72 Winning Law Dissertation Topics for Students

72 Winning Law Dissertation Topics for Students

Dissertation is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of students all over the world. This type of academic assignment is used as a horror story that keeps learners awake for many days.

But what is a dissertation, and why is it considered to be one of the most challenging academic tasks within the whole student life?

In some countries, a dissertation is equal to the thesis and is written by almost all students obtaining higher specialized education. But in many countries dissertation is a piece of writing that occurs during the years of doctoral study only.

When you are on your way to getting a degree in law, a dissertation can be a great chance for you to contribute to the development of this field. Who knows, perhaps you’ll come up with a new theory or concept in the juridical industry. 

So, in this article, we’ll dwell on the challenges every law student faces when writing a dissertation. We’ll give you an answer to the biggest issue - finding fascinating topics for your piece of research.

What Are the Challenges of Crafting an a-Grade Law Dissertation?

A law dissertation is one of the longest and most labor-intensive assignments a student will even have to make in their academic life. It requires months (sometimes, even years) of hard work, research, and endless typing to complete this task. The length of the Master’s dissertation is around 15,000-25,000 words. Be ready to put out 50,000 words if you are on your way to obtaining a Ph.D. level. Of course, you will have an academic instructor by your side who will be guiding you through the dissertation jungles. But it is you who will be in charge of the result and the final score of this important writing piece.

Dissertation wiring requires some profound skills in:

  • research of relevant and trusted sources (including documents, cases, protocols, and more);
  • analysis of the gathered information from different angles;
  • applying different research methods to evaluate one problem;
  • organization of information and see a structure in the chaos;
  • academic writing, which requires following some formatting standards;
  • driving logical and well-rounded conclusions;
  • presentation for an oral examination.

But one of the greatest issues the scholar faces is the selection of the topics. The wisely chosen topic is half of the success as it will define how hard or easy it would be for you to write your paper. It will also provide a space for meaningful and effective research, as well as a chance to work in the juridical area of your interest. 

How to Choose a Great Law Dissertation Topic?

There is no commonly accepted rule of picking the topic for a dissertation in law studies. But here is what we will recommend to you. Look for the topic that is:

  • researchable - you’ll have enough trusted sources to refer to;
  • relevant - to be up-to-date with the law tendencies;
  • pioneering - there should be an aspect that hasn’t been investigated yet;
  • interesting - you should be passionate about your work.

These 4 aspects are not obligatory, and you can omit one or all of them. But this is a great formula to follow if you do not want the writing process to turn into a complete nightmare.

If you choose the subject matter of your law dissertation wisely, you’ll have a higher chance to create a fantastic dissertation worth the highest score.

Interesting Legal Topics for Your Consideration 

Law is a broad field of study that includes different courses and programs. Students tend to specialize and choose one branch that resonates with their interests and promises to be the most beneficial in terms of compensation.

In this section, we’ll provide you with the topics on various law disciplines that are a common pick among students. Let us remind you once again - choose the topic that fires you up, is researchable, yet leaves space for your individual contribution in this field.

Civil Law Thesis Topics

Civil law is a major branch of the juridical system. It contains procedures dealing with lawsuits between private parties regarding rights and remedies governed by rules that regulate action at different levels (like federal and state). Since civil procedures are not assigned to the federal government according to the Constitution, each state can run its own civil procedure independently from other states.

For example, California's civil law echoes with the Roman civil law traditions and contains categories that were recognized in that old empire. New York, Illinois, and California hold a belief that legislators should take control of the civil procedure and should be elected frequently by people to ensure the right protection.

The peculiar feature of civil law is the thorough pretrial discovery. Before the trial occurs, the courts encourage parties of the lawsuit process to come to an agreement and resolve the issues without scheduling a trial. 

In view of all the complexities of civil law, it might be challenging to pick the dissertation topic. But we are here to help you, so here’s the list of topics that might be worth your attention.

