How to Write a College Persuasive Essay: Format, Outline, Writing Tips

How to Write a College Persuasive Essay: Format, Outline, Writing Tips

During college, each student will have to write different papers. Some tasks will be quite easy. However, sometimes college and university essay writing may cause you difficulties. For example, let's say you're a freshman and don't yet know how to write a persuasive paper. Is this cause for concern? No, because not everything is as complicated as it seems at first glance. Let's start with some basic terminology.

Any persuasive essay format and a definition have a lot in common with an argumentative essay since you need to operate with facts and make logical inferences. These assignments are designed to enable students to apply arguments and strong evidence obtained from credible sources. This means that you cannot be unfounded in your statements. Instead, you should be guided solely by facts and logical reasoning.

The Classic Structure of a Persuasive Essay

Many newbies mistakenly think they will have to spend at least a couple of weeks understanding the basic requirements. But everything is not as complicated as it seems at first glance. This task has a basic 5-paragraph structure. Typically, you won't need to write more than 2-4 pages. Here are the basic points you shouldn't forget.

  • intro;
  • body paragraphs (1-3);
  • conclusion.

Now you will have no doubts about the format of a persuasive essay. Just follow the basic structure as this is classic paper. But do not forget about your goals and objectives because you must be convincing and concise. Then your professor will surely appreciate your efforts. Now let's move on to the next step.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Outline?

Now you know that the classic essay format will not give you much of a hassle. You need to understand the sequence of actions and plan each aspect. This is why your job is to write a great persuasive essay outline. How to do it? First of all, you need to take a look at a good example.

Topic Need to develop new types of batteries for electronic devices
Intro Start with an interesting quote, question, or vivid description that will serve as a starting point for describing a problem with lithium production for batteries. Then, come up with a good grappling hook. Finally, don't forget your thesis statement and three arguments.

Paragraph 2: Lithium deficiency and outdated battery technology

Paragraph 3: Current technology cannot provide significant increases in battery capacity.

Paragraph 4: Silicon batteries can provide up to five times the capacity.

Conclusion This is the final part of restating your thesis statement and summarizing all of the above. Your conclusion is an opportunity to highlight the importance of your research and the relevance of your topic.


As you can see, this task is quite simple if you know all the rules. Now you no longer have questions like, "How to write a persuasive outline?" You can even use this example as a basis and create your paper based on the points provided. There is nothing wrong with that, especially because you strive for knowledge and get some experience.

How to Write a Persuasive Essay Step By Step?

Pick Your Topic

This step seems insignificant to many newbies. However, you shouldn't underestimate the importance of a good topic as it is an important step in creating a good paper. By choosing an interesting area for research, you can find answers faster and enjoy your work. In addition, your enthusiasm will help you analyze the facts more thoroughly and make a strong case for a particular position.

Choose the Side You Are On

Before using the "outline persuasive essay" search queries and writing a draft, you need to think about what position you want to take. For example, let's say your topic concerns a ban on purchasing weapons in a certain state. Are you going to support the new restrictions, or do you want every citizen to be able to buy a gun for self-defense? Sometimes the choice of side may not be obvious, and you will have to spend a little time studying all the aspects.

Write the Intro

And here is the first really difficult task for you. You need to introduce the topic and present your point of view. This is a tricky stage, so you should know the good ways to start a persuasive essay. Find a specific hook that will help you be convincing and original. 

Certain facts or impressive statistics can also be a good start. For example, let's say you're writing about the pollution of the Pacific Ocean. Start with something like, "More than one hundred million tons of garbage is dumped into the ocean every year. As a result, miles of mountains of bottles, bags, and organic waste drift between continents." This will be a good start.

Write the Body

In this part, you need to concentrate on the problems and statements that you want to describe. Let's say your task is to emphasize the importance of higher education. Pick three main arguments and add each one to one of the paragraphs. Let's say it can be the best career opportunity, meeting important people and gaining invaluable experience. Your outline for a persuasive essay will help you stay on track and structure your thoughts well.

