Top 30 Business Dissertation Topics and Ideas

Top 30 Business Dissertation Topics and Ideas

The modern educational process is closely related to the papers. For example, as a student, you may be writing a business dissertation. This is an academic assignment that is an indicator of your knowledge and skills in information retrieval. 

That is why you have to prepare for research, search for theoretical data and reliable sources that will help you organize your data. But there is one more thing you should know about. A good topic will save you time and make your assignment better. This is why you should take a look at the examples.

Popular Business Dissertation Topics

There are quite a few interesting topics that you should use. Let's say your professor doesn't mind if you take the initiative and find a research niche. Then why don't you take a look at this list? Of course, not all options will be acceptable for you. But you should take a minute and find out the most popular topics. You may even mix some points to broaden the topic for your research.

  1. The main factors that influence the success of a digital startup on the Internet.
  2. Analysis of business processes in the context of a rapidly growing Internet community.
  3. How business processes are organized in modern banking.
  4. Microcredit companies and a new type of digital loans.
  5. The basic business management strategy in Asian countries.
  6. The key success factors for innovative business ideas.
  7. How to increase customer loyalty without changing the business structure?
  8. Strategic alliances: a new stage in the formation of monopoly real estate transactions.
  9. Stages of the formation of business processes in mega-corporations.
  10. Does geographic location affect business success?
  11. Is it possible to achieve a payback period of less than half a year?
  12. Does an advertising campaign affect the success of an online business?
  13. The main stages of development of a business empire.
  14. The multi-threaded structure of business processes.
  15. Risk factors when starting a startup from scratch.

As you can see, all the variants are quite interesting. Feel free to experiment. Choose a specific area, period, or type of business structure to cope with your task. Be creative, and don't be afraid to take a new path.

Controversial Business Research Topics

Not all areas of business activity can be called honest or open. Moreover, some corporations can commit serious offenses and make controversial decisions in the pursuit of excess profits. Such interesting dissertation topics can form the basis for your in-depth research. Here is a sample list that will be helpful to you.

  1. Is fair competition possible in the consumer electronics and smart gadgets market?
  2. Why is lowering wages a smart strategic move?
  3. Is outsourcing the best business model?
  4. Can a losing company become profitable without outside investment?
  5. Is it possible to create a startup without seed capital?
  6. Tax evasion: are offshore accounts the best business solution?
  7. The business monopoly and the advantages of market coalitions.
  8. The modern policy of hidden deception and its impact on the popularization of products.
  9. The shadow business and the most popular fraudulent companies.
  10. Why is the planned economy still relevant for business corporations?
  11. The main stages of the formation of conflicting business processes.
  12. Can a company change its direction of development five years after its foundation?
  13. A business fails: the greatest fraud in US history.
  14. Companies and business processes on the darknet.
  15. The impact of cryptocurrencies on the success of classic business startups.

As you can see, there are many controversial topics that you can base your paper. Feel free to experiment. As a rule, you can gain invaluable experience and find out a lot of interesting information, even about mega-corporations.

Useful Tips You Should Know About

Mix Topics Like Lego Bricks

Some business management dissertation ideas and topics may be too narrow or not interesting enough for you to start your research. But don't be upset. Instead, combine several topics and take key aspects that will be the springboard for your assignment. For example, let's say you want to write a paper about Apple's monopoly. Add information about how this company buys startups and finishes promising projects. Such a controversial dissertation would be interesting enough.

Come up With an Original Topic

What if you consider all topics to be non-interesting? Then you should come up with what you want to write about. Take a look at which business process or conglomerate interests you the most. You will most likely be able to find at least 3-5 topics that will not be on the Internet. This means that you will have enough incentive to become an innovator.

Never Forget Facts and Statistics

Let's say you decide to describe the specifics of car production at the Tesla factory and the impact of this company on the entire market. Then you should take statistical data for a certain period to find out the dynamics of sales growth and total income. You can also mention greenhouse gas quotas and provide data from annual reports. This will show how much the company depends on this source of income. Of course, any statement must be confirmed. Otherwise, your paragraphs will be groundless.

Search for Samples on the Internet

This is not a bad idea, especially if you haven't had any prior experience yet. Take a look at the samples on the Internet, and you can understand the general structure of such an assignment and even find interesting hooks for your introduction. As a rule, 2-3 examples will be enough for you to analyze writing techniques and general research concepts. In addition, you can take any paper as a basis and conduct your research using the example of some business startups or strategies.

Proofreading Is a Must

Most likely, you have at least once heard that any student should read the paper a couple of times to find errors and inaccuracies. This idea sounds trivial, but many people forget that any draft doesn't become a full dissertation if you finish the last paragraph. Imagine that you are a sculptor who needs to polish a statue and achieve perfect proportions. Check every sentence, correct any mistakes, and remember to rephrase weak paragraphs.