All You Should Know About Cause and Effect Essay: Definition, Purpose, Outline

All You Should Know About Cause and Effect Essay: Definition, Purpose, Outline

If you have an analytical frame of mind, writing this essay type will be cushy, especially, when you derive pleasure from finding connections between different things, events, situations, or whatever. This is sheer bliss for those students who do not spare words to explain how one thing impacted another.

We are talking about the cause-and-effect essay. This paper enables students to show their analytical and reasoning skills in full light. That is why those learners who groove on getting to the heart of matters are taken with this task.

But not all students are equal. There are minds that immerse themselves in different kinds of things. They don’t take delight in creating cause-and-effect papers but are talented in other ways.

The article that we have put out for you will be useful for those students who want to try their hand in completing this assignment on their own. If that’s your first time or you would like to get to know more effective instruments for crafting a superior essay, we have you covered. Stick with us and you’ll get the tips that would help you compose an essay effortlessly, even when you are not the type of person who churns out papers easily.

What Is Cause and Effect Essay in Simple Words?

We’ll start with a simple one, so we’ll give the cause and effect essay definition first.

You probably know that there are different types of essays like descriptive, expository, argumentative, and so on. Argumentative essays have some variations, which entitle the cause and effect paper.

So, a cause and effect paper is a type of argumentative essay that discovers how one object, thing, event, etc. triggers the specific results or causes a definite effect. In other words, you use arguments to prove the impact of one thing on another and then explain how the correlation happened and what results from it had brought.

So, What Is the Purpose of a Cause and Effect Essay?

When you look through different resources, you’ll find that the purpose of this paper is to reveal how different things are related to each other and how one object or event impacts another.

We would like to take an unconventional approach and suggest another interpretation. We believe that the true objective of a cause and effect paper is to satisfy the human instinct of defining how and why the connection between various things happens and how it alters the nature of objects or the course of events.

In the educational aspect, this assignment enables students to:

  • get a deeper understanding of the subject;
  • explain the implicit connections between phenomena;
  • take a different look on the subject;
  • hone critical and analytical skills.

As you see, this is both a useful and challenging task. No wonder not all students are equally enthusiastic about it. We won’t assure you that you will get a kick from the writing process, but we promise to simplify it with the next tips.

How to Structure Your Paper So That You Deliver the Message in a Concise Way

The way you arrange the cause and effect essay organization will determine how simple or complicated the creation process is going to be. Even though you’ve already drilled the skill of composing essays according to the classic outline, you are still confused. It turns out, you do not know how to arrange the body part or the introduction so that it doesn’t look like a complete mess.

Start with an Outline

We know that it might sound trivial, but just give us a chance to prove that the outline for your paper is the shortest and surest way to craft a powerful essay.

You might say that you waste too much time when thinking of an outline. But listen, it’s better to waste 15 minutes and see that you won’t get anywhere with the following structure rather than spending several hours composing a paper that fails in all respects.

The choice is absolutely up to you, but we would strongly recommend you think of the paper structure and write it down before initiating writing. 

Let’s Write an Introduction

Devote the first passage of your essay to put forward the topic and why you think it’s relevant to be talked about. So, provide some background information that would help the reader get to know more about the subject matter. Then, explain why it’s critical to get a closer look at the topic. And, finally, make the statement, which will be the core idea of your work and the one you will be proving in the body. Since this is a cause and effect essay, mind that your statement should explain the connection between the reason and the result or vice versa.

Time to Write the Body

As you probably know, the body should dwell on the thesis given in the introduction. Usually, it contains 3-5 passages. Every paragraph includes the topic sentence, which sets the content of the whole abstract. Then you go to supportive sentences, which explain the first one in more detail. After this, you provide facts and examples to prove your point of view.

There are several ways you can organize the body of your paper:

  • block: you describe one cause and then its effect in one passage;
  • chain: you list all the causes in one paragraph and then enumerate their effects.

No matter which scheme you choose, both strategies are working and greatly boost writing clarity.

Wrap It Up

As you approach the conclusion, mind that it should wrap up the main points and reinforce the thesis. So, if you have explained several cause and effect interactions, mix them in your final part. You can also add your thoughts or observations in relation to the topic.

More Tips for Writing a Stellar Paper

We hope that you grasped the idea that the proper outline can dramatically facilitate the writing process. However, it’s not the only variable that can impact your writing. Here are some simple tips you can use to polish your writing and make it brighter:

  • use transition words between the paragraphs,
  • make smooth logical bridges between the ideas;
  • keep sentences short (5-7 words on average);
  • mind appropriate formatting;
  • find the balance between academic language and simple ideas;
  • use facts or examples to showcase your ideas.  

When you format your paper, follow the teacher’s instructions. They might want your work to be consistent with the papers submitted by other students. This helps instructors check your essays easier and faster.

But if you get no formatting recommendation, just stick with the classic model of formatting. Do not get inventive and use intricate fonts. Pick simple fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, and others. Choose between 11 and 12 font sizes. Set double line spacing and 1-inch margins at all sides.

Are You Still Uncertain If You Can Tackle It?

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