Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

Funny Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students

A speech is a common assignment that students at high schools, colleges, and universities get from their professors. Why is it so frequent to be used? Actually, the popularity of speeches and presentations originates from their features. A student who wants to get the best possible grade for a speech should demonstrate such skills and qualities as:

  • creativity;
  • writing mastery;
  • emotional intelligence;
  • knowledge of literary devices;
  • ability to express their thoughts both in written and spoken forms;
  • self-confidence to speak in public;
  • awareness of the correct speech structure.

Those were only some abilities and features that a student uses when they prepare and then recite a speech. A student carefully and thoroughly applying all those abilities can count on the audience’s attention and, consequently, a high grade for his or her speech.

A Topic for a Speech: How to Pick It

If you have the experience of crafting any academic essay, research paper, or any other assignment, then you surely know that the topic is the cornerstone of every writing. The same thing is true for speeches. You can’t start composing your speech without knowing its core theme and idea.

Sometimes, your professor wants you to come up with a speech on a previously assigned topic or problem. However, many profs are more liberal in this question. They prefer giving students more freedom. But that freedom of choice can make an unprepared student feel stunned.

What should you speak about? How do you come up with an original topic? How to pick a theme with the highest grade? Those are only some of many questions bothering the mind of a worried student.

The first point for you to understand is that panicking is not necessary. Coming up with an interesting speech topic able to keep their interest is easier than you might think. Let’s find out how to do that.

Speech Topic: Pick What Suits You

First, do not think that the first theme that came to your mind after you got the assignment from your professor is not worth a try. Most frequently, topics that students consider at that moment would be perfectly accepted and approved if they were brave enough to tell about their idea aloud.

Second, if you think that your topic is banal and unoriginal, you are most probably right and wrong at a time. You are right because an overwhelming majority of potential speech topics and relevant issues were touched in student speeches throughout the world at least once. And you are wrong because the originality and uniqueness of a speech are not in its topic but in the way you discuss it.

And third, which is last but not least important, try to choose a topic that you are interested in personally. That’s how you will get multiple benefits that are hard to overestimate. Regarding that recommendation, you might want to connect your speech topic with your field of study, future career, or hobby.

For example, if you love playing video games, you can come up with a persuasive speech about the delusions that people might have about games and gamers nowadays. If you decided to connect your future career with AI development, then speaking about the prospects of artificial intelligence and the new opportunities it would bring are your perfect choice.

Why so? It’s because a speech surely requires a lot of study and data processing work to be done even before you start composing it. The fact that the chosen theme is connected with your hobby or professional field means that you’ve got a lot to say about it. Your expertise there is much higher than with any other topic. And, of course, you have valuable and reliable information sources to use as references for your speech. Every slight benefit that you get will save you time and nerves and finally let you craft an outstanding speech worth the highest possible grade.

Now, let’s talk about something you have surely been thinking of at least once while picking your theme: funny presentation topics. We’ll make it clear at once: a funny topic is surely worth being used for a speech in most cases.

Why Pick Humorous Speech Topics

A bit of humor never hurts a speech, even a serious one. Most frequently, it can reduce tension in the audience, create a relaxed atmosphere, and help a speaker grab listeners’ attention. But what if you want to come up with a theme that is funny at its core?

That’s alright! Do that.

In most cases, a funny speech topic itself is the guarantee of originality. Think about that. The chance for any other student to pick something similar when you come up with a humorous theme is more than just low. It’s minimal. Additionally, you’ll surely have the interest of your professor and groupmates right after the topic is announced.

However, picking a humorous topic is not all. You need to know how to discuss it appropriately in your speech. On the one hand, it is surely a bad idea to turn an academic assignment into a standup performance. On the other hand, you can’t be too strict and serious when the topic is funny. It’s crucial to keep that balance.

The last recommendation for you to consider is simple but critical. Answer the question: does your sense of humor allow coming up with a funny speech really worth the highest grade? That’s not bad if you don’t feel confident enough with it. Considering your possibilities is not cowardice but astuteness.

Finally, if you decide that your speech will be full of humor, it is time to switch to the next point of this article. Check the following funny speech topics for college students and let them become helpful. You can use them as they are or just take some as conceptual references and come up with your original theme for a presentation or speech.

10 Funny Persuasive Speech Topics

Here are ten themes for your speeches that are humorous enough to wonder your professor and then, if your approach will be thorough, to capture the attention of your audience. As a result, a speech written and recited well will surely bring you a top grade. That’s your main goal, isn’t it?