  1. The Correlation Between the Freedom of Speech and the Privacy Right in the Media. Should the Journalist’s Rights for Freedom of Speech Be Restricted and in What Cases?
  2. Human Rights of Criminals. How Far Should the Juridical System Go to Sentence Offenders?
  3. Anti-Terrorism Law and Human Rights: Should Civil Liberties Be Confined in Virtue of Public Safety?
  4. The Rights of Women in Islamic Countries: Are Modern Islamic Females Considered to Be Victims, and Should These Countries Advance Laws Against Women’s Rights?
  5. Recent Changes in the Civil Law Due to the Coronavirus Pandemic: Is the Restriction of the Right for Freedom Justified in the Case of COVID-19?
  6. The Progress in Reducing the Human Rights Violations in the USA - Are We Close to the Moment of Perfection, or There Is Room for Improvements?
  7. Copyright Law in Social Media Blogging: What Forms of Content Should Be Protected With Copyright and in What Way?
  8. Compensation for the Moral Damage Caused to the American Citizen During the Improper Air Transportation.

Criminal Law Topics

Criminal law is the field of juridical study that deals with criminal offenses, apprehension, penalties, and treatment for sentenced offenders. A criminal offense is considered to be an action that violates the law and leads to serious damage to the property, welfare, and health of the person or group of people (both physical and mental).

Criminal laws are not uniform in the USA, and they vary depending on the jurisdiction. For example, there are states that have the death penalty, while others refused this form of punishment a long time ago.

Right below, you'll find some of the best topics from the criminal law domain. Use the prompts to detail the subject and come up with a customized subject of the paper.

  1. A Critical Evaluation of Racial Prejudice Cases During the Court Trial in the USA.
  2. Male Rape Legislation: Are Men Well-Protected From This Felony Type by Modern Criminal Laws?
  3. Juvenile Offenders: Should Young Criminals Get Special Treatment or Be Sentenced According to the Law for Adults?
  4. Should the Idea of the Jury Trial Be Abandoned and the Juridical Process Be Left to Judges Only?
  5. Theft of eProperty: Should Modern Criminal Legislation Issue Regulations to Protect eProperty?
  6. Reconsidering the Standards of the Reliable Evidence Provided by Witnesses in Relation to the Latest Discovery of Unintentional Fallibility of Memories as a Protective Reaction of Our Mind.
  7. Estimation of the Use of Lie Detectors in Criminal Cases: A Case Study Of the Efficacy of Lie Detectors During the Investigation Process.
  8. The Cultural Factor in Criminal Legislation: Is There Any Way to Work Out Universal International Criminal Laws That Would Apply to All Cultures and Countries?
  9. Ensuring Security for Witnesses: The Aspect of the Penal Proceeding.
  10. Investigation of the Peculiarities of Identification and Investigation of Commercial Fraud in the Computer Data Sphere.
  11. Criminal Thinking Is a Complex of Thinking Patterns of the Detective During the Investigation Process.
  12. Factual Analysis as the Core Forensic Technology: The Analysis of the Best Practices and Its Future in the Criminal Law.
  13. The Criminological Profile and Prevention of the Organized Criminal Activity in the Economy Industry.

Commercial Law Dissertation Topics

This niche of the legislation studies entitles a wide range of regulations, laws, and services designed to support businesses on their way to making money from their products or services. It also includes branches that regulate customer and intellectual property protection, as well as contract laws.

Commercial lawyers deal with contract infringements, transactions across different businesses, PR and marketing violations, protection of intellectual property, customer accusations and complaints, and unjust competition. This law field also assists entrepreneurs who are starting a new business.

Commercial law is a great branch to niche down in because it’s thriving along with the rise of the economy. Those solicitors who represent corporations make some good money by providing their services, so you might want to devote your dissertation to commercial juridical issues.

