How to Write a Good Essay in English

How to Write a Good Essay in English

All students must learn how to make a paper. Of course, it is not something that comes naturally to us. Academic writing has a lot of techniques and rules that you can master only with time and practice. However, you can surely learn the basic rules and stages of work before starting with your assignment. Learning how to write a good English essay will definitely help you earn respect from your professors and give you more confidence in your studies. So, here is the guide on how you can achieve it. 

What Is an Essay and Why to Do it?

An essay is an academic piece of writing that is often given to students in schools and colleges. This evaluation form aims to check students’ knowledge, analytical and critical thinking skills, and their talent in research, writing, and editing. 

An essay on the English language should also have perfect grammar and punctuation. You should be really careful and proofread your work. Your instructor will definitely check the overall look of your work. So, you must make it look neat and professional. After all, there is no such thing that doesn’t matter when it comes to academia. 

Steps to Write an Essay in English

The only way to learn how to write an English essay is by practicing doing it. However, you can help yourself by mastering the strategy for doing it. Often, some things will come to you with experience, while others you can learn ahead and apply this knowledge in your future works. Here are the three main steps you should follow while working on your paper. 

How to Start an English Essay

Despite your expectations, you should not start your work on the paper with writing. Yes, there are more steps to it than just staring at a blank page. You must start with picking a topic and doing your research on it. Now, start with deciding what you want to write about and how to approach it. It’s not enough to pick a topic or theme for the paper. You must also choose a unique angle for your work. This way, you make sure your work is original and interesting. Once you make your mind to this, you can seek additional information on the topic. 

While doing your research, you should look for reliable sources that can bring you valuable insight into the theme of your paper. 

How to Approach Writing?

You are ready to move on to writing, once you know what you are writing about and have the information you need. So, your next step must be structuring, outlining, and drafting. You don’t just start with writing the final version of your text right away. You must make a few drafts first. Play with the ideas and experiment with the collected data. Then, start working on your thesis statement. You need to decide how you want to approach your work. A thesis statement should serve you as the final goal you should aim for. Hence, all your drafts must have one until you decide on the strongest of them. 

Next, once you pick your best ideas and arguments, you are free to structure them in an orderly and logical manner. Here, you should start with the outline. An outline is basically the map of your future paper. It should show where everything goes. Thus, it is the backbone of your paper. This stage of your writing is crucial as here you decide on the arguments you include and where you put them. Overall, this is how your outline should look like: 

  1. Introduction
    1. Thesis statement
  2. Main body
    1. First paragraph
      1. Main idea
      2. Evidence
      3. Argumentation
    2. Second paragraph
      1. Main idea
      2. Evidence
      3. Argumentation
    3. Third paragraph
      1. Main idea
      2. Evidence
      3. Argumentation
  3. Conclusion

Once you have your outline ready, you can move on to expanding your main arguments and adding more text to them. At this point, you are almost done with your work.

How to Conclude

The conclusion is definitely a crucial part of your work. Here, you must draw a line to your text and conclude everything that has been said before. You must structure your conclusion well. You must meet several key components here. First, you must restate your thesis. Next, you must answer it. Write down whether you have answered the thesis or not and why. Finally, you get to explain how you have answered it. Here, you will need to recall your main arguments throughout the text and briefly mention how they help you to meet your goal. 

Also, sometimes, you end a conclusion with a call for action. For instance, you can tell what areas of the given theme are short of evidence and where further research/analysis is needed. It can be a nice way to end the paper since you show how much you have learned from it, and that the work on the given topic is far from being done yet. Hence, there is much more to learn.

English Essays Help

Last but not least, there are always online English writing essays services that are more than happy to help. It’s possible to contact professional writers whenever you are really struggling with your work. Sometimes, they can just help you out with a topic or theme for your work. You can also ask them to help you outline or structure your text. Of course, on other occasions, you can easily buy a whole paper from the professionals. It’s especially convenient when you are on a tight deadline and can’t manage the assignment on your own on time. 

The Bottom Line

As you can see, learning how to write a good essay in English is nothing hard. You just need to follow the steps and schedule your time right. Of course, as with any work, you’d get better at doing this task every time you try it. Practice will make it perfect. However, learning how to do it right from the first time will do it even better. So take your time to learn all the right stages of writing, stick to the academic writing rules, and you will be doing great from the start. Good luck!