How to Write APA Research Paper Title Page

How to Write APA Research Paper Title Page

The title page is necessary for every research article submitted by college students. It is the cover of every paper that presents a researched topic and identifies a learner. It simplifies the process of storing and managing assignments submitted by various undergraduates. All assignments are standardized to make all processes more rapid. APA is one of the most popular formatting styles that students use. In case you're a learner who doesn't know how to do a title page for a research paper, this post is for you. Below, you will find a step-by-step guide on composing an APA cover that will meet all the standards.

General Information

For starters, you need to discover what goes on the title page of an APA paper. It will help you understand what you will be required to do. It has to be written on a separate sheet. The cover page has to imply the following data.

  1. Page number.
  2. Paper title.
  3. Author.
  4. Affiliation.
  5. Course.
  6. Instructor.
  7. Due date.

All the details need to be arranged in the mentioned order. First, the number has to be specified in the right upper corner. Obviously, it is '1' because the cover is always first. After this, an undergraduate needs to specify the title. It ought to be catchy and summarize your investigation writing. It's advised to keep it under 12 words if you want to create a good-looking page.

Further, you need to specify the name of a writer. The first and last names have to be full. In case there is a middle name, it should be presented by an initial. You shouldn't comprise any degrees or titles. It's allowed to add two or three names of contributors. Next, you ought to write an affiliation that identifies your college and department. Following, you should write the course, the instructor's name, and the due date for your article.

Cover Page Formatting

It's vital to compose all the data in the correct order. Nevertheless, it's also important to format a title page following the APA standards to not violate instructions provided by a tutor. You need to make the document centered and double-spaced. Use the 12-point Times New Roman font to make it easy to read for most people.

The number should be specified by using the decimal or Arabic numeral system. It's forbidden to use Roman numbers. Then, you need to skip three or four lines and write it. It has to be capitalized. According to the APA writing rules, you need to capitalize the first letter of every significant word. Articles and prepositions should be composed in lowercase. Also, it needs to be bold.

Writing a paper's authors, you can specify a few people. In case there are only two writers, divide their names by adding the 'and' conjunction. Having more than two writers to specify, you need to separate their names by using commas. Further, you need to specify the department and education institution by separating them with a comma. Finally, if writers are affiliated with different universities, you need to connect them using superscript numbers. The rest of the data is the course, instructor's name, and due date.

How to Write a Title Page APA Professionally

Using the instructions from the post above, you can create a correct cover for submitting a research paper at college. However, you may be asked to create an expert type of cover for your assignment. It has a similar look to the simplified one but implies some extra points. The acknowledged variant of the APA cover has the following structure:

  1. Page number.
  2. Running head.
  3. Paper title.
  4. Author.
  5. Affiliations.
  6. Author note.

The running head has to be aligned to the left and has a 1-inch indent from its top. It's a short version of a page's title. All letters have to be capitalized. The author's note needs to be placed at the bottom. It has to comprise four sections that are the following:

  1. Department and institution connection.
  2. Any alterations in affiliation.
  3. Credits, ways of finding sources, particular circumstances.
  4. Contact details.

Helpful Tips for Students

In case you don't know how to write a title page for a research paper, keep the guidance open on your computer and follow them accurately. Feel free to bookmark the post or print it to have quick access to the guide. Also, you can download a template that is already formatted according to the APA standards. However, if you want to be 100% sure that all the instructions are met, don't be shy about reaching an assignment writing company and request professional help in title page creation. In addition, a homework help platform can help you create a top-grade article with no hassle. Finally, by getting research writing assistance online, you can get the cover created for free.