  1. The Legal Evaluation of the USA Law Effectiveness in Supporting Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemics: What Laws Should Be Implemented or Abolished?
  2. The Critical Estimation of Commercial Law in Relation to the Businesses Marketing Through Popular Marketplaces.
  3. Are the Contracts of Employment Still Relevant in the Modern Business World? An Analysis of the Eligibility of Employment Contracts in the Regulation of Various Forms of Employer-Employee Relationships.
  4. Reviewing the USA Commercial Laws Regarding Marketing and Advertising: What Should Be Improved, Added, or Changed?
  5. Estimation of Corruption in Commercial Law Through Cases and Possible Remedies to the Corruption Problem.
  6. Business Globalization: The Legal Side of Becoming Big in Relation to Trademark and Business Transactions.
  7. Consumer Right Protection in Online Transactions With Online Businesses Marketing Through Marketplaces - Perspectives From USA Legislation.
  8. The Evaluation of the USA Intellectual Property Law: Is It Fair and Safe Both for Owners and Customers?
  9. Are Laws Governing Sales and Purchases for Online Businesses Effective and Safe in the USA?
  10. The Fault of the Corporation as the Condition of the Establishment of Civil Liability for Non-Fulfillment or Improper Fulfillment of Its Obligations.
  11. The Analysis of the Existing Ways of Placement of Securities During the Reorganization Period and the Introduction of New Approaches.
  12. Protection of the Business Reputation in Arbitral Practice.
  13. Problems of Transaction Legal Regulation in the Entrepreneurial Sphere.

Family Law Dissertation Topics

Family law is a juridical area that focuses on the legal side of a relationship when the family unit is created or broken. This field of law deals with marriages, divorces, kid adoption, child custody, children support, domestic violence, domestic partnership, and more.

Without a doubt, family law means much more than the solution to the above-mentioned topics. Along with drafting prenuptial agreements, wills, and other documents, family lawyers also help their clients navigate through some of the toughest periods in their life by sharing legal experience and showing sincere empathy.

Along with acquiring communication, written skills, and solid knowledge in the subject matter, the student who would like to become a family lawyer should obtain a degree. We are here to help you on your way to getting to the so-desired educational level. Below, you’ll find some hints that might inspire you to write a stunning dissertation. You can choose the topic as it is or make some improvements to make it more personalized.

  1. Track the Impact of the Child Support Act Created in 1991 in the UK on the Child Maintenance
  2. Investigation of the Current Criminal Law Processes Involving Juvenile Witnesses: Are There Any Space for Improvements and Kid’s Protection?
  3. The Responsibilities of Unmarried Fathers in the USA: Does the Modern Family Law Control and Enforce Responsibilities Towards Kids?
  4. Adoption Procedures and Laws in the USA: Is There Any Way of Simplifying the Process?
  5. To What Extent Is a Civil Partnership Supported by Modern Laws?
  6. A Thorough Analysis of the Problems and Opportunities of Development of the Adoption Institute. 
  7. Upbringing and Education of Minor Children - Do the Critical Legal Aspects Stay up-to-Date for Modern Parents?
  8. Peculiarities and Forms of Legal Regulations of the Division of Matrimonial Property.
  9. Mediation as a Form of Protection of Rights and Interests of One of the Partners During the Divorce.
  10. Evaluation of the Regulations for Domestic Violence: The Difference in Repercussions for Male and Female.
  11. The Children's Rights: To What Extent Are They Protected by the Law in Modern USA Legislation?
  12. Legal Regulations of Relations Between the Family and the Surrogate Mother.
  13. The Challenges of the Implementation of the Principle of Equal Rights of Parents.

Employment Law Dissertation Topics

Another popular branch of law science is employment law, which regulates the relationship between the employer and employees. This branch of the law covers the working conditions and environment, the rate for the working hours or for the particular type of work, responsibilities both parties should take for the fruitful working symbiosis.

As the director or hiring manager wants a new person to join their team, there are a lot of things they need to know to perform the hiring process without violating the law. For example, there are minimal wage levels, as well as certain restrictions in communication with applications who fall within the socially sensitive or minority group. Sometimes, the employer should take care of payroll taxes and health insurance.

Not all employers are aware of the peculiarities of the hiring process and working regulations, so they hire professional employment lawyers who help them follow the law.

Thus, if you take the path of the labor lawyer, you’ll always have work to do. Meanwhile, we are suggesting the greatest employment law thesis topics. You are always free to get your dose of inspiration and grab the subjects we've prepared for you.

