30 Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

30 Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

When writing an argumentative essay, students need to conduct comprehensive research, gather and analyze a lot of information, and form a perspective. After choosing a research problem, undergraduates need to create compelling writing. Next, they have to persuade readers to accept a particular position. Also, they are required to present an opposite point of view on a problem. Note, all the claims should be supported with strong evidence. This type of academic writing is very popular among school and college students. It helps them learn to justify their way of thinking by providing evidence and dense reasons. Nevertheless, every good argumentative essay paper starts from an effective topic.

Importance of Picking a Good Topic

After reading a paper's topic, people decide if they want to spend their time exploring an essay. Therefore, the title has to be controversial, captivating, and interesting. If it doesn't catch readers' attention and doesn't evoke the desire to explore it in more detail, there is a poor chance that anyone will check your paper out. In mere words, the title should be debatable. It means that there shouldn't be one solid point of view in society. A lot of people need to have different opinions regarding a particular title. Even though there may be a lot of points of view, a writer needs to select one only and support it with strong evidence.

It's easy to identify the best argumentative essay topics for college students. For starters, they discuss a controversial problem that is interesting to a broad audience. It's also recommended to pick a title that is interesting for you. By exploring a problem that makes you bored, you won't conduct comprehensive research and create a leading-edge paper. A good topic highlights an actual problem that makes a lot of people engaged. Indeed, an essay that highlights the benefits of using gaslighting won't be interesting to anyone. Feel free to discuss current events, the latest findings, or modern-age problems. Also, it should be focused on one issue. You need to avoid composing papers that are related to different problems.

Excellent Topics for Argumentative Essay

If the question, "What are some good argument essay topics?" bothers you, feel free to get some unique titles in the post below. There, you can find interesting and debatable titles that will help you create a top-grade argumentative essay. We have arranged them by the most popular categories so that you'll be able to pick one that matches all the requirements that you received from your tutor. All the titles are controversial and offer the ability to debate a lot in your paper.

Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative papers are frequently written on science and technology. Therefore, they are one of the most popular among undergraduates. Due to the fast-paced development of technologies, there are a lot of issues that can be used for creating a captivating title and writing an interesting argumentative essay. In addition, the problems brought by technology are new and reflect in the life of most people. 

Students are engaged by the new technology and always follow the recent news and updates. Therefore, picking a technology argumentative topic, you won't be required to spend a lot of time researching. In addition, technology shapes industries affect social life, creates new jobs, and helps us get our lives better. Therefore, you can pick a title that you're interested in the most. Feel free to scroll down below and choose the one that attracts you. 

  1. Does Technology Distract Us and Lower Productivity?
  2. Do Wearable Gadgets Have Any Future?
  3. Should We Be Aware Of Artificial Intelligence?
  4. The Impact of Technology on Education.
  5. Are We Ready to Compromise on Privacy?
  6. Is 5G Dangerous For People?
  7. Does Modern Technology Make Us More Dependent on Them?
  8. Should the Government Regulate the Internet?
  9. Will Artificial Intelligence Be Able to Solve Global Problems?
  10. Is Electronic Money Useful In Everyday Life?

Argumentative Essay Topics on Immigration

People always look for better places to live. Therefore, they migrate to different countries to find better job opportunities and get paid fairly. Also, they want to improve the quality of their lives by moving to countries with higher living standards. Unfortunately, in most cases, immigrants are sources of new problems and challenges for locals. Excessive and uncontrolled immigration can lead to employment, housing, or social crisis in any community. If you want to take a deep dive into the issues caused by immigration, pick one of the argumentative essay topics below.

  1. Do Immigrants Affect the Average Remuneration?
  2. Should Illegal Immigrants Get Free Healthcare?
  3. Should People Fight Illegal Immigration Strongly?
  4. Do Anti-Immigration Laws Work Effectively?
  5. Should Immigrants Get Free Education?

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

Do you hate writing boring papers that keep people focused on delivered information only? Having the ability to pick a title, you're free to add some humor to your writing and create a paper that will keep readers engaged. However, it's vital to pick a funny title for an argumentative essay wisely. It has to be easy to understand for a broad audience of different ages. Note, things that seem funny for you may be completely senseless for your tutor and vice versa. Therefore, consider choosing some of the top funny argumentative essay topics below.

  1. Why Do Clowns Frighten People?
  2. Why Are Fake Friends Good?
  3. Why Is It Useful to Watch Videos With Funny Cats?
  4. How to Find a Politician Who Never Lied?
  5. Why Don't Students Deserve to Get Paid Well?

Animal Argument Topics

Animals take a significant place in our lives. Even though humans are the most developed kind, we still need to share the planet with other creatures. Therefore, there are a lot of issues and controversial opinions on how we need to live with animals. For example, people don't know if humanity needs to own and control animals or stop interacting with them. Also, people don't know how to classify animals that should be used or protected. The list of the animal argument topics below will help you find the best title.

  1. Should Some Human Laws Be Applicable to Animals?
  2. Should We Stop Using Animals for Testing?
  3. Are the Lives of People and Animals Not Equal?
  4. Do We Need to Forbid Cloning Animals?
  5. Should Animals in Captivity Be Protected Like Wild Ones?

Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

In case you're a medical or psychology student, you need to choose a subject that matches your major. Since people's behavior is not studied well yet, there are many controversial questions to ask and problems to research. Therefore, if you found yourself exploring people's minds, you probably already know a lot of issues that you would like to discuss and share your state of the view. However, if you can hardly come up with an interesting topic in your mind, check out the top titles below.

  1. What Bonds Different People?
  2. The Effect of Digital Addiction in Students.
  3. What Are the Personal Traits of the Best Students?
  4. The Role of Competition in Achieving Success.
  5. The Effect of Stress on Learning Capabilities.

Recommendation on Picking Good Topic

If none of the topics above doesn't match your needs, try to create a new one. The most effective way to develop new ideas on coming up with hot topics for argumentative essays is brainstorming. Feel free to gather your friends and generate as many ideas as possible. Note, you need to write down all the ideas. It will help you not to miss a gem that will help you create the most engaging title. After this, you should narrow down the list of titles. Try to keep from five to ten topics that you're interested in. Research each of them and find a fascinating one to discuss in your paper. If you can hardly pick the best one, don't be shy about reaching your tutor or friends requesting help. Nevertheless, don't forget to explore recent trends to choose the most newsworthy one.