one of the most prominent and debatable topics out there. Even though this theme is especially popular and discussed in the USA, this issue is relevant worldwide. Thus, it is not surprising students get an assignment to write an argumentative essay about gun control.

Gun Control Definition

Even though the chances are negligible that students don't get the meaning of gun control, it is still worth sorting things out to avoid misconceptions. Otherwise, you may direct your research in the wrong way and make an inappropriate statement. In simple words, the concept of 'gun control' involves a wide range of laws and resolutions that govern the arms industry, supply, ownership, usage, and other related aspects within a particular legal framework. In most countries worldwide, owning and usage of arms is rather a huge privilege and exception to the rule. As a result, authorities try to keep this question under control, allowing only a few narrowed groups of civilian people to purchase, own and use guns.

Nonetheless, the situation is controversial in some countries due to historical background, advanced weapon culture, and social prejudices. As you might have guessed, the USA runs the table in this case, and it is not surprising professors ask their students to work on a gun control argumentative essay. Despite constitution-based arguments against gun control laws, people who support gun control claim that the implementation of restrictions is a must since the right to own and use firearms shouldn't be unlimited.

Argumentative Essay for Gun Control

Young people get various written assignments, and one of the most common options is an argumentative essay. Its very name suggests that you will have to provide enough arguments to back up or stand up against a certain subject. You don't need to convince your target audience but share powerful evidence. A proper type of argumentation in combination with the right topic will help you meet the challenge:

  • classic argumentation involves the usage of five discourses of writing;
  • Toulmin's argumentation suggests that you possess powerful data for claims that are backed up by trustworthy materials;
  • Rogerian argumentation involves examining claims from different perspectives to find common ground and reach a mutual commitment. Experts claim that it is the most suitable option when it comes to a guns control essay.

This theme is extremely relevant nowadays, so it is useful for young people to go deep down the question and consider it from various sides. While some people believe that the availability of weapons can help minimize and even eliminate crime, others are 100% sure that it will result in chaos and increased violence in the streets. You will be able to investigate the issue and form your opinion on the subject. Just make sure to utilize credible sources.

How to Brainstorm a Topic for Essays Gun Control

If you want to become a straight-A student and impress your professor with paperwork, you should take your time to pick up a great topic. It should meet two requirements – you should be passionate somehow about it, and it should hook up your readers. Bear in mind that you write your paper for a target audience, so it should draw and keep their attention till the end like an exciting movie. Besides, the properly chosen topic can provoke a discussion and affect people's opinions. Thus, you should examine various academic sources, newest laws, and amendments to define the most relevant and interesting option when looking for a suitable theme.

The modern world provides incredible opportunities to find everything you need, so this task shouldn't become a big deal. Just keep in mind that if you opt for a broad topic, your arguments may seem blurred, and you will hardly disclose the topic to the required extent. Thus, it is much better to narrow it down and get more specific. Here are key characteristics of high-quality essays for gun control:

  1. Importance is a crucial factor, so you should make sure your topic is relevant and significant.
  2. Engagement defines the success of your paper among readers.
  3. The right length of an essay allows you to reveal the topic's essence and not make your audience get bored with useless details.
  4. Accuracy shows that you have arranged quality research and treated your assignment seriously. Make your essay clear and understandable for your target audience.
  5. Relevance to the thesis demonstrates that you follow the main idea of your paper and provide arguments that back it up.
  6. Openness to the discussion is a great quality of an essay since it triggers emotions in your readers. Thus, essays against gun control should also involve some pro-gun control moments.

Gun Control Essay Outline

Many young people underestimate the importance of an argumentative essay outline, believing that it just takes their time and gives nothing instead. However, it is far from the case since a proper outline helps you stay on track and not miss any important moment. It is always easier to complete the task when you see all the required steps in front of your eyes. When you deal with gun control essays argumentative type of paper, you should make sure it is logical and informative. Each paragraph should involve a new piece of information that supports the thesis statement. You can turn a blind eye to this moment, but it is what makes your essay a top-notch one. If you have no idea how your gun control outline should look like, consider the following option:

  1. Introduction
    1. background information;
    2. attention grabber;
    3. thesis statement.
  2. First body paragraph
    1. key point;
    2. the evidencing argument that involves statistics/robust examples.
  3. Second body paragraph
    1. key point;
    2. the evidencing argument that involves statistics/trustworthy facts;
    3. counterarguments to back up the thesis statement.
  4. Third body paragraph
    1. key point;
    2. the evidencing argument that involves statistics/examples/facts.
  5. Conclusion
    1. summary of the key points;
    2. rephrased thesis statement.

