How to Cheat Turnitin in 2021: Tricks to Hack

How to Cheat Turnitin in 2021: Tricks to Hack

How To Cheat Plagiarism On Turnitin

The life of a modern student can sometimes be challenging, especially if you want to get the best out of your youth or combine studying with a part-time job. It is a reason why some young people look for effective workarounds to keep up with the curriculum without a decrease in academic performance. Well, they often feel overwhelmed with assignments since college professors believe students can cope with an increased workload thanks to the web and modern technologies. Even though the latter can really simplify people's lives in a way, there are still only 24 hours. So, when students are short on time and the likelihood of missing their deadline goes up, they resort to plagiarism. There is nothing laudable about that, but sometimes it seems the only possible way out. So, it is not surprising people show incredible interest in bypassing Turnitin - the most popular plagiarism checking software.

What Is Turnitin?

When it comes to the academic environment, you will hardly find a person who knows nothing about this plagiarism screening service. This software allows you to find out whether you have created a unique paper or 'borrowed' something from other sources. It is a brainchild of iParadigms group that decided to help the teaching staff fight against plagiarism created by the students. Well, even good intentions require financial intake, so the service is commercialized, and demands advance registration. It will take a little time to get the result after submitting your work, so it is not surprising students want to find out how to beat Turnitin and not get trapped. 

How Does Turnitin Work?

Frankly speaking, its basic working principles don't differ much from those you can find in other checkers on the web. A professor takes your ready-made assignment and uploads it on the service, or you do it yourself by their request. What does Turnitin check for? The software analyses it from different perspectives, compares it with numerous sources, searches for matches, and provides the result. The software is looking for similarities within its database, and as you might have guessed, it is huge. The latter involves three types of content:

  • publicly available online content;
  • journals, books, newspapers, specialized articles;
  • academic assignments submitted via the service. 

The system will highlight all the matched phrases and show the percentage of plagiarism if there is one. Thus, a teacher can see how hard their student has worked on the assignment in a matter of seconds. That's why young people are interested in tips on how to bypass Turnitin and stay on track. Well, this software is user-friendly, convenient, and easy to get. Furthermore, it allows your teacher to set parameters that will be applied while searching.  

How Accurate Is Turnitin?

Experts claim that check plagiarism Turnitin provides its users with extremely accurate results that stay between 91% and 98% in terms of specifying copy-pasted phrases and providing links to original sources. Such impressive results explain its extreme popularity on the web compared to similar services you can come across in the market. The software can boast of the lowest score of false-positive results. Thus, if you don't want to face the terrible consequences of plagiarism, you should either do proper research or turn to reliable writing services or find out tips on how to plagiarize without getting caught by Turnitin and cheat on. It is up to you to decide what way looks more appealing to you. Just don't forget that the paper's uniqueness is one of the crucial demands not to get an F grade. 

Can Students Use It, Is Turnitin Reliable?

Most teaching staff ask their learners to submit ready-made assignments to Turnitin. They want to find out how diligently students have worked on their papers and how unique their works are. The software demonstrates the percentage of uniqueness and reveals all 'secrets' right away. What does Turnitin detect? How to reduce similarity on turnitin? It searches for alike content, similar sentences, and phrases. Thus, sometimes it perceives some unique information as paraphrased and provides a higher percentage of plagiarism.

As you know, sometimes you cannot find a hundred original definitions of some specific terms or illustrate something from a completely new perspective. So, answering the question, "Can Turnitin detect paraphrasing?" one can provide a positive response. However, sometimes, it results in an unpleasant situation and makes students nervous even when they haven't cheated.

How to Cheat Plagiarism on Turnitin?

Writing a unique paper can be challenging even if you do proper research and share your thoughts instead of borrowing someone's ideas. The situation is even more complicated when you decide to spice up your paper with some great citations and examples. You can stay up late at night, trying to tailor your assignment to the required extent to enhance uniqueness at least a bit. However, if you don't know any tips or Turnitin tricks, on how to avoid Turnitin detection, all your efforts may be in vain. Moreover, even using all the tricks, there is no guarantee that you won't find yourself in trouble if you copy-paste someone's material. Well, as they say, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

How to cheat Turnitin 1st rule: Change Your Paper's Format

It is perhaps one of the easiest yet smartest ways on how to fool Turnitin, but not all students resort to it for some reason. Everything you need to do is to adjust your paper's structure and convert your Word document into a PDF file. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, such a trick makes the software believe you have written your essay from scratch. Thus, it is a great strategy to follow when you are short on time. Nonetheless, you shouldn't forget that your teacher is not a machine, and if you boldly copy-paste a part of your paper, the likelihood of getting caught will be high. So, chasing after ways on how to trick Turnitin, make sure you don't deceive yourself. 

