American Dream Essay: Topics, Outline, and Example

American Dream Essay: Topics, Outline, and Example

The essay is one of the most common assignments for students, regardless of academic level. As a rule, such a paper improves writing skills, thinking, and broadening horizons. However, there is one assignment that stands apart. If you live in the USA, one of the most common papers you will have to write is the American dream essay. What is it, and what should beginners pay attention to first of all? Let's check this out.

What Is the American Dream Essay?

This assignment aims to identify your reflective outlook, traditional values, dreams, and aspirations. Such a paper is a kind of litmus sticker, which is a catalyst for changing the mood in society. But, of course, each person has their definition of a dream in the context of a nation or a certain category of the population. That is why your American dream essay thesis may differ from those that were relevant a year ago.

How to Structure Such a Paper?

First of all, you shouldn't forget about the American dream essay outline, as it will help you organize your thoughts and not miss a single point. Perhaps you should spend about an hour thinking about the aspects that make you feel the most emotional. Then, you should follow this structure after you decide on the data you should add to your American dream research paper outline.

  1. Introduction. This part should contain a kind of hook, which will become a trigger for holding attention. Perhaps you should mention someone else's statement or an interesting fact.
  2. Thesis statement. Your thesis is critical to forming arguments and a unified position in the context of your paper. Try to form a clear vision of your dreams or public outlook on national values.
  3. Body paragraphs. As a rule, you have to write 3-5 paragraphs with your position, evidence, and confirmation of your thoughts. And don't forget to use transition statements to ensure smooth transitions between paragraphs.
  4. Conclusion. All papers on the American dream should contain the final part. Summarize the above and re-emphasize the relevance of your judgment.

As you can see, such a structure is typical even if you want to write an American dream argumentative essay and provide real evidence of an entire nation's stereotyped views and preferences. All you need is a little time and an example in order not to make typical mistakes.

Is It Hard to Find Good American Dream Essay Examples?

It is not difficult to find a sample that will become a springboard for your essay, especially if you have already chosen your topic. First, however, it will be helpful for you to look at one of the options to understand what you should pay attention to first.

Topic: Historical Analysis of the American Dream

  1. Intro. Every nation goes through a phase of formation, values, pride, and goals to achieve. Most people consider freedom, equality, and material well-being to be the main factors for achieving their cherished dreams. That is why the American Dream is a symbiosis of historical overtones, national priorities, and aspirations.
  2. Thesis: My key aspiration is to realize dreams, regardless of the historical context, but based on the needs of people.
  3. Body Paragraphs. Topic sentences.

Historically, Americans have strived for freedom of expression of thoughts and beliefs. Without that, no one can build a successful multinational democratic state. It is these qualities that are still fundamental to people.

Religion and beliefs have always been the cornerstone of America. That is why the historical context is an important stage for reconciling people of all faiths and confessions to reach a consensus.

Wealth, fame, and high status are what many generations of Americans have been striving for. At this stage, these historical values are still important to the average US citizen.

Determination and being tolerant of other nations is a historical fact and an important pattern in defining the American Dream. People crave prosperity and the opportunity to hear each other, regardless of their position in society.

  1. Conclusion.

Thesis restated: America has gone through a centuries-old throat of revolutions and conflicts but was able to preserve basic values relevant even in the modern world.

Call to action: Each man and woman should independently determine the number and level of fundamental values to realizing the American Dream.

This example will help you save time and get started faster. Of course, all paragraphs are less than usual, but this is enough for you to understand the essence of this assignment.

10 Interesting American Dream Essay Topics

It would be unwise to start writing without pre-analyzing all the most interesting topics. You will surely get a lot of tips and interesting information if you look at the options that will be given below. Here are ten of the most relevant topics to help you get started writing your essay.

  1. The Changing of Dreams and Values Of Americans Over the Past 100 Years
  2. Can You Define a Single American Dream, Regardless of State?
  3. Do Lifestyle and Religious Beliefs Shape the American Dream?
  4. Can America Make National Dreams a Reality?
  5. How Does the Educational System Affect the Achievement of the American Dream in Modern Society?
  6. Why Shouldn’t Americans Get Hung up on Wealth and Business?
  7. How Do Race and Age Influence the Formation of Dreams and Values?
  8. Modern Technological Progress and the Classic American Dream
  9. How Can Immigrants Become Part of Society Through Shared Dreams and Values?
  10. Could a Political Slogan Be a Catalyst for the Formation of a National Dream?

What is your American dream essay topic? Do you want to concentrate on analyzing historical aspects, or do you want to look at what is relevant among young people? In any case, these ten options will be a springboard for your research and for forming a general conclusion.

Useful Tips to Write Your Essay on American Dream Like a Pro

Find General Description and the Main Society Ideas

As a rule, each person has his or her dream and strives to realize it. However, there is a generic term and even key patterns that shape the worldview of many Americans. This does not mean that you should take clichés about wealth, owning a house, or investments as the basis for your paper. Instead, take traditional values and contrast them with your views or current trends. Then you will be able to be open-minded and form your judgments without bias.

The Unique Experience of Famous People Are Important

Pay attention to how famous people spoke about the so-called American dream or idea. For example, you can look at the four types of freedoms formed by Roosevelt in the 1930s. In part, this is still a good basis for understanding what the American Dream is and how you can achieve it. So take a look at those general statements that you can challenge or complement with your experience.

Belief Systems

Here are some things to consider as well. Each man or woman is a unique person with a system of coordinates and values. This is why you will not find a standard answer to the question about the American dream. Some people believe that a good education, a prestigious career, money, or influences are essential for any happy American. Take a look at the most common belief systems to analyze all the variations and key beliefs of the population.

Don't Be Afraid to Express Your Personal Opinion

Note that your professor wants to make sure you can express your dreams, experiences, and views in an essay format. That is why your ultimate goals are secondary. The most important thing is your desire for self-realization and the methods you use when creating paper. There is nothing wrong with the fact that many people dream of financial well-being, a healthy family, importance in society, and popularity. List the key factors that are fundamental to making your dream come true.

Use Equality Policies

Here's another aspect you should consider. Modern society has become more tolerant, and people of different skin types, nationalities, and religions have much more rights and freedoms in America. Start your essay with the constraints relevant to people 50-70 years ago and describe the current trends that are helping Americans achieve equal rights. In part, this can also be added to the definition of the American Dream as a general factor of freedom and equality.

Write in the First Person

Typically, your professor will expect to see your perspective on specific goals, dreams, and views on national priorities. It is not worth stating only statistical data and referring to certain studies. You should show that you have your personal opinion and are ready to talk about it. Since this paper is a mix of your desires, experiences, and aspirations, there is nothing wrong with starting to write in the first person.

Editing and Proofreading Is a Must

Don't forget that your paper has to be perfect. Read the essay several times to identify all possible errors and inaccuracies. In some cases, it is better to rewrite several sentences to make your paper look complete and logically structured. You can even ask someone to read the entire text multiple times. This approach will eliminate all minor mistakes. Read your paper aloud to better identify any weak parts. This will help you achieve the desired result.