Astounding Chemistry Research Topics for College Students and Undergraduates

Astounding Chemistry Research Topics for College Students and Undergraduates

Chemistry is not for everyone. Some students are crazy about discovering the atomic and molecular compositions of things, while others see nothing amazing in this discipline.

No matter what, you are supposed to compile a paper for your course. We do not want to run ahead of ourselves, but this is a challenging and demanding academic assignment. And you might be having the signs that this is going to be a tiresome task right now, even at the initial stage of selecting interesting chemistry research topics.

If you have no clue what subject matter to pick for your paper, do not psyche out. Our team is here to help you make the writing process as smooth and effortless as possible. 

So, let’s start with defining cool chemistry topics for your upcoming work that would help initiate the flawless process of paper creation.

Branches of Chemistry You Can Delve In

Chemistry is a broad science, and you can make use of it when defining the chemistry research paper topics. Generally, there are 5 basic branches you can refer to when picking a subject matter for your work:

  • organic - discover the molecules and atoms of the living organisms like animals and plants; 
  • inorganic - studies the atomic and molecular properties of inorganic compounds;
  • physical - dwell on the general physical principles that define the behavior of atoms and molecules;
  • analytical - is defined as a quantitative branch that defines how much of a chemical substance is there in the material;
  • biochemistry - investigates the reactions and interactions of organisms on the molecular and cellular levels.

The field of the high school chemistry research topics will depend on the course you take. You might be studying a definite chemistry branch, so will be tied to selecting the topics that fall within the defined discipline. In any case, we strongly recommend you agree to the topic with the professor or academic supervisor to ensure you’ll be working in the right direction.

Key Tips for Choosing Chemistry Topics for Research Papers

You might be absolutely confused about seeing long lists of topics for the paper. You have no idea how you are supposed to pick one if one subject sounds better than another or, on the contrary, nothing appealing comes your way.

Hmmm, that’s a great challenge, but let us comfort you. You can easily settle upon one astonishing subject, even when you have hundreds of fun chemistry topics. But it’s possible only when you know the drill. So, what criteria should you look for in a successful research paper topic on Chemistry?


A research paper is not the kind of academic task you can perform relying completely on your own educational background and thinking. First of all, it requires thorough research of the already published materials that help you support your core thesis statement.

If you do not have enough resources to prove that your point of view is right, you risk failing the paper. So, go with the topic that already has the record of its investigation.

Has a Space for Innovation

At the same time, you can not create a research paper without making your own contribution to the studying of the subject. You should find chemistry research paper topics for college that allow you to carry your own research and reveal the unknown facet of the subject matter.


Even though you might cite the works of other scholars in your research paper, you can not just mindlessly copy the text. If you use a direct citation, use reference in your work. In other cases, paraphrase the idea and avoid word-for-word quoting. The paper you submit should be free of plagiarism if you want to get a high grade.

Interesting for You 

Since a research paper is a long-term project, you definitely would want to investigate the chemistry research topics that captivate you. Think of the chemical notions or topics you would eagerly study and work out a subject for your work based on your own preferences.

Fascinating Chemistry Research Topics for Undergraduates 

We’ve broken down the topics for your paper depending on the Chemistry field to make the decision-making process easier for you. 

Topics for Your Organic Chemistry Research Projects that Would Keep You Curious

These research papers usually investigate the nature of carbon-containing compounds, their reactions, compositions, and preparations.

  1. Synthesis of Esters and Their Reactions
  2. Modification of Pectin Substances
  3. Edible Fats and Their Cellular Composition
  4. Thermochemical Properties of Diethylamine
  5. Hydrocarbon Fuel: Its Types, Properties, and Uses
  6. Chemical Synthesis With the Use of Galacturonic Acid
  7. Synthesis of Indole and Its Derivatives
  8. New Ways of Searching for Biologically Active Substances
  9. The Optimization of the Oxidation of Ethylene to Ethylene Oxide
  10. The Nature of the Carbon Nanotubes and Their Use

Topics for Research Papers on Inorganic Chemistry

When you write a paper on Inorganic Chemistry, you’ll be dealing with simple non-carbon compounds. You’ll be discovering their properties, reactions, and much more. 

  1. Calcium Phosphate: Synthesis of Materials With the Specific Morphology
  2. Synthesis of LiCoO2 Film on Stainless Steel
  3. Production of Carbon Nitride for Sodium-Ion Batteries
  4. Properties and Synthesis of BEA Zeolites, Produced as the Result of Steam-Assisted Crystallization
  5. Synthesis of Finely Dispersed Zirconium Oxide Doped With Erbium
  6. Production of Heterogeneous Photocatalysts Based on Porphyrin and Oxide Metal Compounds
  7. Production of Alloys and Intermetallic Compounds of Lithium and Aluminum for Anodes of Lithium-Ion Batteries
  8. Synthesis of Ceramic Materials With the Use of Gallates and Indates of Zinc and Magnesium
  9. SiO2 Aerogel With Silver Nanoparticles as a Substrate for Sers Spectroscopy
  10. Sol-Gel Synthesis of Colored Nano-Sized Calcium Silicate Powders for 3D Printing

Trendy Analytical Chemistry Research Topics

When you pick Analytical Chemistry for your research paper, get ready to discover the theoretical aspects of studying compounds, including their identification, separation, and clarification of the chemical elements within those compounds.

  1. Methods of Oil Desalinization
  2. Analysis of Reaction of Formaldehyde in the Presence of Fuchsin and Sulfite Ions
  3. Atomic Absorption Analysis
  4. The Conditions of the Analysis of the Amino Acids Using the HPLC Method
  5. Application of Bismuth Complexes With Organic Ligands in Modern Analytical Chemistry
  6. The Comparative Analysis of Methods for Chromium Determination in Natural and Waste-Waters
  7. Analytical Control in Inorganic Compounds Technology. Identification of Ammonium Salts, Nitrates in Sulfuric Acid

Still Do not Know How to Craft a Compelling Chemistry Research Paper?

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