Unique Creative Debate Topics for College Students

Unique Creative Debate Topics for College Students

The innovative educational technology "debates" help students to expand their knowledge and reveal their potential. However, it's not easy to find good debate topics. In this article, we will tell you how to choose the right one.

Types of Discussion Topics

While preparing for college debates, you may encounter different formats of topics. You can navigate their diversity only when you understand their meaning.

1. Compelling debate topics

The topics of convincing discussions should touch on a curious problem or subject. Their main purpose is to convince listeners. If you choose this format, you need to use as many sources as possible. This is the only way to find the best examples, arguments, and possibly quotes. They’ll help to prove your point of view.

2. Controversial topics of debate

This type of debate touches on vital topics. There is always a lot of space for arguments. It may have two or more completely different public opinions. Therefore, they involve a long and concentrated public discussion. Great debate topics cause the audience to have different views. They encourage opponents and people to ask questions that cannot be answered unequivocally immediately.

3. Reasoned topics of debate

The topics of contentious disputes cover some problems, phenomena, or topics that you can work on. When choosing them, you should be ready to conduct an in-depth study. You will need to think deeply about the materials and choose arguments from time-tested and reliable sources. They will help you to create great debate topics.

The formats listed above differ in their purpose. You can choose any of them or the one that your professor requires. Regardless of your choice, follow these basic rules when choosing good debate topics:

  1. The topic should be relevant and not indifferent to people.
  2. It shouldn't be too full or too narrow.
  3. You should be able to find enough supporting material on it.
  4. Unique debatable topics should have value and be stimulating.

Using the Arguments "for" and "Against"

Providing arguments "for" and "against" is a common practice in debates. It is one of the essential steps in preparing unusual debate topics. Your opponent will be on the opposite side of the table. The audience will have controversial opinions on your theme. Your opponent will definitely earn some points against your arguments during the debate. You should not avoid realizing this fact. It is better to be ready for it. Think about what arguments your opponent can bring and study them deeply.

The better you understand it, the easier it will be for you to answer your opponent. The preparation in the arguments "for" and "against" should be equally good. It is impossible to devote more time to only one of these parties. If you prepare both sides of your topic, you'll be able to win in the college debates.

The Pros of College Debate

This training format teaches students to solve problems without conflicts. Debates are often called role-playing intellectual competitions. For example, a professor may ask you to introduce yourself as a member of parliament and hold a discussion on a political topic. This game perfectly prepares the younger generation for public activities. You only need to prepare properly and search for disturbing college debates topics.

25 Debate Topics for College Students

Good topic to debate about — is a topic that is really difficult to answer unequivocally. When the discussion begins, the audience is fascinated by the opponents. It is usually tough for them to guess who will win in such a dispute. That is why they are waiting in anticipation to see who will give more arguments. 

We have selected the top debatable topics. They will encourage you to think about important things. They also have enough space to find strong arguments and exciting examples. You can read them below:

  1. Food Aid Does More Harm Than Good
  2. Fossil Fuels Are Easily Replaced
  3. Homeschooling Does More Good Than Harm
  4. Human History Is Becoming More and More a Race Between Education and Disaster
  5. It Is Better to Be a Follower Than a Leader.
  6. Minors Should Be Tried as Adults for Serious Crimes
  7. On Average, Zoos Do More Good Than Harm
  8. In the Modern World, the “Culture of Death” Takes Precedence Over the “Culture of Life”
  9. Written Assessments in Schools Do More Harm Than Good
  10. There Should Be No Promotion Ceremonies in Secondary Schools
  11. Money Is More Important Than Love
  12. What Is More Important? Rules or Principles?
  13. In General, Nuclear Energy Brings More Benefits Than Harm
  14. Organ Donation Should Be Mandatory for All Us Citizens
  15. Our Problem Is Not Overpopulation, but an Insufficient Population”
  16. We Should Legalize Suicides With Doctors’ Help
  17. Public Funds Should Not Be Used for Professional Sports Stadiums
  18. Public Schools Should Have Single-Sex Classes
  19. Released Criminals Should Have the Right to Vote
  20. Should the Use of Animals in Sports and Entertainment Be Banned?
  21. The Digital Divide Is a Secondary Problem in the Educational Needs of Developing Countries
  22. We Can Justify the Atomic Bombing of Hiroshima
  23. The More We Introduce New Technologies, the Worse Education Becomes
  24. The French Government Should Allow Students to Wear Religious Symbols in School and Stop Their Harassment
  25. Every Citizen Is Obliged to Perform National Service in His Country

Thorough Preparation

After reading the list above, think about which of them would be a good topic for discussion.

Many teachers prefer environmental debate topics for college students. Perhaps this is because the older generation is increasingly thinking about the state of our planet. In any case, with such a topic, you will not go unnoticed.

Ethical debates topics often touch on same-sex marriage, religion, and other aspects of life where tolerance is required. For example, you can choose such themes as "Explain religious freedom" or "Should relationships be prohibited at work?".

There are many lists of topics on the Internet. Controversial debate topics for high school are often great for college students as well. So if you see an exciting theme in the list of debate ideas for high school, do not hesitate to use it.

To find creative debate topics, you should spend enough time searching. Don't rush yourself. Perhaps you will find a topic later than your fellow students. However, the preparation of a successful theme takes less time than a bad one. Therefore, you will still have time to collect the necessary material for the debate.