How to cheat Turnitin 2nd rule: Paraphrase Your Paper

It is one of the most common ways to save your paper from plagiarism and stay on the safe side. Many students ask themselves the question, "Will Turnitin detect paraphrasing?" hesitating to resort to this method. Like many other checkers, this software has been designed to find similar phrases and passages, but it will hardly identify well-paraphrased content. Thus, it can be a wise and effective way out. Bear in mind that paraphrasing doesn't mean deleting a few words in a sentence or changing 'love' for 'like.' It is a time-consuming process when you read a piece of information and re-write it with your own words adding some of your thoughts. When you approach the issue wisely, you have a high chance to succeed.

How to cheat Turnitin 3rd rule: Use Synonyms in Your Paper

Such software is designed to search for match combinations of words within one sentence to define whether it is 'borrowed' from another source. Technological algorithms cannot process information the way we do, so you can take advantage of it, using synonyms of the keywords. Someone says that you should necessarily do it with the third word in the phrase, especially if it is about a verb. This trick on how to reduce similarity on Turnitin will work best in combination with the previous point when you paraphrase a sentence and use synonyms where necessary.

How to cheat Turnitin 4th rule: Use Letters from a Different Language in Your Paper

It is high time to resort to some truly cunning ways on how to cheat on Turnitin. You just need to swap or replace letters in a word with foreign analogs that look like their twin brothers. It is not a big deal to find an alphabet used in a different language full of identical letters you see in English. The only thing you need to do is to replace at least one letter in a word, and voila, the software will never recognize the swap. Just bear in mind that your teacher may notice the trick if you hand in your assignment in an electronic version. Besides, it will not be superfluous to find out what symbols the software can detect. 

Turnitin Cheat Tricks: Involve Pictures and Images in Your Paper

But, does Turnitin check pictures? If the type of your paper suggests using pictures and images such as maps, charts, photos, graphs, etc., you can use it as one of the ways on how to hack Turnitin. Such data will increase the paper's uniqueness and make it look more appealing to your target audience. So, a perfect mix of pictures and written content can become a win-win option from different perspectives. Just bear in mind that if you copy-past big pieces of information and include them into your paper, the chances will be high that you will be caught on plagiarism. This trick will help hide some minor matches when images separate them, but bold plagiarism is a very different thing. So, if you want to get a 100% unique paper, you should better involve all the tips mentioned on the list or resort to a backup plan.

Turnitin Cheat Tricks: Turn to a Reliable Writing Service

If all the tips mentioned above seem too complicated and time-consuming, so you are not ready to waste a week on their implementation, you can turn for help. A trustworthy writing service will have your back when necessary since their professional writers have tremendous experience creating unique papers under the belt. It will clear up your tight schedule and rid you of a heavy burden, so you will have enough time to devote to something more interesting. Furthermore, advanced writers will create a unique paper that follows all the citation requirements, so you will not need to worry about plagiarism issues. The only thing you will need to do is to provide guidelines from your professor and get your A-grade-worthy paper on time. It is the best option for students who are short on time and prone to procrastination while working on boring assignments. 

How to Hack Turnitin Deadline

Can you submit a paper to Turnitin twice? Your paper due date can be already around the corner, but you still have a lot of work to do. For example, suppose your professor has asked all the students to submit their assignments to Turnitin, but you realize that you fail to meet the deadline. In theory, you may have some lead time until it will be too late, but how to bypass the system's due date? Well, some simple tricks may come in handy when you need to hand in your paper through the program:

  1. When you log in to the website, press the submit button. Select the required command 'cut and paste' from the drop-down menu.
  2. Type down the headline of your submission and cut the text from your word document.
  3. Click submit and wait when it is loaded completely. It is quite easy to hack the system, isn't it?

When you submit, you will get a digital receipt. It will never be superfluous to check the percentage of plagiarism so that you can edit the paper to the required extent. If you don't see the digital receipt on the screen, check out whether your delayed submission to Turnitin was successful. If not, repeat everything once again.