46 Unique Compare and Contrast Essay Topics & Ideas - Just GrabnWrite

46 Unique Compare and Contrast Essay Topics & Ideas - Just GrabnWrite

You feel so excited when the teacher allows you to pick the topic for a compare and contrast essay. You feel like you are ruling, and it creates an impression that this fact will facilitate the writing process.

At some point, you are right. When you are not given a prompt, you have the freedom of choice, which means that you can finally write on the subject that is genuinely interesting for you. This is an awesome piece of news as you are more likely to be engaged in the process and enjoy it more when you do what you like.

But there is another side of the coin. You might be really surprised to reveal that it would have been much easier to dwell on the subject given by your teacher. 

You assumed that you would easily narrow down the subject matter of your essay to a specific aspect, but it turned out to be a tall order. You can not even define college-level compare contrast essay topics, saying nothing about choosing a single prompt.

So, if you are uncertain about picking the topic for your paper, let us help you find a way out. Today we’ll go over the nuances of selecting the brilliant topic for your essay to ensure you write a successful one. You’ll also get a list of topics you can use to get inspiration.

A Captivating Essay: Key Aspects You Should Know

So, before you even pick easy compare and contrast essay topics, let’s make sure you know what you are supposed to write about in your paper.

This academic assignment involves comparing and contrasting two different subjects. In other words, you find common things that unite the objects (you compare them) and then explain why they are different (you contrast them).

This essay type is commonly assigned at high school and in college because it requires profound analytical skills. Some students find it challenging because you do not describe one object or do not just express your viewpoint. You have to find out how two similar or different things correlate or in what way they are different.

Things You Can Compare and Contrast

You can not pick random stuff and dwell on it in your paper. If you want your compare and contrast essay to be a success, you’ve got to carefully think of the things you might talk about in your paper. Certain criteria would help you check if you are on the right route when defining the good compare and contrast topics:

  • fall within the same category (personality, book, vehicle, etc.);
  • share some similarities;
  • have distinguished contrasting features.

Do not try to compare an orange to Tesla. You might be crazy about both, but how are you supposed to contrast them if they belong to different categories? You can narrow down the category to subcategories and go as deep as you want. Compare and contrast writing prompts will depend on the discipline and your own preferences. 

So, you’d better compare the achievements of Abraham Lincoln and Donald Trump, the mood in the books ‘Pride and Prejudice’ vs. ‘Wuthering Heights,’ the role of the church in Medieval Europe and during the Enlightenment rather than the mobile phone and mount Everest. 

How Do You Find Interesting Compare and Contrast Essay Topics?

Some students say that selecting a topic for an essay is one of the worst things in the whole writing process. They explain it by the fact that the subject can either help you write a paper or, on the contrary, kill the hope for a good grade in a bud.

We won’t argue with students as we think the same way. When you know what to write about and you have enough resources for that, the writing flow happens and you don’t waste several days trying to squeeze your paper out.

So, which topic is suitable for a comparison-and-contrast essay? Please, consider these tips to make sure you make the right choice and select the subject matter that helps you unleash your writing talent:

  • comparable - make sure the title contains two subjects that can be compared;
  • researchable - check if you have enough trusted materials to support your statements;
  • interesting - pick the topic that captivates you to enjoy the writing process;
  • relevant - ensure that the subjects you choose fall within the educational material you are currently learning.

Also, note that your teacher might give specific requirements for the essay topic, and they will expect you to follow the recommendations. If you have none, you can go with any subject line. But if your instructor sets some rules, make sure you stick to them not to waste all the effort you’ve put into your paper.

Unique Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Sometimes you need some inspiration to kickstart the essay writing process. And it always starts with the neatly chosen topic. So, we’ve gathered the most captivating subjects to push you in the right direction. Modify or upgrade these comparative essay topics to ensure they fit the discipline or use them just the way they are.

  1. Should We Totally Rely on Traditional Medicine or Is It Worth Giving Alternative Medicine a Shot?
  2. Introverts and Extraverts: What Really Stands Behind These Personalities?
  3. How National Traditions Shape Family Habits.
  4. What Is More Beneficial for a Young Mind: Reading a Book or Watching a Movie?
  5. The Key to a Perfect Fit Is: A Diet or Workouts?
  6. How the Government System Shapes the Level of the Citizens’ Satisfaction: Democracy and Monarchy.
  7. Key Points of the Civil Rights Movement in the 1950s and 1960s With Statements That Support the Equality of Rights in the Modern USA.
  8. What Profession Is More Essential: A Doctor or a Nurse?
  9. Where Do You Think More Pleasure From Reading Is Hidden: In a Real Paper Book or an Ebook?
  10. Your Dream Vacation: Europe or Somewhere in the USA? 
  11. What Skills Should a Specialist Hone: Soft or Hard Ones?
  12. In-School or E-Learning: What Is a Better Choice for Students?
  13. Are American and British English Languages Really So Different?
  14. Virtualization and Cloud Computing: The Key Similarities and Dissimilarities.
  15. The American Economy Before and After Wwii.
  16. What Do You Think Is a Better Place to Live In: City or Country?
  17. Is There Any Difference Between Ethnicity and Culture?
  18. Compare Slavic and Germanic Languages From the Indo-European Family.
  19. Bach or Beethoven: Who Is Your Favorite Composer and Why?
  20. Romeo and Juliet: Whose Love Is Stronger?
  21. Schools in Sparta and Athens: Key Differences.
  22. Are Drama and Comedy Really on Two Sides of the Plot?
  23. Working From Home and in the Office: Which of These Working Modes Is Better for Productivity?
  24. Japanese and Chinese Culture: There Are More Differences Than You Think.
  25. The Protection of Human Rights in the USA and Mexico.
  26. Wwi Is Not the Same as Wwii: Reasons and Aftermaths.
  27. Leisurely Vacation by the Sea or Active Pastime in the Mountains: What Would You Choose and Why?
  28. Amazon vs. eBay: Compare Marketplaces in Terms of the Customer Experience.
  29. Should People Drink Coffee or Tea in the Morning?
  30. Hire a Tutor or Help Your Kid With Homework by Yourself?
  31. How Inner and Outer Beauty Contrast in the Picture of Dorian Gray.
  32. Give More Insights Into the Differences Between Realism and Romanticism.
  33. Catholic and Orthodox Christianity: Are We Under the Same God?
  34. Foreign Language or Physics: Which Discipline Is Easier?
  35. Where Is the Fine Line Between Body Positivity and Obesity?
  36. Freelance or Employment: Which Working Mode Sounds More Appealing to You?
  37. An Early Bird or a Night Owl: Who Catches More Sun?
  38. Christianity and Islam: History and Key Milestones.
  39. Who Was the First to Discover America: Columbus or Magellan?
  40. Great Gatsby: The Movie or a Book?
  41. In What Ways Are Nazism and Fascism Similar and Different?
  42. The Pros and Cons of Renewable and Non-Renewable Energy.
  43. What Is More Humane: Testing on Animals or Humans?
  44. Key Dissimilarities Between Greek and Roman Cultures.
  45. Who Was the Lesser of Two Evils: Hitler or Stalin?
  46. The Difference Between Vegans and Vegetarians Explained.

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