How to Write Drug and Drug Abuse Essay

How to Write Drug and Drug Abuse Essay

Most assignments students get in their academic institutions are within their specialty. However, as you might have guessed, some stand out from the rest and concern acute social issues. Teachers want their learners to develop awareness and go deep down certain questions. Indeed, young people in their 20s are not mature enough to confront various temptations, pressure on the part of their peers, or desire to show off and look cool. Most of them don't realize all the terrible consequences they can face after one wrong step. Thus, drug abuse among students has been a scandal of the neighborhood for a long time already. Some want to feel high because they get bored, while others resort to drugs to reduce emotional tension and relax. Whatever the reason is, the outcome will be the same. So, it is not surprising teachers make them write essays about drug abuse as a preventive measure.

The Essence of a Drug Essay

Someone may believe that it is not a big deal to write such paperwork since the internet is full of information about this topic. Thinking this way, you may find yourself in a trap. The abundance of information makes it difficult to write a unique paper. Thousands of students worldwide have already written essays on this topic, so you will have to go deep down the question to look at it from a completely new perspective. This paper will become the projection of your point of view on a topic and may even trigger a wide range of emotions, especially if you or some of your close people have got through it. An essay on drug abuse involves negative health problems and interrelated issues like deterioration of interpersonal communication and violation of the law in different ways. 

If your teacher hasn't provided strict requirements for the assignment but allowed you to choose a suitable type yourself, keep it in mind when you start working on it. For instance, an argumentative essay requires providing evidence to support your thesis statement, and an expository essay gives you a chance to demonstrate your attitude toward the topic. 

How to Choose a Suitable Essay Topic

Drug abuse is a broad subject that you can consider from completely different perspectives. You can take any aspect and go through history around the globe to find a research-worthy theme. For example, you may care more about its popularization or the chemical nature or changes in a drug-addicted person. The more interested you are in the chosen topic, the better essay on substance abuse you will write. If you have no idea what theme you want to research, pay attention to the following options:

  1. Consequences of Drug Usage on the Offspring
  2. What Are the Most Toxic Drugs?
  3. Why Does the Illicit Trafficking in Narcotics From Afghanistan Continue?
  4. Development of the Most Common Drugs
  5. Why Is It Necessary to Enhance Drug Awareness Among Students?
  6. Consequences of the Opioid Epidemic
  7. Advantages of Drug Legalization
  8. Heroin Usage in Medicine
  9. Drug Rehabilitation Process: How Long Does It Take?
  10. Addiction to Prescription Medication

How to Write Drug and Drug Abuse Essay

It is not a big deal to understand the structure of such an essay since it is common and quite simple. Unless your teacher states otherwise, your essay should be about one page long and consist of five parts. However, the number of paragraphs will depend on your essay's type. If you have done proper research and want to involve as many details as possible, you shouldn't forget that your assignment has its volume limit. You should make your essay concise yet meaningful. 


Picking up the right title for your paper is one of the key things when it comes to writing substance abuse essays. If you haven't been provided with a ready-made title, it is worth postponing this moment for later when the whole work is done. When you finish your paper, you will have a better understanding of its essence and things you should highlight, bringing them to the fore as a title. The latter should be catchy and powerful enough to evoke the desire to read it. 


Someone says that an introduction of drug abuse represents the core of your essay. This part of your paper plays a decisive role since many people decide whether they will keep reading it based on the thesis statement and general impression from the introduction. Here you explain the topic you research and provide some background information. The thesis statement will become the driving force of the whole essay, so you should devote special attention to it. Your introduction should serve as a hook for your target audience. 

Body Paragraphs

This part will contain examples, illustrations, reasoning, or arguments that support your thesis statement. Even if you have found many interesting and quality pieces of information, don't forget that you should make one paragraph for each idea. You should write at least three of them to convince your readers and get their sympathy. Don't play your trump card right away. It is wiser to start with less powerful evidence and gradually provide more persuasive ones. You can resort to authoritative sources like statistical data, surveys, quotations, historical facts, etc. Thus, your voice will sound more convincing. Don't forget to involve transitional sentences between paragraphs to make this part more coherent. 


When the last sentence of the last part is over, you can read your introduction and body paragraphs once again to summarize all the information provided. Then, paraphrase your thesis statement, supporting it with mentioned arguments. Finally, you can highlight why it is important to work on such assignments and what insights you've got, writing the paper. If it is hard for you to remember all the aspects you should mention in your essay, you can create an essay outline and keep it in front of your eyes during the whole writing process. 

Reference List

Even though it is common to mention a conclusion as the last key part of an essay, it is not the case. You should take care of your reference list since it can enhance or spoil the whole work done before. Check out whether you have followed citation rules throughout your paper and mentioned all the sources used. It is an extremely important moment because if you miss something, you can find yourself in trouble. Proper citation allows you to use interesting quotations and ideas of other people without being charged for plagiarism. In other words, the likelihood of getting a high grade goes up.