Intriguing Communication Research Topics for College Students

Intriguing Communication Research Topics for College Students

You believe that communication is an underestimated weapon. With the rise of social media and messengers, people are no longer making use of this instrument to the fullest.

But as a smart student, you know all the forgotten techniques of effective communication. You’ve selected Communications as your major, so you have a deep understanding of what makes people tick. But it’s more in this field than that. 

As you studied different topics about communication from all the related disciplines, you now know how companies can set a rapport with their audience. You have also grasped ins and outs of the power of communication in law, media, politics, and journalism.

Now it’s time to find a captivating topic because you’ve got to submit the paper. But that’s where you are having difficulty - you can’t make up your mind about the subject of the upcoming academic work.

Do not lose your heart. We’ve created several lists of communication research topic ideas that would help you define what you will feel enthusiastic to be writing about.

How Not to Be Wrong with Communication Research Topics for College Students

Indeed, how are you supposed to write a research paper if you haven’t settled on the appropriate communication research questions yet? So, let us help you end your resentment. Follow these tips to select the topic of your exceptional research paper:

  • make sure the topic is researchable;
  • check if it’s aligned with the discipline;
  • ensure it has a new facet to be discovered;
  • go with the topic that awakens curiosity;
  • pick the subject that is interesting for you.

So, to sum it up, you’d better select the topic that has enough trusted resources to rely on in your work but still has some field for your own investigation. Also, since the research paper is not a one-night project, you should select the one that captivates you.

Before you agree on the topic with the professor, we strongly recommend checking the availability of the materials. Sometimes you might select the subject that is genuinely absorbing for you, but it will turn out that there are not enough resources to support your core statement.

Also, mind the depth of the interesting communication topics. If the subject is too broad or too narrow, you risk failing the whole work. In the first case, you won’t be able to thoroughly research the subject and reveal all its aspects. In the second case, you might not have enough arguments or resources to dwell on the topic.

Detailed List of Communication Research Topics for an Attention-Grabbing Paper

Communication can be investigated from different angles, including marketing, psychology, history, anthropology, biology, and more. This fact aggravates the topic selection process and many students find themselves baffled at this stage. 

If you would like to enjoy the writing process, we insist on choosing the topics of communication fields that are the most captivating and interesting for you. We’ve broken the topics down into categories to facilitate the selection.

The Hottest Interpersonal Communication Research Paper Topics

Interpersonal communication focuses on the transmission of ideas and messages between people using words, voice tone, and non-verbal language, which includes mimics and gestures. It also discovers how the message is perceived by the recipient, depending on the tone, context, noise, and other variables.

So, when you decide to select one of the interpersonal communication research topics, you’ll be studying the two-way process, which includes the sending and receiving of the message by two participants of the communication process. You’ll also be figuring out the secret of successful communication so that all the participants both neatly deliver and accurately decipher the ideas of one another.

If that sounds interesting to you, then consider these interpersonal communication project ideas from our list.

  1. Emotional Intelligence and Its Impact on the Communication Process
  2. How a Sales Manager in the Mall Can Use Non-Verbal Language to Increase Sales
  3. Interpersonal Communication in the Modern Realm: How COVID-19 Has Changed Non-Verbal Communication
  4. How Context Shapes the Message During Interpersonal Communication
  5. The Signs of Love: The Non-Verbal Communication Between the Mother and Child
  6. The Difference Between Tet-a-Tet and Computer-Mediated Communication
  7. New Factors That Define the Success of the Communication
  8. Noise as One of the Elements That Affect Interpersonal Interaction
  9. The Role of Positive Emotions in the Communication Process
  10. Gender Stereotypes That Affect Interaction at the Workplace
  11. What Factors Define Interpersonal Communication in Junior School?
  12. The Language of Threat: How Body Language Helps Define Terrorists
  13. The Cultural Aspect of Communication
  14. The Tones of Voice Teachers Use in the Classroom for Effective Interaction With High School Students
  15. Communication Skills a Boss Should Have to Boost the Productivity of the Company’s Employees

Trendy and Fascinating Social Media Research Topics

Social media is not just about liking cute videos with cats, dogs, and toddlers. First of all, it’s a way of communication and building relationships between people who are physically located in different places.

People communicate in different ways in social media, including text, videos, images, music, and so on. It’s a great place to build a network and keep in touch with friends. Check out our list and pick the most appealing social media research topic.

  1. The Viral Content: What Messages Perform Better?
  2. How Communication Through Social Media Affects Real Communication Patterns
  3. The Effect of the Social Network During the Job Search Process
  4. Social Media as a Battling Field for Political Campaigns
  5. Manipulations in Social Media
  6. How Brands Leverage Social Media for Communication With the Audience
  7. Social Media and How It Shapes Modern Language
  8. Factors That Define the Success of Communication in Social Media
  9. Trends in Social Media in 2021 and How They Shape Modern Communication
  10. Social Media Blocked: The Effect of Banning Social Media in Certain Countries
  11. Non-Verbal Communication in Social Media
  12. Clubhouse: The Rise and Fall of the Communication Channel

Breathtaking Journalism Research Topics

Journalism is closely related to communication disciplines as it also presupposes delivering the message to the masses through different communication channels, including TV, radio, and the press. 

  1. The Role of the Press in Distributing News About COVID-19
  2. The Freedom of Speech in Journalism: Does This Concept Still Exist?
  3. Working Strategies for Reporting News
  4. Techniques of Analyzing Big Volumes of Data for a Concise Report
  5. Mobile Video Editing for Journalists
  6. How the Appearance of the TV News Reporter Influences the Perception of News
  7. Online Journalism and the Techniques of Writing Stunning Web Copy
  8. Science Journalism: The Tool for Writing Excellent Pieces of News
  9. Effective Interviewing: Key Strategies for Getting the Most of Your Interview
  10. The Hooks Sports Journalists Use in Writing

Noteworthy Business Communication Topics for Research Paper

We live in an era when businesses have some character and face. It’s shown in different ways, including business communication. This notion includes delivering and accepting information within and outside the company. It means that business communication is responsible for the interaction between the employees as well as the dialog with the audience.

Effectively organized communication within the company can increase productivity and profitability by 30%, while better customer service and trust established between the organization and audience have a huge potential to boost sales.

  1. Working Strategies of Setting Effective Business Communication at the Workplace
  2. How Customer Support Affects the Profit Margins of the Company
  3. [Brand Name] Communication Strategies in the Company
  4. [Brand Name] Tools and Strategies for Communicating With Customers
  5. Banner Blindness and How Companies Can Break Through It
  6. The Role of the It Department in Setting Communication in the Organization
  7. Effective Strategies for Holding an Online Meeting
  8. Emotional Intelligence in the Office as the Key to Effective Communication
  9. Non-Verbal Communication as a Powerful Tool for Managing a Team
  10. Working Strategies for Managing Remote Teams

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