  1. Investigation of the Minimum Wage Laws: Are the Rates Fair or Require Some Adjustments to Meet the Modern Reality?
  2. How Do USA Laws Regulate Overtime Work, and What Suggestions You Might Have?
  3. The Regulations of Unpaid Family Leave: Investigating the Laws and Offering Solutions.
  4. A Comparative Review Of Laws Regulating the Workplace Relationships Between the Employer and Disabled Worker in Europe and the USA.
  5. The Responsibilities of the Employee: Current State and Perspectives. 
  6. The Right for Equal Job Opportunities: Comparing the Laws With Reality.
  7. Corporate Safety With the Right to Privacy: How Do These Two Juridical Notions Correlate?
  8. The Responsibilities of the Employer: Current State and Perspectives. 
  9. The Legal Side of the Damage Compensation as a Part of the Mandatory Social Insurance. 
  10. The Relationship Between the US Laws for Social Security and International Human Rights Acts. 
  11. Modern Issues of Employer Liability.
  12. The Complete Analysis of the Relationship at the Workspace Between Business Owners and Employees.
  13. What Are the Hottest Legal Issues of the Use of Contracts Between Employers and Employees?
  14. Termination of the Labor Contract By the Employer Due to the Employee’s Fault.

International Law Dissertation Topics

This branch of legislation studies is designed to provide laws, norms, and regulations that govern the relations between nations, international organizations, and individuals.

There are two major branches of international law: public and private. Public international law regulates the rights between nations and citizens of other countries. Private international law is meant to tackle the issues between private individuals.

Apart from that, there are numerous interesting and fascinating domains within this field of law. For example, international security, economic, human rights, criminal, and environmental law. In this way, you will be able to deal with global and international issues that define the course of events on a worldwide scale.

As an international lawyer, you’ll be managing problems of wars, economic relations between countries, diplomacy, and much more. So, if you believe that this field is your cup of tea, here are some topics for you to consider.

  1. Finding the Gaps in the International Human Rights Law: A Closer Look At the EU Human Rights Policies.
  2. International Cybersecurity: The Legal Side of the Issue.
  3. United Nations as the Only International Organization Dealing With Global Security: How Successful Is It as a Law Enforcement Institution?
  4. The Recent Reforms in the International Law Arena: What Laws Should Be Implemented?
  5. International Law: Why Are Some Countries Above the Law and What Actions Should Be Taken to Equalize the Juridical Regulations?
  6. The Position of World Leaders Towards the Problem of Nuclear Weapons.
  7. African Union: Problems and the Future.
  8. International Law Aspects of the Use of the Internet.
  9. The Status of Arctica: National and International Viewpoints.
  10. Sanctions and Unilaterally Enforced Restrictive Measures in Modern International Law.
  11. The International Legal Status of Ecological Immigrants.

When You Choose the Topic, the Fun Only Gets Started

Now, as you have more than 70 legal thesis topics at your disposal and you’ve agreed on the desired subject matter with your supervisor, it’s time to get the writing party started.

At first, you’ve got to think of the dissertation structure that would fully reveal the topic and show it from different angles. At this point, you should also think of the statement you’ll be proving in the paper.

Even at the planning stage, this might kill all your nerves. Later, it will turn out that you lack reputable resources and cases to support your point of view. But when your writing skills are not as great as your prominent ideas, double frustration is guaranteed. 

So, start early to be able to make it to the deadline without any delays. A dissertation is a highly demanding piece of writing that will eat all your time, energy, creativity, and analytical skills. But be prepared in advance, and you’ll definitely succeed.

But there might be situations when you can’t cope with the writing assignment on your own. You are either overloaded with other academic tasks or have no desire to waste your time on creating the paper that requires such a huge effort. The best solution here is to get professional writing help. 

You can outsource any amount of academic assistance you require. From creating a customized topic and outlining the paper to formatting the bibliography and crafting the work, you can always rely on skillful experts who have vast experience in crafting compelling dissertations. Always on time, always to the point, you’ll have a neatly written paper exactly when expected.