Writing Tips on a Gun Control Argumentative Essay

Many students will agree that writing essays on gun control laws can be a challenging task. You should consider many aspects and bring a more diverse perspective. However, when you know certain tips and tricks, you don't feel that overwhelming. You know how to organize the process effectively and write a well-crafted paper that deserves the highest grade. Below you will find a range of tips that may come in handy when you start creating your masterpiece.

Pick Up a Relevant Topic That You Can Be Passionate About

Experts say that the right theme is already half the battle, so if you want to simplify handling writing, take your time to choose the best option. It should be engaging and interesting to your target audience, so they have a desire to keep up reading it.

Narrow Down the Theme

It may happen that you will come across an interesting but quite broad topic within your field. In this case, it is better to spend more time searching to narrow it down. Thus, you will reveal the subject's core and provide your readers with the full scope of information.

Select Only Credible and Correct Literary Sources

Otherwise, your negligence may result in huge problems. When it comes to such a serious theme as gun control, in-depth research is a must. Your readers are waiting for strong arguments on your part. Besides, keep in mind that it is crucial to take notes while researching and mark all the sources used according to the correct citation style.

Pay Special Attention to Your Introduction

This part of your essay determines your paper's success since your target audience will either continue to read it or put it aside as unworthy. It should serve as an attention grabber, so make it appealing and catchy. You can spice it up with a wonderful quotation or statistical data.

Create a Striking Thesis Statement

It should be based on the information you've come across during your research. Therefore, make sure you have enough information on hand to proceed to write a worthy thesis. You should possess a wide range of arguments on why gun control is bad or good and have your own opinion in this regard. A well-tailored thesis statement is about two sentences maximum but provides the target audience with insight into the paper's key subject.

Plan Your Workflow Thoughtfully

A proper outline and a well-thought-out schedule will help with assignment writing. You should get into the concept to present the topic and reveal it to the required extent. If you don't understand what gun control represents by itself, you will hardly create an A-worthy paper.

Determine Your Position

You may either agree or disagree with some moments, but your essay should have one direction. Otherwise, you can confuse your readers. Thus, keep your position throughout the paper and provide arguments to support it. If you have life experience connected with the topic, you can share some stories to prove your point.

Use a Counter-Argument as an Ace in the Hole

Powerful supporting arguments can make your essay look truly impressive, especially if you can provide your readers with a few counterarguments. Remember that every coin has two sides, and you can use both to your advantage. For instance, you may say that wide access to weapons results in thousands of murders every year. Nonetheless, you may present statistical data in different US states, one of which may adhere to gun control, while the other doesn't. Thus, you can demonstrate that there is no direct connection between violence and gun control.

Provide More Facts

An argumentative essay stands out from the rest with the necessity to provide strong evidence that backs up your ideas. All your words should have a strong foundation to look credible. To achieve such a result, you should share facts and reliable statistical data to make your paper look valid and powerful. Nonetheless, try not to overdo it by providing arguments because your essay may seem clogged and messy in this case.

Proofread Your Paper

Your eyes may get blurred when you have been working on an essay for several hours in a row. That's why it is worth putting it aside for some time to take a fresh look at your paper later. If you want to hand in a perfect essay, you should proofread it several times. Pay attention to grammar, spelling, and stylistic mistakes. Besides, it is crucial to double-check all the citations to make sure you have mentioned all the sources correctly and according to the required citation format. Don't underestimate the importance of editing and proofreading.

Gun Control Essay Ideas

The topic and flow of your paper will mainly depend on whether you argue for or against the subject. Anyway, you can take any position you consider right if you can provide enough evidence to support your thoughts. Here are some topics for a gun control argumentative essay that you can utilize:

  • influence of guns on self-esteem and inner feeling of security;
  • a weapon can help cope with panic attacks;
  • whether or not guns help feel protected;
  • clarification of legal relationships thanks to gun control;
  • gun control cannot change the general situation;
  • avoidance of crime thanks to gun control;
  • reasons for owning a weapon for older adults;
  • influence of gun control on students;
  • advantages and drawbacks of free sale of guns;
  • guns are more about self-defense or human rights;
  • gun control is a key issue in the USA;
  • availability of guns leads to an increase in mortality;
  • the usefulness of guns for self-protection;
  • weapons cannot stop the violence;
  • simplification of purchasing weapons in the streets;
  • improvement of human life thanks to gun control;
  • personal responsibility for owning a gun;
  • main arguments against gun control;
  • the connection between suicides and the accessibility of guns.