Make Your Conclusion

Remember that the final part of your paper is just as important as the initial sentences. You have done a great job, and now it's time to summarize everything that you described earlier and come to some conclusion. Your final paragraph should be concise and compelling. Then you can count on a high grade.

How to Write a College Persuasive Essay: Seven Tips You Should Know About

Any paper is a kind of challenge, especially if you have little prior experience. However, you shouldn't be upset as there are some basic tips to make your day brighter. You need to remember all seven points so that you no longer worry about such simple tasks.

1. State Your Position

When you want to persuade someone, you need to take a position. Try to be concise and truthful. If you have to provide any compelling evidence, you need first to assess how appropriate it is in the context of your paper. Then, describe why you took a certain position and how important it is for the modern community.

2. Get Organized

You need to be organized and coherent. Only then will your paper be really good. If you have a thesis, you must follow a logical plan and put all your arguments convincingly. Only then can you count on your paper to be great. Try to anticipate all the counterarguments and make logical reasons why you are still right.

3. Persuade with Passion

You shouldn't be negligent about your assignment. That is why you should choose a topic that evokes positive emotions in you. For example, would you like to describe the current economic situation in the world and the triggers for hyperinflation? This is a good decision. Alternatively, you can study evolutionary processes and describe the basic patterns and prerequisites for the emergence of Homo sapiens. The choice is yours.

4. Know Your Audience

This is pretty tricky advice since you know that your professor will be the only reader of your essay. However, it will be much easier for you to deal with such assignments if you represent a conditional target group for which you will write. 

For example, let's say these are people under 35 interested in innovation and improving the economy. Or do you want to write your paper for imaginary conservatives? Do not be afraid of this stage. Just pick your audience, and it will be easier for you to formulate all your proposals.

5. Do Your Research

Before declaring that someone is wrong or trying to persuade the reader, you should carefully study every aspect of your topic. For example, you are describing global warming and want to focus on the underlying assumptions. You cannot blame anyone without reason. But you can study the impact of livestock farms, metallurgical plants, or chemical factories on the ozone layer and climate change. Study all aspects carefully, and you will not make bold statements.

6. Support Your Argument

Let’s say you decided to state that livestock farms contribute to carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere and are significantly more harmful to the environment than car factories. Then you must provide specific arguments with data and evidence. Any of your arguments should be based on proven facts. Otherwise, your professor will not give you a high grade, and you will lose credibility in the eyes of the student community. It sounds a little pretentious, but empty arguments distance you from the final goal (gaining knowledge).

7. Write with Integrity

There are many ways to collect honest arguments and prove that you are right. You don't need to try to manipulate facts or base your reasoning on emotions or current trends. Instead, be an honest and consistent student. You have a great opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show your skills. Choose only reliable information and indicate sources so that your professor can double-check the honesty of your statements and arguments.

40 Perfect Persuasive Essay Topics for Everyone

Any victories start with small battles. This is why you should choose a good topic if you want to get your assignment done quickly. In addition, you may enjoy the process of finding information and comparing facts. Here are 40 great topics that are not trivial enough. Now you don't need to ask a question like, "How to write a persuasive essay?" Read all the options to choose the best one.

Educational Essay Topics

Education is an important aspect of any person's life. That is why you can choose any topic related to innovative educational methods, distance education, or describe the interaction format between professors and students. Your field of research has no specific boundaries, and that's great. Now let's take a look at some good examples.

  1. Should students work in the evenings?
  2. Is distance learning appropriate in today's world?
  3. Why don't all students need to go to college?
  4. The main prerequisites for the formation of financial literacy at school.
  5. Why shouldn't education be free?
  6. How relevant are educational grants in modern society?
  7. Should you argue with professors during seminars?
  8. How does rhetoric influence the formation of personality in school?
  9. Should distance learning be introduced everywhere?
  10. Should we create more inclusive classrooms for students?

