30 Good Commemorative Speech Topics to Amaze the Listeners

30 Good Commemorative Speech Topics to Amaze the Listeners

Are you lucky to be chosen as a prominent speaker to give an inspiring commemorative speech at a certain event? Or maybe you are training to ignite human hearts and minds with engaging talk during your English classes? No matter what the objective is, you’ve got to write a passionate commemorative speech. 

But what is a commemorative speech? There is nothing complicated in it. Keep in mind that it is a speech given at a ceremony or another special event to honor a person, institution, situation, or anything else. For example, graduates usually make a commemorative speech to praise their school, teachers, and parents. Politicians might prepare a ceremonial talk to glorify the input of the volunteers in an attempt to fight hunger in Africa.

As you see, a person might make a commemorative speech on any occasion. That’s why the skill of composing a catchy and heartening talk is so vital in the modern world. If you would like to get to know some tips and get striking commemorative speech ideas, just stick with us. We’ll guide you through the most important aspects of this speech type and will help you pick a decent topic for your festive talk.

What Makes a Successful Commemorative Speech?

Just get it in your head - a commemorative speech is not a report of the person’s biography or the course of events. First of all, it should show your respect and gratitude towards the object of your speech.

So, you can’t just retell what was going on in a specific situation or what the praised person is famous for. You’ve got to reveal what impact the object made on you and why you think it’s important. But that’s not all. Here are a few things for you to consider when you start working on the implementation of ideas for the commemorative speech.

Know the Situation

Before you even pick one of the commemorative speech topics, it’s better to get to know more about the situation or the event you’ll be performing at. The message, the tone of voice, the wording will depend on when and where you are going to make a speech. 

Of course, you do not want to get into an awkward situation when you’ve prepared a funny speech for memorial day or vice versa. 

Know the Audience

Are you going to perform in front of peers or serious academicians? Will everyone be well-versed in the topic you are going to present or there might be people who need some extra explanations?

Before you write an outline for your speech and make your first draft, just think of who will be listening to you and build your speech based on the audience portfolio.

Align the Speech with Your Goal

Every speech has a goal, so define what effect you expect it to make on your listeners. Do you want to inform people and encourage them to be brave? Or maybe you have an intention to make them sympathize with other people who suffered due to certain events? 

No matter what your objective is, make it explicit for your audience with the right message, intonation, and wording.

Make It Engaging

Do you want the audience to listen to your story? Then make it engaging by adding the right accents in your speech. Use the facts that are relevant for the listeners. Also, tell a story or give some bright examples to demonstrate your idea. Stories are excellent attention-grabbers, so use them in your commemorative talk.

Get Inspired by Awesome Samples

There is no such thing as new, did you know that? All great speech samples have already been written, so why not make use of that and get aroused by exciting or funny commemorative speech examples? 

How to Select Rousing Commemorative Speech Topics for College Students

When you have to prepare a speech and have a specific field that has been defined by the event (like graduation, Memorial Day, etc.), you have a limited choice when it comes to the topic selection.

But when you’ve got to come up with commemorative speech ideas for class, you have an ocean of options. You are not limited by the topic choice unless the teacher puts some restrictions and defines the subject for the whole class.

Anyway, let us give you some tips on how to formulate a winning and striking topic for your speech, regardless of the situation you are in:

  • brainstorm - make a list of all the topics that cross your mind;
  • filter out - remove the topics that are irrelevant or too boring;
  • research - do research on the remaining topics to find some interesting facts;
  • find a winner - determine what topic sounds the most appealing and to the point.

Also, make sure the subject is meaningful and can deliver some important message during your talk. You will also want your topic to be interesting both for you and your audience. If the situation allows preparing a talk on funny commemorative speech topics, go ahead. Witty speeches are more likely to be positively accepted by the audience.

The Perfect List of Good Commemorative Speech Topics

You’ll find the listicle of topics that would help you compose a memorable commemorative speech below. You are welcome to use them as they are proven by our masters of the pen.

  1. An Ode to Your First Teacher Who Ignited the Desire to Learn
  2. Celebration of Neil Armstrong, the First Person to Land on the Moon
  3. The Gratitude to Parents and Their Deeds
  4. Your First Day as a Student Government President
  5. The Courage of American Citizens in the Vietnam War
  6. The Story of [Policeman, Doctor, Fireman Name]
  7. Glorification of George Washington
  8. The Story of Self-Sacrifice in the Modern World
  9. One Against the Mass: The Power of the Individual Strength
  10. Volunteers Are Warriors Without Weapons
  11. Beauty Is in Every Person
  12. We Are All Equal, We Are All Human Beings: A Tribute to the Civil Rights Movement
  13. To My Mom, a Person Who Showed Unconditional Love Even When I Was Unbearable
  14. How Human Courage Changes the World
  15. The Courage of Being Yourself: People Who Were True to Themselves
  16. The Story of a Small Person Who Did a Huge Deed
  17. To All Who Stood Against Fascism During WWII
  18. Thank You [Compositor Name], Now We Know How True Music Sounds
  19. The Ode to the Human Imagination and Creativity
  20. Tribute to the Family on the Road to Success
  21. Commemoration of the Women’s Rights Movement
  22. Go Ahead, Elon Musk, Invade Space
  23. The Beauty of the Human Mind
  24. Visionaries Who Changed the Modern World for the Better
  25. The Unrevealed Potential of Hope: The Story We All Should Consider
  26. The Person Who Inspired Me to Become a [Job Title]
  27. Doctors Are Heroes in White Robes
  28. My Granny Is the Embodiment of Wisdom and Love
  29. Charlie Chaplin: A Man Who Made Us Laugh
  30. The Commitment of the American Troops During the Pearl Harbor Operation

When Words Don’t Come Easy…

Sometimes it happens that even the brightest topics for commemorative speeches leave you speechless. You do not want to waste the chance you were given and give a mediocre or poor speech.

If you would like to make a lasting impression with your powerful commemorative speech and show the depth of your gratitude to the person, event, or institution, order the script from our professional service. We will craft a heart-stopping speech that would convey the right message and make the right impact on the audience.