How to Write a Conclusion in Assignment or Report?

How to Write a Conclusion in Assignment or Report?

All learners face the necessity to compose reports and other types of assignments during their studies. When it comes to doing the research, making the draft of your outline, and developing an exceptional introduction, everything might seem okay. However, the situation often drastically changes when you need to finalize your paper with a fitting conclusion. How to write an effective conclusion? Are there any brilliant approaches to creating a superior final of your paper? Our experts are ready to share the most innovative tips on how to write a good conclusion with minimum effort. 

How to Depict a Top-Notch Conclusion: Basic Requirements

If you plan to design a winning conclusion, it might be a great idea to explore its basic elements along with their characteristics. What should you pay attention to when composing a final of your essay? It’s time to discover the features of the most impressive finals for reports and other academic assignments. 


The most important thing any young mind should pay attention to is the volume of your conclusion. The basic rule here is that it depends on the type of your assignment. However, most educators recommend that the conclusion shouldn’t be longer than 8-10% of the total paper’s word count. For example, if your essay is 2000 words, make sure its final part is no longer than 200 words. This is the most balanced solution for your paper; being too wordy is never good for your conclusion. 


No, we are not going to write about the plagiarism level of your essay. Conclusion’s originality is about being unique compared to the introduction. The most common mistake of many learners is copying the phrases or sentences from the beginning of their reports and pasting them to the end. However, you need to show off a deep understanding of the topic and organize your conclusion in a unique and organic manner while staying connected with the introduction. How to write a conclusion for an essay with this rule in mind? That’s easy. Just use synonyms and rephrase the statements you’ve already mentioned. Add a split of creativity in this field not to use the same sentences in different parts of your academic paper. 


Each academic assignment has its particular goal, and there are no exclusions here. Therefore, it is always good to show off the results of your research along with your accomplishments. Don’t be afraid to emphasize that you’ve chosen the best approach, idea, or argument to achieve the purposes of your writing. Your paper should meet the main goal of your writing, as well as give you a chance to represent impressive analytical skills. 


How to write a conclusion in the report or essay? Demonstrate the importance of the research you’ve done and the findings you’ve achieved. What are the perspectives of the solution to the chosen issue? How valuable are they? For example, if you are writing about fighting depression, point out the most effective ways to overcome this condition, according to recent studies. 

How to Write a Conclusion: The Hottest Methods

The writing tactics used by different students might vary. The good news is that the professors accept various solutions for composing the conclusions. However, being creative when writing the final part of your paper is surely not a good idea. Below is a list of the most winning methods for composing the paper’s ending. 


The best solution for your paper might be powering up your conclusion with the most important concepts and facts you’ve mentioned in its body paragraphs. However, avoid repeating your statements word for word. Try to put all the information altogether, and don’t forget to include a provocative statement you’ve come up with at the beginning of your essay. By the way, it is necessary to synthesize rather than summarize the info you’ve mentioned earlier. Avoid being too brief or use general phrases only. 

Stick to the Introduction

Although your conclusion should have strong logical connections with the body paragraphs, it should also correlate with the paper’s opening. This tactic is considered to be one of the most splendid methods for finalizing your report. Feel free to use a couple of keywords you’ve used in the introduction and strive with providing a strong connection between all parts of your academic assignment.

Offer a Solution for Further Studies 

The final part of your paper might become a great place for broadening your horizons. What does it mean? Many learners don’t limit themselves by coming up with a simple synthesis of the paper. You can propose the question for further research, recommend a solution to the chosen issue, or provide a short prognosis about the future of a particular object. This type of conclusion remains the most driving one that might help you get some extra points for your academic assignment. 

Top Writing Methods That Are Better Avoided 

  1. Using transition words, like “in conclusion” or “in closing.” These are unnecessary phrases that choke up your academic paper. You can use these words in speeches but avoid adding them to your writing. 
  2. Stating the paper’s thesis word for word. It is better to come up with rephrasing and original statements.
  3. Representing new points or ideas. The conclusion is never the right place for representing innovative solutions. It should contain only the information you’ve mentioned in the body paragraphs. 
  4. Adding statistics or other numeric data. Avoid adding any numbers in the final part of your paper - the essay’s body is a more fitting place for this information.
  5. Being too emotional. Remember that you are not a master of drama. Your academic paper should be composed using a top-notch writing tone. 
  6. Being too negative. Sometimes you need to write about controversial subjects. However, avoid showing off the object from one side and come up with sharp negativism in the final part of your paper.

How to Write a Good Conclusion for a Report: Top Solution 

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