Cats are Better Pets than Dogs

When thinking of funny presentation topics, one would surely pay attention to pets. That humorous undeclared cold war between cat keepers and dog keepers (and admirers) is an eternal conflict that does not have a peaceful solution. If you are by the cats’ side, prove that little independent predators are surely more preferable than big and small barking bio machines. Or maybe you’ve got an opposing position? Well, that’s just another battle of the long-lasting war! Gear up with arguments, stand, and fight for your truth!

It’s Weird to Be a Grown-Up

 One of the funny speech topics for high school students is adulthood that comes closer and closer with every year, month, day, and minute. When you and your groupmates were in elementary and middle schools, the majority of you had surely been dreaming of becoming adults and doing whatever you wanted to. Now, becoming a grown-up is your unavoidable future. Does it still seem to be as great as it used to back in your childhood days? If it doesn’t, you’ll surely be happy to use all the sense of humor you’ve got to explain why growing up is weird!

Mondays Should Be Officially Banned

The weekend is over, and it’s time to wake up early in the morning again. Students have to go to schools, colleges, and universities. Grown-ups must work. It’s Monday, the day that everyone hates. It won’t be too challenging for you to find arguments why governments all over the world should prohibit Mondays once and for all, will it? By the way, this topic will have an especially funny effect if you decide to discuss it with your group and professor exactly on Monday.

Time Traveling Wouldn’t Be for Good

“Oh, I wish I could travel back in time and fix that main mistake of my life…” – that’s what a lot of people may think. However, what could be other consequences of time traveling? Imagine that humanity was lucky enough to invent the time machine, and then they jump back to prehistoric times. Or decide to see the War on Independence with their own eyes. Or tell Columbus that he reached the unknown land and not India in 1492. Or whatever else. Try to present the consequences of such travels in a funny tone with a lot of jokes and humorous assumptions.  

Smoking Can Be Useful

The following concept will be great if you are looking not only for persuasive themes but for funny informative speech topics for college students. Think about the potential useful effects of smoking. For example, that habit can help a smoker get rid of some heavy banknotes in their pocket and make their posture better. If a smoker is an introvert, they can use cigarettes to put up a smokescreen between themselves and strangers. On the other hand, cigarettes can help them socialize with like-minded people. There are many benefits, aren’t they?

Skinny Jeans Are not for Men

Well, let’s be honest: that’s offensive, especially regarding the recent fashion trends. However, if there is no person in your group who would consider this topic sexist (or if they are able to accept such jokes), even skinny jeans on men’s legs can become a perfect theme to discuss in an academic speech. Do you think men should refuse to wear them? If not, prove why such jeans are a great choice for male persons.

One’s Wisdom is the Result of their Past Stupidity

It is probably one of the best funny motivational speech topics that students would find useful. Learning from someone else’s mistakes is a great ability, but the real wisdom of a person is the direct consequence of them doing something stupid before. Do you agree? Then, make it a great joyful topic for your presentation. Your speech can be a great proof for mistakes to be useful.

Life is a Test You Aren’t Ready for

The next one of our funny presentation ideas can be perfectly connected with the previous one. An average student spends days of their life preparing for future tests in order to avoid making mistakes and get that high grade. However, the reality is different. One’s life does not let you know when the next test or challenge is about to happen. You can’t prepare for it because you can’t see the future. You can plan it, but you never know for sure. If you’d be able to craft a funny and teaching speech on this topic, do that. Your groupmates will be grateful for sure.  

Love at First Sight Doesn’t Exist

The topic of romantic relationships between people will always remain controversial. Some believe that they can fall in love with a person right after they see their sweetheart for the first time. Others, however, think that love at first sight is nothing but a beautiful romantic myth. That’s a serious speech theme that can still be flavored with a lot of humor. Nevertheless, it will be challenging to craft an outstanding presentation with it. Do you like challenges?  

Adulthood is Outdated

They say one’s age is only a number. A lot of people perceive adulthood as the period when they are ultimately serious, working a lot, and staying away from “childish” activities. But who said a person in their 30s couldn’t play tabletop RPGs or video games, be spontaneous, and wear bright clothes? Do you agree that adulthood in its old-school meaning is dull and outdated? Prove that viewpoint in your speech!

To Conclude

Funny speech topics processed thoroughly and flavored with enough humor can help you craft an original presentation that will get the attention of your professor and audience. It is a great way to help groupmates relax and have fun while you all keep studying and earning good grades.

Don’t forget that you can always ask professional writers for help if you feel that you can’t finish your speech perfectly on time for some reason. Qualified assistants are always online and waiting for your orders.