As you can see, these are excellent topics to help you be argumentative and consistent. All you need is a little patience and reliable sources. You can choose any option from the list or combine several points to make your essay more versatile.

Political Essay Topics

The policy is a never-ending source for generating topics. Any statement, bill, event, or current trend can be analyzed, and a great essay can be written. For example, has President Biden made a controversial statement? Then how about analyzing his direct speech and choosing important arguments to support your claims? Finally, take a look at current events in the country, and you can find an area for research. Here's a list to help you get started on your quest.

  1. Why is the current political system in the United States stagnating?
  2. Why are mass protests beneficial to politicians?
  3. Should you ban the purchase of weapons in the United States?
  4. How do religious organizations influence the political situation in the United States?
  5. Is it advisable to restrict the voting rights of older people?
  6. Why do politicians speculate on the topic of immigrants?
  7. Why does fake news only exacerbate the political situation in the world?
  8. Does the state need to tighten its immigration policy?
  9. Why does the US need young politicians?
  10. Does the US need a wall on the border with Mexico?

As you can see, politics is a very multifaceted area of research. First, you need to select your topic and make an outline for a persuasive essay. Then you can juggle your arguments like a real pro. Take your time and try to be consistent. Then you will get a high grade.

Crime and Legal Essay Topics

Here is another list of topics that will be relevant to today's students. Many aspects are extremely interesting. For example, you can write about immigrants, guns, crime, and imperfect laws. Then, describe all the current shortcomings of criminal law and add some strong arguments. This will be enough for a good paper.

  1. Is the right to acquire weapons unconditional for all citizens?
  2. Why is campus security so low?
  3. How does the state respect people's right to anonymity?
  4. Is it possible to help ex-prisoners return to legal life?
  5. Why is recreational cannabis still banned in some states?
  6. Should the government restrict the use of civilian drones?
  7. Should you implement an autopilot system in modern cars? Who will be responsible for possible car accidents?
  8. Are reforms of the modern executive system necessary?
  9. How does the state restrict the rights and freedoms of immigrants?
  10. Is the modern system of investigation outdated?

These are just some of the topics you can use for your paper. Do not be afraid of any controversial aspects such as imperfect legislation or gray areas in the criminal code. All you need are strong arguments and reliable sources.

Health Essay Topics

Health is very important for any person. If you choose this area for your essay, you will be able to concentrate on the insurance system, deficiencies in clinic oversight, uneven taxes, and inequalities in health care availability. Here are ten topics that you should pay attention to first.

  1. Why isn't the American government trying to fight opium addiction?
  2. Should medical services be free?
  3. Why has health insurance lost its relevance in the modern world?
  4. Why has infant mortality been on the rise for three consecutive years in the United States?
  5. Do you need an additional tax rate for fast food?
  6. Is new reform needed for the US healthcare system?
  7. How can the state help soldiers with PTSD?
  8. What are the main methods of fighting obesity?
  9. Should the state impose strict control over the production of multivitamin complexes?
  10.  Is it necessary to organize additional rehabilitation centers in the regions affected by forest fires?

As you can see, you can generate an infinite variety of topics. In addition, now you know how to write such papers, and you will no longer have a question like, "How to format a persuasive essay?" Instead, think about what aspect of the healthcare system you want to focus on. You may also look through health essay examples to get some ideas for your assignment. Will it be about the legalization of cannabis, sedatives, or the insurance system?

You may be interested in focusing on issues related to the availability of medicine and possible bureaucratic flaws. In any case, this is a very interesting area to research, and it will take you literally 10-20 minutes to compile a list of 20 or 50 topics. So take your time and choose the most interesting research niche. Then your paper will be perfect. Don't be afraid to be sincere and persuasive. This is your chance to show that you do an excellent job with such assignments and are always ready to find the truth.